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Boelskifte Lawyers A S is a leading forsvarsteam in Copenhagen, consisting of forsvarsadvokaterne Anders Boelskifte, Kristian Mølgaard, Martin Leth Hansen, paralegal Andreas Elleby and paralegal Kristine Bach Løvenhardt. Including Tvindsagen, Guldsagen, Yellow Fever-case, Pusher Street-the cases, terrorsagerne from Glasvej, Glostrup and Vollsmose, as well as the robbery at Dansk Værdihåndtering

Boelskifte Lawyers A S is a member of the bar Association, the national Association of Defense lawyers and the Association of Beneficerede Lawyers in Copenhagen and can be hired over the country, in the cases of both the magistrate courts, high courts and the Supreme court. If you have any questions as to how we can best assist you and your case.