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A young man died after injecting oil into the muscles - chief physician warns of dangerous trend - TV

A happy boy who wanted me the best and his son

Shortly before christmas, it was the end of the brorens short life

His heart lost beats in what doctors call a kredsløbschok, and on the morning of the. Five years previously sprayed he just barely three litres of paraffin oil, in its then -year-old body.

He did it as a shortcut to get muscles like a bodybuilder, but it was also the beginning of a årelangt escalating illness. It was Ebbe Eldrup, who is chief physician at Herlev Hospital, who treated the young man to the last. It is the first time that the chief physician sees a paraffinrelateret death, but the young man's story is far from unique. Right now fifty-one patients in treatment at Herlev Hospital for paraffinrelaterede diseases. Common for large seen all is that the five to eight years ago has shot substantial amounts of paraffin oil into the body. Once it is inside, it doesn't come out The only treatment is, therefore, to try to spare the body's organs as much as possible. One must say that there is no doubt that the young people would never have made it if they had known the consequences back then, they did it, explains Ebbe Eldrup.

Victoria Mika remembers his brother as 'a happy boy and a good father'.

But who also had a lot of things, which was hard for him

The type, which at any time would say: 'It's gonna go'. And he also did so several times through its course.

Victoria Mika as well, where the big muscles he had and was not for a moment doubt, that 'it was not just training'.

But she knew nothing of the back of the medal. The side effects kept the young man totally for themselves. Only when the pain in October, grew too large, he sought the doctor. And he's not the only one The fifty-one patients, Ebbe Eldrup treats at Herlev Hospital, tells the namely, a consistent story that they haven't taken it alone. I am afraid that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg, explains Ebbe Eldrup, who both warn strongly against the use of paraffin oil, and at the same time calling people that have taken it, to seek medical advice: - I think people are embarrassed by it. They are afraid to be sick, and therefore sticking the head in the sand.

Victoria Mika first discovered his brother's illness, when one day he cancelled an appointment because he had to participate in an 'attempt To.'.

But the list of ills in the young man's body was far greater than he expressed, and continued to grow. He was suffering from kidney stones, blood clots in the lungs and a bad liver, but it was the first to the last, to Victoria Mika understood how wrong it was. Today, she hopes to brorens story can help others to seek help. Search doctor, or come out with it, so you can get some help. And you are not alone about it There are obviously more people who also have tried it, she says. He would be sick for the rest of his life here. It was not worthy to be inside and out of the hospital, as often as he was, so now he has peace.