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(Read here about the sitenotice) Attorney or lawyer (in older times also called the city) is a lawyer, who, on the basis of a special appointment provides legal consulting services and has the excl ...   >>

Lawyer of the office - Such a lawyer may help

Welcome to Lawyer office Here you can read more about the lawyer's role of the ifm. We have made a collection of descriptive articles, that can give you better insight in how you get the benefit of a collaboration with the lawyer in your ever ...   >>

Finding free legal assistance. Free Lawyer Help

gratisadvokathjaelp aim to provide the most useful and comprehensive information on free legal advice and assistance in Denmark to private consumersMost danes have one or more times in their lives need legal assistance from a lawyer or attorne ...   >>

NEMADVOKAT - The Digital Lawyers

The government's proposal for a phasing out of the IVS is expected to achieve the connection of the Parliament and enter into force in the course of the springRead our review of the bill, so you can learn more about the following: Can you star ...   >>

HELP Lawyers Denmark

HELP Lawyers are highly specialized in civil law, and we are dealing with all types of cases, which is relevant for the individuals. We would like to achieve the best outcome for you and attach importance to our advice creates solutions, whic ...   >>

The state corporations, the ministry of Finance

Facts about the state's corporations Division
In order to get the best possible experience on our website we recommend that you update to a newer version of your web browser or try another browserA list of the most popular browsers can be ...   >>

Cover - Benzinforhandler

The oil company Petro-Canada, which is part of the energy company Suncor, believe in a future for electric cars, and are now more than fifty charging stations - fast chargers - placed at the Petro-CanadaThe danes are showing record levels of i ...   >>

Income tax return

Facing the Deadline for the extended tax return was the
The Danish tax returns are usually fully automated, but not allDo you need help with to get prepared your tax return, so read here and contact us for a refund. in order to get assist ...   >>

Bernard Madoff, the free encyclopedia

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(Read here about the sitenotice) Bernard Lawrence 'Bernie' Madoff (born
april) is a former chairman of Bernard L.
Madoff Investment Securities LLC and the founder and former executive cha ...   >>

Kahrs makes wooden floors for the easy choice - Kahrs

In our gulvguide we give you the opportunity to test our wood floors in a variety of interiors Get inspired by the stylish interiors from around the world. And get the best advice to selectlay and maintain a hardwood floor. Welcome to our wo ...   >>

Insurance companies Overview of insurance companies in Denmark

Find the desired insurance company including
Here you will find an overview of the Danish insurance companiesClick on a company and read a detailed description of the insurance company. Read about which products the company can offer, as  ...   >>

Countries - European Union

Brexit: so far remains Britain a full member of the EU, and the rights and obligations shall continue to apply in the Uk. When european cooperation started in, only Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, who particip ...   >>

The dissemination of the overskudsjord and the establishment of jordanlæg

cm soil is the topsoil, which is arable
We have decided to overskudsjord to be recycled for useful purposesTherefore we make among other things, noise barriers along roads, railways and other noise sources. You own perhaps not even the re ...   >>

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In march, we focus on the food and drink
(Read here about the sitenotice) A lawsuit is a case before the courts, either acting on the imposition of the penalty (criminal proceedings) or to a party (the applicant) want the other party (the ...   >>

HELP Insurance Denmark

HELP offers legal assistance to individuals There are different ways in which you can get a advokatforskring The same for all of them is that you get access to a private attorney for a low fixed priceHELP is the only insurance company in Sca ...   >>

The judge - Be prepared for your meeting in bailiff's court

You can meet personally in order to declare you insolvent
The bailiff's court is that where a creditor may take legal steps to get you to pay or otherwise get his moneyYou do not pay to a creditor, they will first try to make a deal with  ...   >>

The Danish citizenship test is easy and simple. Sign up now and start your training immediately

In the beginning of spring, introduces a citizenship test
It is your own responsibility to bring proper id on the day of the testIf you do not bring proper identification to the test, you will be expelled from the sample. Right now you ca ...   >>

Denmark subscribes to the contentious united nations-statement - TV

Denmark belongs to the international cooperation
Denmark on Monday acceded to the UN declaration on migration at a conference in the moroccan city of MarrakechThe problem we are faced with, we can not solve alone. It requires cooperation, ...   >>

Färja till Denmark. Boka nu - Stena Line

Här you get the dom bästa påsklovs-tipsen
Åk with or but car, over the day or with övernattning in the countryInom bekvämt avstånd with car väntar Skagen, mysiga småstäder, shopping, culture, good mat och en avslappnad stämning. On gångav ...   >>

Frequently asked questions about consumer protection - Western Union

Make sure you know who you are sending money to
If you are buying goods or services and pay through the Western Union network, it is your responsibility to confirm the seller's reputation and legitimacyWestern Union is not responsible for ...   >>

Marriage and divorce Ankestyrelsen

The municipality dealing with your case
if you and your partner: is a Danish or nordic citizen(e) have a permanent residence permit in Denmark has the right of permanent residence in Denmark under EU rules. It is a municipality of the st ...   >>

IFS Denmark - Change of visumbehandlingstiden

which are open to international flights
Foreign nationals and stateless persons may only cross the Russian-belarusian border through the designated checkpointsThis benefit is offered if an applicant wishes to change the processing from no ...   >>

ICYE Denmark - application Forms - ICYE Denmark

The forms you will find under “application Forms”
You are applying in different ways depending on which program you will travel withHere you can read about the application procedures and find the application forms you need to use. In orde ...   >>

Lawyer Lo Breiding in Græsted - covers the whole of Gribskov in north Zealand, denmark

I have worked as a lawyer since the month of may, I received the admission from the ministry of Justice in DenmarkI have, ever since I started law school in, mainly dealing with family, inheritance and criminal law. Early in the my career I ha ...   >>

Transaction - what is a transaction. e-conomic

When you need to check whether all the company's transactions are correct, to make typically the bank reconciliationsWith the additional module Autobank to the e-conomic accounting program, you get automatic bank reconciliation, which saves yo ...   >>