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Health insurance - Came quickly for examination and treatment

You should always start with contacting your own doctor to assess your health needs and give you a referral or recommendation*You must start with contacting your doctor to ensure that you come to the right feasibility study and or get the right treatment. *It is not necessary to have a referral if you need treatment with a chiropractor, reflexologist, acupuncturist, or you need a psychologist, pga. When you have been in contact with your doctor, you have the option to make an online review or call us, to get survey and or treatment approved. Make an online review, you can count on a response from us within twenty-four hours If it is urgent, we recommend that you call us at seventy twenty-four fifty, as you can usually get approval the same. Subsequently, you will receive a letter via e-Box or My PFA, where we summarize and tell you how you can get started with the investigation or treatment. If you need to talk with a psychologist, the psychologist will call you up, so you can arrange a time and therefore we send you not a letter in this case.

The cost settles we usually directly with the treatment site, freeing you from even having to put money out.

The coverage on the PFA Helbredssikring vary according to the agreement your employer organization has with the PFA. If you log on to My PFA, you can see exactly how you are covered You can avail yourself of the opportunities for study, treatment, etc. already from the day you become covered by helbredssikringen, however, the need for treatment have arisen during the insurance period. If you have signed up to a voluntary helbredssikring, you must be aware that there is no coverage for the first months for the diseases that are occurred before your insurance was created, or the diseases that emerged as a result.

You should be aware that, in some cases, the insurance, the first from the age of one year.

Contact us at seventy twelve fifty, if your children are not covered through your agreement with your employer organization, and you want to buy Helbredssikring to your children. When you have a PFA Helbredssikring, it is often possible to buy insurance for your spouse, cohabiting partner or registered partner to an advantageous price. Your partner can buy insurance, if the option is in the agreement between your employer organisation and the PFA, unless your partner does not live in Denmark. If your spouse, partner or civil partner have the option to purchase PFA Helbredssikring, must together fill in a simple form. You can either print and send the form to the PFA through the post or upload it on the page here (select the shortcut You want to submit a form').