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DNAtest - we have delivered DNAtest in twenty years the whole of Scandinavia

Today we have Europe's most exact and safest DNA testing

Order your DNA test today, we give everyone the unlimited right of return, our customers are not restricted by the normal sixteen days right of return by trading on the network, send the unused test kit return, also on the exhaving to go a year or more, no credit card fees or penalty fees if you return. Be careful with imitations, no one can imitate DNAtest's more than twenty years of experience, expensive to be stuck with a test that has 'been waiting all extend on' and so anyway can't rely on. Get your test is made correctly the first time at the DNAtest We have the shortest delivery time in Europe for a double-tests with minimum - genetic points markers, the test result in English and without ie. of all our customers will get the test result to a: paternity tests, moderskabstest, tvillingetest and family test, in only two business days. It is two working days from the time we receive your test back, you have the result on mail. Watch a clip from the series that have gone on channel Har you ever thought of the idea, that your father may not be your biological father.

week of pregnancy without risk to the unborn child

Perhaps similar to you not your siblings, or maybe you have just always had one or another of the inexplicable feeling that there is something that does not fit. All of our tests are performed with the latest technology and are all double-tests with minimum - genetic points markers.

We also make test with up to forty-eight points in special cases.

We have the shortest test time in Europe and the analysis of most tests from the DNAtest implemented express. It means, at the paternity test, maternity test and the twin test, receive of our customers test result in the mail only two everyday and it is in English. DNAtest offers as the only one in Europe unlimited return policy and money back guarantee on all our products. With a 'Fostertest' is it possible to test the paternity of the unborn child even after the. We cooperate with physicians who may take the relevant blood sample from the mother and mundskrab from the possible father. It takes approx minutes, we have no waiting time or waiting lists. The blood test and mundskrab can also be taken by a private doctor. The result is usually, nine by the positive response and for negative response. The response time for a fostertest is - business days, max of ten working days, on tests made in Denmark. We have had satisfied customers for more than twenty years. As the only one on the market, we supply all types of dna family tests. We is controlled by the e-mark for legal and safe online shopping. DNAtest offers an unlimited right of return and right of withdrawal. We do not ask questions - you return your test kit unused. Our customers always have the option to give their opinion about the DNAtest to know at Trustpilot or via the e-mark. We have participated in the div TV programmes as well as in the majority of Radio programmes in Scandinavia, and in a variety of aviserartikler that you will find here on the site. We have complaints every every week week from customers from rogue providers of DNA tests in Denmark have not got what they have been promised and have paid for. Upon payment, select fakturabetaling and ViaBill, so you can get the payment split over - months, fee and interest-free installment.