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mail exactly when you need it - without having to worry that advokatregningen spiral out of control.

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses have varied needs for legal advice and thinks that a firm associated with the attorney can not pay for itself. Here is assigned to an experienced business lawyer for a fixed price. Legal disputes and issues can arise suddenly with an immediate need for legal advice. We are part of a national and international network of experienced lawyers in all legal jurisdictions. Therefore, you can get immediate access to extensive legal expertise. Legal hotline with extensive experience in providing legal advice to entrepreneurs and small businesses. What legal form should I choose (sole proprietorship, interessentskabsform, limited partnership, the single company, cooperative society with personal responsibility, partrederi, limited liability company, anpartsselskabet or IVS).

How is my liability opposite the creditors, when I founder of a sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited liability company, limited liability company or IVS.

Can I make the competition and kundeklausuler of the employment agreement, and how long does such clauses after the employee is terminated from his position. Of the eventcom, we always get good sparring at eye level, which gives us the time and perspective to focus on what we do best, namely running a serious rejsebureauforretning We can only very strongly recommend attorney Asaf Fazal at all. Here you get everything and more of what you demand of fast and efficient two-way communication, an all natural helpfulness, advice, guidance, sharp, sparring, huge legal competence, insight in all relevant subjects, as well as a knowledge that professionally makes him an outstanding of the best lawyers in Denmark. Last, but definitely not least, is Asaph a advokatpersonlighed, there are also economic understand the approach of different companies and people. It makes him a really held the solicitor with a distinctly human understanding of the individual's situations, beliefs, hopes, and dreams. I am very satisfied with the Akutadvokat It is hard, when you as a small business comes in the squeeze with the major, but Asaf Fazal helped me to create an overview of a very complicated case. We decided to go ahead with a combination of both negotiation and trial, and had loosened the knots up with a good result for reasonable money.