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Mission to the Arctic to ensure the Danish requirements

And that all flags will be removed once the"Ship"sails on

A Danish expedition is ready to plant the Danish Flag on the north Pole in Denmark the attempt to make claims on a up to approximatelysquare kilometre area in The Arctic Ocean north of Greenland. Thus, the Danish researchers and experts has just left the Norwegian Svalbard aboard the Swedish icebreaker"Oden"and set course for The Arctic Sea for a long series of studies of the seabed and the depth of the ocean north of Greenland.

It is the third time that Danish researchers are sailing high to the north to be clued in to the underwater and several thousand kilometers long Lomonosovryg on the bottom of The Arctic Ocean.

Their task is to collect a variety of information, which later will be used by the Danish state to document how and to what extent Lomonosovryggen is connected with the greenlandic continental shelf. Denmark details document, to the back, or parts of it, is associated with Greenland, it can make a claim on it, and thus the right to exploit the potential resources and raw materials on the seabed, although it is located far outside the greenland's two hundred nautical mile limit. But Denmark is not only about having a good eye for Lomonosovryggen. The canadians are working on documenting the back related to the north american continent, the russians will do the same. Thus the three countries end up making demands on the same areas in The Arctic Ocean. The ambassador could, however, envisage that any negotiations on the overlapping claims"will be sensitive and difficult If we get to it, it will be in discussions with a mix of science, law, international law, diplomacy and politics,"he says, and stresses that"it will last for quite a number of years"before it even comes to negotiations."It is a politically sensitive area. The arctic countries have indicated that they will determine if any udeståendender through the processes that already exist, f. The united nations, and there is nothing that suggests that they will not do it,"says Klavs A.

He stresses that It will only be planted on the north Pole, if perhaps come across.

And to all the other nationalities on board the"Oden"also will plant their flag. The expedition is the third and so far last to Lomonosovryggen. It lasts until september and has a budget of approximately thirty-five million. The amount is, however, nothing compared with the at least million dkk), Denmark will use to document that a total of five marine areas in the north Atlantic and the Arctic are associated with either the Greenland or the Faroe islands continental shelves. As if that isn't enough, the islands have contributed another approximately twenty million. But the investment pales in comparison with the gains that will be, if there is found to be f. ex. rich oil deposits in the areas Denmark has, on behalf of the commonwealth submitted requirements in two areas, one south of Greenland and two in the Faroe islands."We have gaps in our data coverage, and we must have covered, so we can make our demands clear,"says Christian Marcussen."We do not know the situation in advance. But there, where we are going, you will find some of the most difficult ice conditions in the Arctic,"he says."We feel reasonably sure that our reasoning is correct. That Denmark can make the claim outside the -mile limit,"he says.