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We are aware of the legal and any difficulties, but more important, we understand to solve this caringNo matter what the legal issue is, so start with that call and leave it to us. By choosing the right legal assistance, you can be sure, the Spanish legal requirements will be met, that the property is registered in seller's name, whether there are loans in the dwelling, whether there are pending cases, whether it is free of debt or other liens. Provide information about the entire purchase procedure in connection with the purchase of a property in Spain and all the costs that arise through this We offer advice and representation of our clients in the purchase, sale, resale, inheritance funding. Our services include the following Our knowledge of company law is extremely comprehensive. If they should be necessary, our company can represent Them here in Spain and do all the necessary work. In Spain, the heirs themselves, the estate is changed This important difference compared to Scandinavia, where it is at the initiative of a probate, to dødsboskiftet implemented, makes it necessary for the heirs in Spain to involve a lawyer in the case. There is created the Spanish testament letter this is often the proceedings for the heirs and at the same time ensuring that there are changed in accordance with the deceased's last will. As the owner of real estate in Spain it can therefore be a good idea to have made a will. Like the biggest part of our clients wish to acquire property in Spain, They will certainly go home and leave us to the problems, the questions, knowing that they will be dealt with professionally and efficiently and keep Them up to date at any time. They will be reassured by our knowledgeable staff and efficient service, as well as with communication in Their own language, while we are dealing out Their interest in Spain. Would They be interested in purchasing invest in landudvikling, we can help Them with planning, byggelicens etc. as well as checking and ensuring that everything is in order If they want to invest in Spain, remember the first step and contact us with Their specific needs and let our professional and personal service make Their decision easy.