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I also understand Serbian and Croatian

I have twenty years of experience in legal and HR staff in the private and public companiesI've worked a lot with psychology, counselling and coaching and have experience both as project manager and supervisor. I have since, driven Betzer HR (sole proprietorship), which primarily delivers HR services to small and medium-sized companies without HR function, and I spend a lot of time on tasks such as recruitment, ledersparring, coaching, stress coaching and many other exciting HR tasks. I myself am very interested for my fellow man and have a big social heart.

I work a lot of volunteering, including I took in, the initiative to found the Danish Assistance, as I remain an active part of.

I am passionate about helping people get on the other side of the challenges we all meet through life: legal, personal, work-related or something completely different.

The help we you in where appropriate to get searched

I take pride in my holistic approach to problems and have a positive human being and outlook on life.

In the several years I have been self-employed in Bulgaria, of which I have mindsettet to vocational counseling.

In addition to my legal training, as I train in Denmark, I have also a sygeplejerskeuddannelse from my home country. This inside information is very useful when there is personal injury cases. I am a happy, positive person and very curious. I communicate smoothly in Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Danish and English. Have a good cooperation with the Bulgarian and the Macedonian embassy in Copenhagen and with the Danish embassy in Sofia. I have recently started as a volunteer advisor in the legal Aid, because I want to make a difference. Has taught for a number of years at Copenhagen University, the Danish school of public administration and on the ejendomsmægleruddannelsen. Nearly twenty years ago I began to offer free legal aid in both Aarhus and Gellerupparkens legal aid, and when I am around moved to Sealand, it was natural for us to continue to offer legal aid. It has given me a great experience with a great many jurisdictions, given me a tremendous life experience and I have been in contact with people from all social layers and I am passionate about solutions and want like conciliation or mediation rather than a hard trial. If a trial reverse can not be avoided, it is exciting to litigate. It is in the courtroom that the lawyer by his work differs from all the other professional groups. I sing, play a little on my grand piano, vinterbader, playing golf, reading, and strength coach. I am happy for my family and I are very socially adept We are very flexible and would be happy to come to you and holding a meeting for example, if you must have a written testament, or the like without it costing you extra. Advice to the Attorney also has an office in Roskilde, which has its own website. We have a reasonable hourly rate, and with us there will be no unpleasant surprises when you get the bill: We inform you always about the price, before we get started with a case. It is not possible to grasp in advance, and we will keep you regularly informed on the timeforbruget on the case. Should you pursue a trial, you will most likely be covered by a legal expenses insurance, which covers the costs to the solicitor in this connection. This insurance is part of your other insurance policies, as a rule, your home insurance policy. Are you without financial resources, then you have the opportunity to get free, oral legal advice on the libraries in the city of Aabenraa, Haderslev and Sønderborg via The legal Aid, as Marianne Betzer is the director of the. Similarly, you can also get help in Hvidovre legal Assistance, where Advice to the Lawyer's liberal employees work as volunteers. Is The advice not enough, it is under certain conditions also possible to get legal aid lawyers on steps two and. Call and consult you about the possibilities. In order that we can assist you in your case, we must use information about you. In addition to the information on the case, we must use information about your name, address, phone number, and email address. In cases covered by the money laundering act, we must in addition use your cpr.

and have a copy of your id at the beginning of the year.

We inform you about it in our order confirmation, if the matter is covered by the money laundering act. We must seek retshjælpsdækning or free process for the matter, we must also use your tax information. Personal information registered with Council to the Attorney Advokatanpartsselskab and kept for five years, after which the information will be deleted. We do not use the information we have about you, other than the processing of your case. We will only disclose your information with your express consent, or if it occurs in connection with the examination of the case, where it may be necessary to disclose information to the Court or authorities. As registered with the Council to the Attorney Advokatanpartsselskab you always have the right to make an objection to our recording your information. You also have the right to know what information we have registered about you.