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Welcome to the nationwide electricity and plumbing guard, craftsman døgnvagtenThe Ring confidently. The company and idea mageren behind the new nationwide electricity and plumbing the guard concept, started oprenligt with the work of elvagten Copenhagen. Has vast knowledge of artisan industry, and with the background of this experience, we start this new Elvagten Denmark concept up, we are going to be found all over the country. Special electricity and the plumbing industry, and all craft groups will come to be found on our home page.

Also quite common are crafts day work is carried out

We develop now this new services, with acute drive craftsman concept. Short wait on repairs throughout the day. We're always doing the urgent tasks first, so the waiting time for an acute problem can occur. We are dedicated to this waiting period as short as possible.

Elvagten Denmark appreciate a good personal contact to the individual customer, you have a thesis electrical or plumbing problem, we will find a solution.

You will on our home page to find all the relevant information that you can't see here you Need to have electricity to your lift. ceiling light, or just start using for your engine, or maybe a completely new store.

We all help with light to their exhibitions, whether it is car store or mc store.

Electrician service in the whole of Denmark are you Looking for help with a remodeling or do you just need quick electrical help, and might lack the emergency power ring, so is acute el the watch promote in a short time, we will help you to the right energy solutions, renovate, expand or convert your electrical installation. Elvagten helps with all the electricity of the technical solutions of the professions, in public buildings, as well as for all private. El-guard sammenarbejder with both the plumbing and electrical installers, and a number of stable and skilled craftsmen are always ready to help you, you will find our guard cars in your area, the watch comes in most places and there is always a guard cart ready to help you. Our objective in el warden is to carry out a handicraft proper electricity work, in line with the industry's high demands for technological development in the field of electrical installations, please call our duty phone at all times.

Our customers should feel that our advice, service and work is professional and a natural part of a good and constructive cooperation.

We can also help by el-planning of new construction or major replacements, we can advise you on options of the lighting.

We offer Emergency electrical help outside normal working hours to all, all days of the week. you are welcome to call throughout the day, on our guard telephone.

We carry out all electrical work within normal working hours, then you need an electrician, call confidently to the power of the guard, our emergency services guard comes to you when the damage occurs, Contact emergency elvagt services here. Help us to be better we use rice and praise from our customers to develop and optimize the company so that we are under constant development, and in the best way possible can help you.

Elvagten comes to you when your power supply does not work, it could be a good idea to get checked your electrical installation, if the lights have flashing, it may be a loose connection, get the visits by our electricians, all electrical work is carried out.

Electrician ready to call, day or night, there is always an el-fitter ready to help you with the acute electricity problem, your local emergency el guard, doing repairs on all electrical installations, for example underfloor heating, computer, antenna, el-guard mount like your new stove or washing machine, drying tumbler, as well as make power if it is missing.

Set up the new meter installation, We install your new electric switchboard and or attach the new Hpfi relay, if this is still not keen. Is your consumption extra-large, there may be a power thief, if it is a short circuit, and the fuse is blown, perhaps because the your inst. is of older date, all of the old electrical installation renovated, ring printed on it is the insurance damage or just a minor error, we can help you with advice, el-check is performed, the Acute artisan Vagtenkan be contacted at our Call center.