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Denmark, I am the mother of a multihandicappet child

Finn Nørbygaard was completely down to turn

'You change, when you get so big røvfulde, as I got'I am the mother of a multihandicappet child, which has been know to die from us up to ten times and need ongoing medical care, physical mental help and life-prolonging medications. We went from being independent of the social system and on the labour market - to be dependent on the social system and I was granted a flex-job pga.

Today, he is grateful for the crisis

stress and depression which are consequences of that, have a multihandicappet child. And I can only work -timer on the week of the pga.

of her disabilities and my own future mental health problems.

But now we must be taken care of. In relation to what is made of austerity measures, savings and nedprioiteringer in the area - otherwise the cost in the end - as seen from where I live. I'm happy to live in Denmark, just think if we had lived in a western country like the UNITED states - so we had been well and truly on the arse.

And I do not wish for anyone to get in the situation we are in. of flashbacks about all the incidents where our daughter has been dying, accidents she has had and about the planning of her funeral (because we have been through several times in her årige life) It is not a luxury to be dependent on the social system, it is hard work to be dependent on both the healthcare system and the social system, there are always new and demanding experiences with a multihandicappet child, and again, and again we are being thrown around in the emotional register and never know whether it is now she dies from us.

All of this, I would like to try to illuminate for you and I hope that In listening will take us on the council before In promise gold and green forests here in the election campaign and when In the turns the back on the Assembly and to vote on legislative changes, reforms, etc. I will not point the finger of someone and something I just want to ha allowed to tell about my life, what it is for a life with a disabled child and what are the challenges - which I believe can be of benefit in the broad political work In the people and politicians may have an interest in seeing the nuanced picture of Denmark. Who want and dare to meeting to meeting me. tvangsadoption supported by children's organisations songs Red the Child, as to allow for early intervention with a lasting improvement of child's conditions instead of the system that we have today, where the parents rights exceed the children's best interests. No matter how unfit and miserable child is being treated, parents have the right to have their case taken up once a year for a review. This makes for a lasting solution as tvangsbortadoption rendered impossible and the result is very tragic scenario with children which are thrown around between authorities, foster care and unfit parents. A typical case in which the new law will work to the parents who have already had their first child removed, but simply responds by continuing to have children. Using now these children The garments are not TV to continue with a completely one-sided coverage of the case, where the only opponents (ie pretty much only lawyers) convened in the studio. Now get both sides in For example, save the children, ask some caseworkers. Henrik Bitch g Claus We have a dangerous problem and it I many of our friends also have. They talk so fast that all the endings of the words are gone and we are left with a sense that we are dung stupid and old, for we will get nothing out of what they say. It was possible that they could give themselves time to talk calmly and clearly. otherwise, we must unfortunately give up the or excellent shows.