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For the second time in fifteen months is Biva went bankrupt

Charlotte, adm Comment from Danish Lawyers call she perfid (Updated) Dommerudnævnelsesrådet has appointed six new judges

A ejendomsadvokat from Kromann Reumert has been appointed as acting high court judge in The high Court.

Three partners have come out of the group of owners of Advokatfyn in Svendborg.

According to the company itself it's been completely undramatic. Innovation Sophie Løhde (V) now go to the right with the general, rasmussen Karsten Lauritzen (V) the desire once again to give the Attorney general the exclusive duties of the state. Over for Lawyer Watch states she, that the state must not only have one attorney, and that the consumption of the Attorney general must be reduced. The liquidator has tried to get the founder to bid on the bankruptcy estate, but he refuses.

A large number of institutional investors have joined the action organized by the belgian consultancy at Danske Bank.

Preliminary they go after a double-digit millionkrav in the euro, but it can easily be even greater, says partner to Finance Watch. A challenge for the industry from the outside, the silence in the ministry of Justice, continues to trouble between the ministry of finance and Bech-Bruun as well as new accounts from smaller law firms found its way to the Lawyer Watch in the past week, which ended with the two ministers, who were not quite on the line in their views on Kammeradvokatens dominance. Which has grown Karsten Lauritzen (V) is turned around on a dime and now believe that the state should only have one lawyer, the Attorney, wants the Danish business world, that far more tasks are coming in offer. 'It is gone 'wont' in the sound Of the DI is recorded of a well-functioning competition. Has grown Karsten Lauritzen (V) will drop the offer of advokatopgaver and give more to the Attorney after the dispute with Bech-Bruun.

The law firm of attorneys meets its own expectations

The minister recognises that he has moved on the issue of the offer.

But in the year the same staff to ensure even greater progress in revenue, says in the financial statements.

The number of job offers is particularly increased in the lawyer and consulting industry, writes Djøfbladet. It is no longer only among directors and partners. Although students receive increasingly inquiries from interested companies. Erik Løvbjerg is the new chairman of the DSK - The Co-operating Merchants, where he for ten years has served on the board.

Previously, he was partner at Aarhus-the law firm of Abel Skovgård Larsen.

It is no wonder that a small group of lawyers sits on the examination of a large part of the country's bankruptcy, believes Danish Lawyers director. He believes that it simply reflects the fact that the customers are satisfied with the item. The auditors, who stand poised for the task, has often judged their accounts before they went bankrupt, he points out. For three vestegnsafdelinger of the Right Advice-the chain was almost a status quo year, which, however, also contained a sales decline. Administrative tasks with persondataforordningen (GDPR) inhibited productivity, which left its mark in revenue, says a partner to the Lawyer Watch. The high Court has accepted the Ministry's request to suspend the trial on the illegal telelogning in Denmark, until a belgian case is settled. The plaintiff will have the issue decided in the Supreme court. KARRIEREVEJEN: Frederik Bow is just switched to Gangsted after a period as a self-employed and a past of the Attorney general, where he could not see himself big partnerkampen. Yet two of the law firm profiles his greatest inspirations. Has Grown Karsten Lauritzen (V) reject the accusations that the ministry tipped the Politiken newspaper that the fraud squad investigate the Bech-Bruun, writes Berlingske. The rapporteur from the ruling party, Liberal Alliance, will nevertheless raise the issue with the minister.

showed a gain in the mark-up on over a third of Advodan Hillerød, but the bottom line shrank into the twenty-man office.