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Owner-occupied property is created by one of the country's leading portals for the sale and rental of commercial premisesThe site acts as a single point of access for all who are looking for owner occupied properties with a focus on the geographical locations that fit the best and much more. In the menu to the right, there are several useful links that helps you get started with process and start then your search for the perfect property. In Copenhagen and Københavs the surrounding area, there is still high demand for commercial real estate. Both the demand on office space and butikslokalerne is still increasing and the demand spreads from the inner city and out to the suburbs. Especially Butiksejerlejligheder and shares is eftertragetede, shows a makredsprogonose from Home Occupation. See facts and forecast from Home Occupations Herning Municipality and Blue Cross Denmark have agreed on a sale price. There is talk about the Blue Cross-the properties on Bethaniagade in the middle of Herning, denmark, as a share of the Economy - and erhvervsudvalg have decided to purchase. The property houses, among other things Varmestuen and shelter, which can now look forward to a rebuild. The plan is to tear the existing buildings down and restore facilities, which, like the present, intended to house vulnerable people in the area. The cost for this process is calculated to be around, million dollars.

En Blue Cross and Herning kommune is agreed on a selling price of four million dollars, the total price, including the accompanying paperwork, get to be about six million.

The reason for the conversion is that the buildings in short, end-of-life. I am, therefore, Herning Municipality, to the with this project can create some improved and more tidspassende facilities to disadvantaged citizens in the municipality. The new buildings are expected to be ready in two years time. the project On Nørrebrogade centrally located in Vejle is the. -square-foot building, which in recent years has been owned by C. F. Møller architects It has been a tough battle to get the building sold, but now it has finally succeeded. It is a local investor in Vejle, denmark, that have acquired the large property of, six million. When it was built in, it was originally an apron - and kittelfabrik. Møller architects bought the property in for the purpose of applying the as a design studio. After he moved from the property in, the property continued to be for sale or rented out. There was this spring loaded a targeted sales strategy, and since the market was favorable, then came the sale of the house in the course of fourteen days. Read the entire article and see pictures of the building, the Coop has in just under twenty-five years owned the two estates Sønderhøj and MegaSyd with a location in Viby near Aarhus. Much has happened in Viby ago, and after twenty-five years of development they have chosen to sell out. In total there will be about. square meters, the Coop has put up for sale. Since the development project started in the beginning of the 's the area was a termination the factory premises.

This stands in contrast to the attractive area of activity it has become.

The Coop has since they put the area for sale received a number of offers from both Danish and foreign investors who have interest in the property. The sale is expected to fetch a billion, to be used for the modernisation of the Coops butiksnet and digitization. In the Championships of custody have the field over the past twenty-five years has been used as factories and later to the industrial areas with offices and shops. Read the entire article the Area between the City mall and the train station is not exactly known for exuberant life in the streets, but it can look as if it is precisely what the area has in store. A collaboration between Høje-Taastrup Municipality, Danish shopping Centres and EjendomsSelskabet Norden will make the quiet area into a combination of commercial real estate and housing. The area extends over an area greater than forty football pitches, which in the future will be attractive to conduct business, live, shop and work. The cooperation between the three parties leads to a arealudviklingsselskab by the name of Høje Taastrup (A P S. It is this company that will be responsible for the project itself. Housing, commercial premises and parks will, in the course of the coming year to germinate.

In the first place, however, the company's board of directors the task of finding a director who has the skills to lift the the responsibility.

Høje Taastrup Municipality contributes not only financially, but also plan to build the new city hall is centrally located in the new town. On the way the district will be a new sparkling part of Austin. Read the entire article Cushman Wakefield Red have as the first erhvervsmægler data ready for the past year, and the figures show that the set the record, with total real estate transactions for billion. There is an increase of thirty-five, with of the deals made with foreign investors. The field of industrial and logistical property is the foreign share at. Also within the hotel properties are the foreign dominance clear. The increase, however, applies only outside the capital.

At the same time, penetrates the area to urban renewal

While the total volume of the transaction in Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg were the highest recorded since, is transaktionsvolumenet in the metropolitan area has fallen from, four billion. in, the to, six billion. CapMan Nordic Property Income Fund ('CMNPI') has purchased the Cool Grays. sqm produktionsejendom and headquarters in Skovlunde. The sale is mediated by the TrueMarketValue. The property, which is located at Tonsbakken, contains office, warehouse and storage facilities, and is situated with good access to the entire greater Copenhagen. We are very excited about this investment in Denmark. The property has a strong long-term cash flow and fits well into the fund's investment strategy. The location close to Copenhagen is good and the property is modern and flexible, says Peter Gill, investeringsdirektør for CapMan Real Estate. TrueMarketValue also believe that the deal is a win-win for both parties. Sildestrup Øvej A, Idestrup works umildbart as a plain address on the Island, but the most recent time, has just this property has been the center of a conflict that both consists of a large entreprenørkoncern, the municipality, the police and the bikers. The owner of the address is the family-owned group of companies with Jens Hørby Jensen in the lead, which among other things owns the leading nedrivningsfirma J Jensen.

In the end of last year, they chose to rent the address.

The tenant called eftersigne Thomas, who claims he will use the property for its haveservicefirma. He has previously been seen with other members of the rockergruppen in their closed clubhouse. Guldborgsund municipality considers, among other things, pass away hashservice at the new address, which is rejected. Both anonymous individuals, the municipality and the police had recommended J Jensen not to rent the house out. It's not directly illegal to lease for connections to the rockergruppen, but the municipality politianmeldte d. January J Jensen for not complying with the injunction the hande released. It will be interesting to see how the matter ends. If you want to see the whole article, so Mikael Goldschmidt, who is behind the isenkræmmerkæden Imerco has one of the largest ejendomsforhandler sold more homes and erhvervsjendomme in Copenhagen. There are among others sold parts of the -tallet in Ørestad and Enghavevej forty with Vega in the Vesterbro district. How much has been sold for is not known, however, is the buyer to the Doctors Pension - it says both parties in a press release. The british ejendomsforvalter Meyer Bergman began five years ago to buy retail in Copenhagen around the round Tower. With the vision to improve and enhance the efficiency they went into a market, which by then had been dominated by local companies. Something that would prove to be a lucrative return on investment. Already three years ago, they sold a part of the portfløjen on Købmagergade to Cordea Savills for million and recently they have sold four properties more for million dollars. They have thus almost scored a billion in the box at the butiksejendommene. With a price per square meter of nearly. crowns, they have probably earned fifty more than what Meyer Bergman bought them for in his time. Read the entire article at.