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Get holiday pay paid

You can book the holiday by pressing the “Start”

You must log in with NemIDWhen you have booked your holiday, send Feriepengeinfo message that is to pay out the money. Also, you can't take a holiday on days which are traditional holidays in Denmark, unless you normally work on these days. Please be aware that. may, Constitution day. december is holidays. Are you unemployed and you receive unemployment benefits from your unemployment fund, you may like to take a holiday on holidays and get paid holiday pay. You do not have the right to unemployment benefits on the holidays. If you can not order the vacation pay digitally, you should instead use a claim form. You can see who will pay your holiday pay and how many vacation days you have earned in the feriebrev, as you've got at ferieårets start. You must, therefore, do not receive holiday pay at the same time with certain public benefits. If you receive one of these benefits, you must give notice of your vacation to your a-box or your municipality. You need to contact them for more information. Please be aware that Feriepengeinfo transmits the information to the a-boxes and the municipalities. You will not be deducted in SU, when you get paid holiday pay. You must book the holiday pay as if you are on holiday. You can state any date during the leave year. If you have a job beside your studies, you need to keep the holidays from the job in the period you book the holiday pay for. Please note that holiday pay counts towards your annual income in the year you have earned them. If you have earned too much, you can risk having to pay the SU back. When your money is paid out depends on which date you have booked as the first day of vacation, and who must pay them to you. Your first day of vacation can at the earliest be the.

If you book your holiday less than four weeks before your first day of vacation, will the money be paid to your NemKonto within four business days.

It is different, when employers or other feriekasser pays out the vacation pay. You must therefore contact the responsible for paying your holiday pay, if you want to know when the money is paid out.

You must keep holiday, to get your holiday pay paid out

Your holiday pay is paid out of FerieKonto, your employer, or a feriekasse. Below you can see an overview of your accrued holiday pay, and how you order them.

You can see under each individual employment relationship, who should pay the holiday pay to you.

Although the leave year expires on.

april, you can book your holiday pay from the last leave year up to.

september at the citizen. Note that you can only get the money paid, if you have kept the holiday or have been prevented from holding holidays in the leave year. After the leave year expires on. april, is it possible to get the holiday paid if they originate from the. holiday week or from an employment relationship, where you are resigned at the latest by. You must order them within.

You have no Friends, or have you received public benefits in the leave year, you must apply with the application form: After the.

september will the money be transferred to a market holiday fund, and therefore, you must apply for the money from them. If it is FerieKonto, who has transferred the money, send the documentation to the Labour market holiday fund, the Otto mønsted's Street, Copenhagen V. If it is your employer or another feriekasse, who has transferred the money to feriefonden, you should contact them to find out which market holiday fund they have transferred the money to.

Regardless of the market holiday fund, which has been transferred to your holiday pay, you must send documentation that you have kept holiday.

Documentation can be: Up to. september you can book a holiday here at the citizen, if special circumstances have prevented you in the holidays.

It can for example be pga.

maternity leave, illness or military service. september you can't order them on the citizen, but you must apply for them. Send a message with evidence of having been prevented to the Danish Agency for Labour market and Recruitment via Digital Post here at the citizen. You should remember to book your holiday. Your holiday pay will be obsolete three years after the leave year expires, and then you can't get them paid. If you have earned. five hundred kr. or less in holiday pay when the holiday year begins, will the money automatically paid out. FerieKonto paid the money to your NemKonto. You should contact the, who will pay the money if you have not received your holiday pay, no later than. or less for good when the leave year ends, will the money automatically paid out. FerieKonto paid the money to your NemKonto. You should contact the, who will pay the money if you have not received your holiday pay, no later than. If you leave your job and have earned $. in vacation pay after tax, must your employer pay holiday pay directly to you when you stop - even if you do not keep the holiday. If there are errors in the information regarding your holiday pay, you must contact the employer, where the holiday pay is earned.

If you and your employer cannot agree on your holiday, you must contact your union for help.

If you do not have a trade union, or your union can't help, it is the Danish Agency for Labour market and Recruitment, acting in disputes concerning: Please be aware that the agency does not take decisions on issues regulated by collective agreement.