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We are the “opponent” to the seller's realtor

You have found the home It is now firmly established in law per January, that the broker only carries out the seller's interestsBoligrådgivning Denmark holds only your interests and safer to the seller's broker will receive feedback, and YOU get the best deal possible. We are køberrådgivere with specialist skills within ejendomsjura and economy. We act in your favor and ensure that you are legally and financially are in a good position in the negotiations. There is a fixed phrase in a purchase contract where it says, ”the real estate agent attends to only the seller's interests, and buyer has been encouraged to seek private counsel” When you sign the document, you are confirming that the seller's realtor is not your man, and can do what is best for the seller. You would be left with a very bad case afterwards if something goes wrong, because you even with your signature on the document has confirmed that he is not your husband, and you agree that he would make sure the best possible trade to the seller. If the seller's real estate agent stands for deed preparation and refusionsopgørelse. Here is the seller's advisor determines when the purchase price is to be released and refusionsopgørelse to be prepared, and how the records should be included in this.

The buyer here would not have the same control with the deal as if it's his adviser who carries out this task, ie. the seller has her fat in the long end The real estate agent only need to be agree with the seller to be able to release the purchase price to this.

If there is a financial disagreement at this stage between the seller and the buyer would not be able to force the seller to comply with its obligations by, for example, to withhold the purchase price in whole or in part.