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This means that SIRI did not process the application

Once you have submitted your application online, to SIRIs borgercenter in Copenhagen, denmark, to a Danish representation abroad, or otherwise, will SIRI receive it and begin to process the applicationHave you submitted your application in person at an application centre or to a Danish representation abroad, at a police station in Denmark or in SIRIs borgercenter, was your biometrics (fingerprints, photo and signature) recorded at the same time that you submitted your application. You have instead sent the application directly to SIRI or submitted it online, you must have recorded biometrics no later than fourteen days after you filed your application. Have a fuldmagtshaver lodged the application for you, in the same way have recorded biometrics no later than fourteen days after your application is submitted. In some countries, Denmark is not a Danish representation or agreement to the application centre. In these cases you may be referred to a Norwegian representation, as Denmark has a repræsentationsaftale with. If you have filed your application at a Norwegian representation, you have at the same time handed over two passport photos. If you have applied online, you must take two passport photos to the Norwegian representation, within fourteen days after you have submitted the application. If you later get a residence permit on the basis of your application, you must have recorded biometrics within a certain time after their arrival in Denmark. If you do not get admitted biometrics within fourteen days, your application will be rejected. If you can't submit biometrics within the time limit, because you can't get a time at the Danish representation within the fourteen days, you can inform us in an e-mail about when you have got the time for biometrics. If SIRI is going to have to ask you for more information, we will take a decision as soon as possible after we have received all the information that is necessary in order that we may determine your case. If your case gets sent out for consultation by, for example, the regional labour council, will servicemålet be three months. You will be notified if this applies to your case.

So you will avoid your application being rejected

SIRI treats as the starting point of applications in the order we receive them. Therefore, it is not possible to get ahead in the queue.

If you are outside Denmark, when you submit the application, you may have gotten the permit before entering the country.

You must under all circumstances comply with the applicable rules of visa or visa waiver. Are you entered visa-free or with a visa, and will expire the period, where you can stay legally in Denmark before SIRI takes a decision in your case, you should go out and await the decision abroad.

Have you submitted an application for a residence permit, you will usually not be able to get a visa in the period, we will process your application.

If you need a visa to travel to Denmark, you must wait to enter until you have got your permission. You will get an entry visa together with your permission. Regardless of where you are staying, after you have submitted your application, it is important that SIRI has the correct information about your address so we can contact you regarding your application. If this is the first time you are applying for a residence permit in Denmark on the basis of employment you must not work, before you have got your permission. Even if you can legally enter, before you get permission. If you already have a Danish residence permit on the basis of employment, or a jobsøgningsophold and has got a new job, you must start at the new job, as soon as you have applied for a new førstegangstilladelse with SIRI on one of the most common occupational. It is a condition that you submit your new application, while your current authorization is still valid. If you have permission for one of the following schemes, you may not start new work until you have received authorisation: If the application is lodged during a legal stay, you must be in Denmark and wait for a response on your application, even if your visa or your period without a visa expires, while you are waiting. It must you, because you get right to it, which is called If you return home after have applied in Denmark, the submission of Denmark does not give you the right to enter again before the decision. visa or visa waiver), you must wait for our response abroad. If you have new information for your case, you can send this to SIRI either per. mail or by regular mail You can find SIRIs contact information If you get renewed your passport during our proceedings, you must submit a copy of all the pages of the new passport, including the front If you move from the address that you have indicated in your application, you must inform SIRI on this as soon as possible so we can contact you when we have made a decision or if we lack information in your case. If you are in Denmark, we will send you a letter by regular mail or, if you are subscribed to the CPR, to your e-box. In some cases, we may also call you If you are abroad we will write to you via the Danish representation, where you have filed your application, or which is the closest to your residence.