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(Read here about the sitenotice) A lawsuit is a case before the courts, either acting on the imposition of the penalty (criminal proceedings) or to a party (the applicant) want the other party (the defendant) ordered to pay an amount to carry out a specific action, cease a specific action, or to recognise a right which the applicant believes to have in relation to the defendant (in civil proceedings)A trial consists of at least two parties. In civil cases, the two sides are equal, the one as plaintiff, another as defendant. There can easily be several plaintiffs and several defendants in the same case. In criminal matters is one party always the public prosecutor's office, while the other party (or other parties) are the defendants, that is, the person prosecuted for the violation of the laws of that country. companies, associations, and the like) can be parties in litigation, both civil and criminal (the latter however only to a fine).

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The state, municipalities, or other public authorities may be party to a hovedforhandling, with citizens in most countries can bring cases before the courts to test the authorities borders. In some countries, place such cases on special constitutional courts, whereas in other countries, f. in Denmark, shall be settled by the ordinary courts. In the vast majority of cases the represented parties in a trial by their lawyer(is).

A party has the opportunity to lead his own case, but the court may, under certain circumstances, require a party to be represented by a lawyer.

A lawsuit begins with a summons in civil proceedings) or an indictment (in criminal matters). Civil cases continued thereafter with a written or an oral preparation. Litigation ends with a hovedforhandling, after which the judgment is given.