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Account for children - years - Nordea

It is you that teaches your child about the economy

Are you considering to start investing, but you are missing the knowledge of what investing is and why it is a good ideaWith the Nordea Investor you will get simple and easy access to trade stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Calculate the anticipated costs, if you place your pension or børneopsparing in These pools. There are many ways to save up on, but the basic principle is the same. Just as we adults can see, there is a freedom in having the initial capital for things, you go out and want as great a joy it can create in children. Even children can learn that there often must also be an effort to gather the money together to sparebøssen. You can also create a børneopsparing or the child's grandparents can create a børnebørnsopsparing. Therefore it is a good idea to start early to involve them in the economy. Give them pocket money, a money box or account, they can decide for themselves. In our budget programme in the field of internet Banking, we have built in the typical expenses for a family. You can also use Nordea Wallet to teach your child about the economy.

As something new can children as young as seven years of age to use Nordea Wallet to follow the consumption and balance.

It just require that they have a Nordea Pay card to be attached to Nordea Wallet.

Draw up a budget containing the expenditure for children

So they have even a possibility to follow the consumption and balance. BørneopsparingEn good financial start in adult life. Parents and grandparents can insert up to. UddannelsesopsparingEt good addition to your child's SU. The money can at the earliest be paid after two years and only if your child is in training. BoligopsparingØremærket savings, which guarantees that your child will have some money for housing. Can be created by the child itself, parents or grandparents. BørnebørnsopsparingSupplér the general børneopsparing with a børnebørnskonto. So you as a parent or grandparent to save over. up to your child or grandchild. The responsibility as parents also leads to a need to check out your insurance policies. Consider a children's Pension, which covers if the mother or father dies. You must also remember to extend your insurance to cover the child. And you have bigger children, you must be aware of whether they cultivate a particular sport or the value of your household has grown. BørneulykkesforsikringBørneulykkesforsikring is your only option to ensure your children if they get seriously hurt, when a child must be at least fifteen years to get an invalidity pension from the government. Children should be covered by accident insurance. The insurance policy ensures your children under the age of eighteen - round - the-clock in case of a tandskade or a sudden accident causing permanent injury to at least five. Your and the family's forsikringsbehovFamiliens total insurance needs change all the time. Both as your children get older, but also in as your life evolves: change of Job, home relocation, buying a new car, new things for the home. So make sure from time to time to review your insurance policies. As a parent, should a Pension be a natural element in your overall plan. It ensures your children financially if you die before they are big enough to fend for themselves. Orphan's pension to be drawn before you reach age sixty years, and before your youngest child reaches the age For an orphan's Pension agreement, an end date, which must be between the child's. yearthat shall be at least ten years from the tegningsdato to the agreed end date. The prize at the children's Pension is tax-deductible. so, there are specific legal things to be aware of.

Talk to a lawyer about custody of children, wills and other opportunities to secure your family.

When your child reaches the age of thirteen years, we offer a Ungdomskonto with debit card. The card can be used free of charge in all Nordea atms. Instead of a debit card you can choose a Nordea Pay. The card can be used in Denmark and in the rest of the the world - both as a debit card at atms and for payment in shops.

We check, whether there is money on the account, each time your child uses the card.

It will say that the account cannot be overdrawn. Until your child reaches the age of fifteen years, you as the parent have to declare that your child is allowed to get Nordea to Pay. At the age of your child may also look into the Netbanks the world with internet Banking account-kik.

It allows to check account balance, view movements and use our free sms-service.

But your child may not transfer money or pay bills. Please be aware that your child can see all the accounts created in the name of the child - except børneopsparing. When your child reaches the age of fifteen years, have it in the legal sense of own earned funds. From the fifteen years we offer Nordea Pay for Ungdomskontoen and online Banking Young people. Your child can now pay bills and transfer money. As a parent to children under the age of eighteen years, you can create a barring on the accounts that you do not want, that the child must raise at. When your child reaches the age of eighteen years, is it adult in the legal sense and can even carry out all types of banking transactions and also to borrow money.