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Leave of absence

SU’a lapse during a leave of absence

The application must always be attached to the documentation, fin the form of a medical certificate, health record or indkaldelsespapirer. On the basis of the evidence, assesses the university whether you leave may be granted. Leave of absence is granted for a minimum of two months at a time. Leave of absence due to maternity adoption can be granted up to twelve months for mothers and six months for fathers in line with SU rules. May be granted up to twelve months leave in the field of medicine and tandlægestuderendes forskningsår. Do you want a sabbatical, as go beyond the scheduled maximum duration of study, please contact us, before you create your orlovsansøgning. In connection with the application for leave of absence, you will always be asked to provide a medical certificate as evidence of illness or special circumstances. The university will then assess whether the medical report has relevance for the requested leave, and whether it meets the formal requirements for medical certificates.

A medical certificate is a written statement about a person's state of health.

A medical certificate issued by a doctor on paper, electronically or by other readable media, and shall include the following: In individual cases, by special conditions should be used other documentation. The declaration must be in writing and include the following: most education is organised in such a way that there is academic progression in the overall course of study. This means that the courses and the semesters must be taken in a specific order to meet the programme learning outcomes of the course.

This means that you cannot freely swap around courses and the semesters when you need to plan your remaining course of study in connection with a leave of absence.

Before your leave, you should therefore contact the study administration and or a student counsellor on your training to get guidance on how you can best return when your leave ends. Please be aware that it is your sole responsibility to seek guidance on any studieprogression on your education and practical studieplanlægning in connection with your leave of absence. If the leave starts the. in a month, your SU will ceases as of this month, otherwise stop the SU from the following month. Possibly paid out the SU in the period of leave will be recovered, but are then regarded not as consumed cut. If you have to leave in seven months or less, resume the payment of SU, as a general rule, when the leave expires. If you have to leave in longer if you interrupt your leave before the originally determined date, or if your end time is in the leave period, you must apply for a resumption of SU. The resumption assumes, of course, that you are entitled to receive SU. Fribeløbet is not the same, when you keep the leave, as when you withdraw the enrolment you from the university. Withdraw the enrolment from the university, you will have a higher earnings ceiling than if you keep the leave or opt out of the clips. As announced, you have the option of re-enrolment according to the current rules. There are special rules if you are granted leave of absence for the period in which you are enrolled in thesis. Have you already entered into a specialekontrakt, you must be aware that you need to make sure to get a new exit date for your thesis. Please be especially aware of that on some faculties may be been assigned to the thesis, already when you were enrolled in the master's programme. birth, you can not receive the fødselsklip. Do you want to leave in a period of time, which you would be entitled to fødselsklip, there may be specific rules for how many fødselsklip you can get assigned.

You must be aware that if you are seeking leave due

Therefore, you must contact the SU office for further guidance. If you are considering to apply for leave of absence due to illness, you should contact the SU-office in order to hear about opportunities for the SU-extension due to illness.

Students with citizenship outside of the EU, the EEA, with a studieopholdstilladelse in Denmark is obliged to inform the Danish Agency for Labour market and Recruitment in the case of leave of absence.

When the students have not been formally actively studying in the leave period, will the committee determine whether the student can be allowed to keep its studieopholdstilladelse in Denmark in the period of leave. As a general rule, be given only the permission to stay in Denmark in connection with maternity leave. If you want to stay in Denmark during your maternity leave (or other types of leave), you must apply to the Danish Agency for Labour market and Recruitment about this. Please note that Aarhus University at the same time is obliged to inform the agency about non-EU EEA-student leave of absence, and that the university is not on your behalf, may apply to the board on matters concerning your residence permit. If you lose your studieopholdstilladelse because of the leave, you must leave Denmark and apply from your home country on a re-studieopholdstilladelse in Denmark in order to be able to entry in Denmark and resume your studies after the end of parental leave. You must apply no later than the day you want to begin your leave period, as the university does not grant leave of absence retrospectively. You apply for leave of absence through the University Studieselvbetjeningen. You log into my. au, where you will find a link to Studieselvbetjeningen. In order to login you must use your student number and the same password as you use on my. When you are logged into Studieselvbetjeningen to you under the menu 'Enrollment, etc. The day after your leave ends, your enrollment is automatically active again.

However, you have to turn yourself in good time before your leave of absence shall cease to agreement your further studies, including registering for courses and exams.

Contact your study center to get an overview of your course and exam registrations.