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In the past you had to give up his Danish EU citizenship

Even if you meet the requirements to obtain Danish citizenship your application comply with a number of formal rulesNon-compliance leads to rejection and longer processing time. a. Colombia, Philippines, Afghanistan, Morocco, Thailand and India with their applications for Danish citizenship. We ensure compliance with all the formal rules and is responsible for the ongoing contact with the relevant Danish authorities. Our casework ensures quick handling and approval by the the first application - and we will keep you informed all the way through.

It happens in the form of a signature

Under the constitution, can a foreigner can only acquire Danish citizenship by law, which means it must be decided in the Danish Parliament, before the Danish citizenship can be granted to an applicant. Previously, it has been such that you had to renounce his previous citizenship to gain Danish citizenship, but how is it not more from. a september when there is adopted new rules which make it possible to have dual citizenship. It means a Danish nationals can acquire a new passport in another country, while at the same time retain his Danish passport, if it is possible in that country. The law on Danish nationality has been changed to many dane's joy, who works abroad, as it opens many professional and personal doors. For example, a Danish citizen to get american citizenship and to work for the federal us government. It is a condition to be a Danish citizen to the applicant promise fidelity and loyalty to the society. In addition, it is a condition that the applicant declares to comply with Danish legislation and respect fundamental Danish principles of law. The applicant may not be awarded Danish citizenship if the person is sentenced to unconditional prison sentence of at least a year and a half. In addition, persons who are sentenced to at least sixty days unconditional deprivation of liberty for terrorism nor apply for citizenship. To apply For Danish nationality, one's language skills evidenced by a certificate, which must be attached to the application. This is a passed exam in Danish Also called the citizenship test must be passed. september is the test has been made harder as a result of a new government. Lærematerialet, Democracy and everyday life in Denmark, which is drawn to this, can be used for preparation.

Special rules apply to children, meaning a child can only become a Danish citizen if a of the parents is granted citizenship.

In addition, there are special rules for adopted children and children who do not have the opportunity to be granted citizenship through their parents. Special conditions apply to certain groups of applicants, which means opholdsperiodens length requirements may be less. Danish citizenship can not be achieved if the debt to the public is still due. It comes to assistance, child support, payment to day care, housing assistance, boligindskudslån, taxes and charges. Therefore, it is important that all debts are paid before trying to apply for Danish citizenship as it is being checked. It is a condition for obtaining Danish nationality that the applicant has held a permanent residence permit and residing in Denmark. There are, however, exceptions to this requirement, if the applicant is nordic, English, dansksindende sydslevigere or if the spouse is working abroad for Danish interests.