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For Danish citizenship

It means that you by law can be granted Danish citizenship

You can search the Danish state to be granted a citizenship by naturalization (ie. You do this by sending an application to the Foreigners, Integration and Ministry of housingAs a Danish citizen you have the opportunity to become a citizen of another country without losing your Danish citizenship. Certain countries accept, however, is not dual citizenship, so it is the law of the country in question that determines whether you can retain your Danish citizenship. Similarly, foreign nationals, that they should not be resolved from the other citizenships to become citizens in Denmark. If you've previously lost your Danish citizenship, because you have become a citizen of another country, you will, under certain conditions, could apply for to get your Danish citizenship again. It is done by making a declaration to the state Administration in the field. august Different rules apply for the citizenship at birth, depending on whether the child is born before or after.

You must pass a so-called citizenship test

If a child is born. July or later, the automatic Danish citizenship at birth if the father, the mother or medmoderen is Danish.

Is the child born before.

July, depends on the nationality of the legislation that was in effect when the child was born. meaning, the parent who is a Danish citizen, whether the parents were married at the time of the birth of the child and whether the child is born in Denmark or abroad. If a child does not have Danish citizenship from birth, it is possible that the child may be a citizen through their parents marriage. Is the child, e.g.

born abroad, and only the father is Danish, the child can obtain Danish citizenship, if the parents marry before the child reaches the age of eighteen years.

Adopted children under twelve years obtain automatic Danish citizenship when they are adopted by either one Danish citizen or a married couple where at least one of the parties is English.

Adopted children over twelve years old can only obtain Danish citizenship by applying for it.

It can only happen after the child has resided in the country for at least two years. If you can not obtain Danish citizenship on one of the the above ways, you have the opportunity to apply for Danish citizenship by naturalization. There are a number of conditions that must be met in order to obtain citizenship in this way. Citizens applying for Danish citizenship by naturalization (by law) must pass an statsborgerskabsprøve.

Statsborgerskabsprøven put emphasis on the parts of the daily and political life, you as a citizen are going to meet in Denmark.

Do you want to complain about something in connection with Danish citizenship, you must go to the Foreigners, the Integration and the ministry of housing. You will find the department's contact details including: the legal framework for the rules that apply for Danish citizenship can be found in the law on nationality.