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DANA: the Termination of the company

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To close your business can be associated with many emotions and uncertaintiesHow is your life in the future, what shall you live on, and what things should you specifically do now. We know that there can be challenges associated with the cessation of a business. In order to make it as simple for yourself as possible, you must both have a focus on how you choose to cease, and on the documentation. An end - formally setDu must be idle, for you can get unemployment benefits. As a self-employed it means you should be definitively ceased the operation of the company. It is different, what you need to send as evidence that the company has ceased. It depends on the reason for termination, and what type of business you have. You can get daily allowance when your entire business is transferred to the buyer, and the agreement is legally binding. You must either have full or partial legal available, or actually available over the company. If the agreement does not include the entire company, should the effects be written off, sold, transferred or repatriated. As proof of your termination with the company, we must have a so-called ophørsbevis.

The declaration must also be signed by your spouse

A ophørsbevis shall consist of a confirmation of the termination by the company of the CVR from the Danish business authority and a confirmation from the TAX authorities that the unregistering of the company is approved by the TAX.

Rental and leasing If you have used the rented or leased equipment, those agreements must either be terminated or be transferred to the buyer.

Who is the buyer. When you are idle, your employer, as a rule, pay compensation for your first two ledighedsdage. The also called G-days When you leave, you have the right to get paid G-days, if you're within the last four weeks have been working for at least hours and the termination is not due to you. We have a duty to pull the two G-days in your daily allowance. Therefore, it is important that you make sure you get them paid by the employer. If you would have to get paid G-the days from your employer, you can get help from us. In certain situations we can put out for the lack of compensation. If you stopped work several times for the same job, has your employer required to pay you a maximum of sixteen G-days for each calendar year.

Are you self-inflicted free.If you decide to speak up, or are you at fault in the termination, you as a general rule, hours of effective quarantine equivalent to three weeks of daily cash benefits.

However, you can avoid quarantine, if you have a valid reason to stop your work. If you are in connection with a termination to accept a short notice period, you self-inflicted vacant for the remainder of your notice period, subject to a maximum of hours after the termination. The rule applies even if neither you nor your employer is aware that you have been terminated with a short notice period. It can happen in the case where your work area is covered by legislation, such as funktionærloven. What can lift the quarantine Sometimes there may be valid reasons to say her job - in such cases it may give you the right to cash benefit with the same. There are many more valid reasons Therefore, it is always a good idea to contact us first, if you're thinking of saying your work up. What does it mean, that the quarantine is effective. That the quarantine is effective means that you just might wind up in quarantine for weeks, where you otherwise would have been entitled to the allowance. It will among other things say that you need to be registered in the job centre, and that you can not wind up in quarantine for weeks, where you keep the holiday. If you have not settled the quarantine no later than three months after the termination, lapses in quarantine. This means that you after the three months you can get unemployment benefits, although not all karantænetimerne is settled. Are you several times been self-inflicted free. If you two times within twelve months has been self-inflicted free without a valid reason, you may not get unemployment benefits. A member has two times within a year, said a job without having a valid reason. The second time the member is not quarantine, but the member may not receive unemployment benefits before the member meets one of the three demands of work. When you step out of your business, there are several facts you should be aware of. If you are eligible for unemployment benefits when you step out of the company first and foremost depends on whether you: Faith and love-statement Are you working in your spouse's business, you can withdraw by signing a faith statement. You and your spouse in writing that you have ceased to work in the company.

Are you working in your spouse's business, and you have entered into a wage agreement after kildeskattelovens § twenty-five A, shall be deemed to be an employee.

You will be subject to a period of six months after termination with company, where you can't start a new business. If you establish a company in the period, you will lose your right to benefits in the rest of the six-month period.