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Affluent municipalities in rebellion

Today it is the largest single cost in our municipality

Economics and the interior Margrethe Vestager (R) presents Wednesday a proposal for an amendment of the municipal compensation scheme, which already sends, a billion dollars from rich municipalities to the poor

At the same time, the government will amend the local government as employment subsidies.

Together it will cost the Copenhagen Municipality million euros a year. It corresponds to a potential tax increase for the copenhageners at, forty-four percentage points. We know that growth in the capital comes across the country to the good, because there will be more benefits of. Therefore, it is tudetosset, if udligningssystemet affect the capacity of growth centres, says Copenhagen's mayor, Frank Jensen (S), who makes a counter-claim to the Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt (S): Copenhagen, denmark, in turn, must be allowed to change form of government to enhedsforvaltning with majority rule. Copenhagen receives money via the compensatory mechanism, but in other places on the island of Zealand, you pay in advance, and here, the bill would increase significantly. In Helsingør Municipality with twenty-one million dollars per year. Margrethe the Third will get only one thing out of it in Elsinore, and it is a worse activation says. vice mayor Christian Saggau (SF), while the Roskilde mayor Joy Mogensen (S), considers that"the border is about to be reached". The initiative splits the political parties in the blue block. K will forligspartner veto, while the Left takes good against the proposal. It makes the V-mayor Erik Fabrin not Administrator must allocate an additional eighteen million dollars to the relief and as employment subsidies: - As mayor of Rudersdal, I have no need to pay more to compensate. Regardless of where you come from politically, so I think there is a recognition of that we are one country and are standing in solidarity with each other and the communal differences, said Vestager. Michael Dyrby, Editor-in-chief (responsible under Swedish publishing law) Jonas Kuld Rathje, Editor-in-chief Michael Jensen, Digital redaktionschef Anders Krab-Johansen, Ceo and publisher.