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Kvoteflygtninge: Take the responsibility, Denmark. Write under. Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke

Many die, unfortunately, in the attempt

Such is our Denmark It is a vicious spiral Hundreds of thousands of refugees have put their lives at risk to reach Europe and seek safety here

The European Union and the international community is set to one of its biggest tests ever.

Europe and the world can only solve the crisis in the community.

In the european cooperation, we must work for a worthy reception of the persecuted, and we must stand on the goal for our fundamental values: Solidarity, respect for human rights and minorities, transparency and accountability to the conventions we have signed.

And in the UN framework, we must uphold the agreements and conventions, which have guaranteed peace, stability and human rights for the majority of europeans in a lifetime. We do not solve problems by building barbed-wire fences, build walls or set up grænsebomme. It only creates yet more suffering for the already hårdtprøvede refugees.

Or by closing the eyes for a while

The situation calls on cooperation and solidarity with the persecuted refugees, and among the EU countries. We are facing a humanitarian crisis of historic dimensions, and posterity will judge us harshly for the choices we make today. Technically named the program of the resettlement or resettlement of refugees. It will say that the UN flygtningeorgan, UNHCR, each year, appoint people with a particular protection needs in the refugee camps around the world's hotspots. They are then distributed between a number of countries in order to be granted permanent residence. Outside of the usual asylsøgningssystem. Denmark has for decades embraced the five hundred on the year. In, had the UNHCR identified almost, two million people with a special need for protection under the quota system.

Unfortunately, that was only.

of them actually resettled in a new country.

The UNHCR estimates that the number of refugees with special protection needs in will reach, four million. It is far from all countries in the world, which is with in the scheme. And there are also many countries on an ad hoc basis, receive kvoteflygtninge at the request of the UN flygtningeorgan, UNHCR. But Denmark is the first and preliminary only country which, as a permanent UNHCR-samarbejderpartner the resettlement programme, which has suspended its participation. Immigration and integration minister Inger Støjberg was in november of quoted by the Ritzau for the following reason: “We have put it on pause, because we must be able to follow. We simply need a respite”. According to the government, the scale of the problem of integration as well as the number of asylum seekers made Denmark unable to “follow”. Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke point, however, in a joint op-ed with five other NGOS in Denmark to take note of a large number of integrationsfremskridt, like the number of asylum seekers per september is the lowest number of asylum seekers in almost ten years. You can read the post here.