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Bogføringsloven - what is bogføringsloven. e-conomic

For all records, these should be documented at the annex

Bogføringsloven says that you must retain all accounting records for five yearsIn e-conomic, you can save your accounting data after terminated the subscription with a arkivlicens. Use the e-conomic bogføringsprogram to keep track of your accounts and try the entire program for free for fourteen days. This law describes the general requirements of postings and posting. Among other things, how to register its documentation, and to keep its accounting records. The law applies to all enterprises in Denmark, which is not managed by the state or municipalities.

For example, are government departments and institutions are exempt.

When you post, it is a requirement that the accounting material is not destroyed or disposed of.

In addition, also in accounting, to registration and documentation is done as quickly as possible. The accounting material must be retained for five years from the end of the financial year, and as a general rule in Denmark. However, you can be allowed to keep it in the nordic countries (Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden), so long as the public authorities can have access to the system in question and the accounting material. Will you keep the accounting material in other countries, you must seek permission.

Whether one should describe its recording of transactions and accounting records are stored depends on which filing system you are using.

Used a standard filing system, as for example e-conomic, you do not need to draw up a description. Used other systems than the standard systems, one should prepare a description of the registration of transactions and how the accounting material is kept. It must be possible from a knowledge outside the person, to be able to follow the company's records and accounting records. You do not need to print the annexes, they can also be archived in electronic form, so long as they can be printed, without the data content to be changed. must specify in the accounting material which the rate is applied. You can either use gennemsnitskursen or the transaction date. In bogføringsloven you can also find mindstekravsbekendtgørelsen. This is the guidelines for how the tax financial statements must be prepared. The requirements are different and depend on the regnskabsklasse the company is a part. the rules of the bogføringsloven.