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Facing the Deadline for the extended tax return was the

The Danish tax returns are usually fully automated, but not allDo you need help with to get prepared your tax return, so read here and contact us for a refund. in order to get assistance. We offer to prepare your tax return correctly and on time, so there is not paid too much tax If you have problems with the TAX, we can investigate the matter and possibly. offer to solve the on an hourly basis or on a success-basis - contact us the Deadline for opting-in to the extended tax return In the following TAX's website is the deadline on. July, and you can add it yourself via the digital service from the. Tilmedling to the extended income tax return to have further consequences to which one should orient It, you must remember by the end of the personally owned business Preliminary (only for personally owned company) to Log on to the digital service and the right figures on the company's result. Up to the middle of september you can register your business as closed by setting the. march If your year-end report is not yet ready, you get instead a service message or a servicebrev. Once you have made your tax return, you get your annual statement. From this date you can also inform new figures or changes a tax return for rental property If you rent out a property (housing) that you don't even live in or have the right to use, consider TAX it as self-employment. Surplus deficit by renting, or leasing of property counts as your income and the Foreign income When you live in Denmark and have foreign income in the form of salary, pension, letting of foreign property, shares, etc, you need to make an extended tax return. You can type in your foreign income in your annual tax return in Beyond.

You must use the expanded income tax return, if you: operate self-employment, foreign income, or the property has rented out a dwelling that you don't even live in is an artist and It's not only you who can fix the tax return of or Beyond Your auditor or another person can also do it for you.

You may authorise an adviser (accountant, bank and the like) or any other person to typing income tax returns, tax calculations are now so complicated to make, that virtually no one can make these unless you have a skatteberegningsprogram. The calculation of the tax, Therefore, it is difficult as an ordinary citizen to check on the skatteberegningen is made correctly. Assistance to the tax return provided via this form, but you are always welcome to contact us directly.