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Newspaper Denmark in the pocket of the left wing in the attack on our tax policy Debate - the times of

The debate I would like at anytime with anyone

I think you should be able to, but this newspaper brought the other day in a large set of article a history of the New Borgerliges tax policy, which weakens the confidence in the newspaper. The content wrong and the whole story of that New Borgerliges tax policies take money out of the pocket of citizens in the province to send them to the north of Zealand, was a game of gross manipulation designed in the socialist body of the Labour movement Business councilThat a serious newspaper completely uncritical provides space for stories planted by a socialist organisation which works intensively to counter bourgeois politics, is to me incomprehensible. The only explanation I can find is that the Labour movement Business council was able to deliver a title that could be used to draw a conflict between the regions with an even thicker marker than it already is: 'the Province starved of the bourgeois parties for the benefit of the wealthy in the Copenhagen and northern Zealand'. There are all sorts of good reasons to discuss how Denmark will become a richer country, and how progress and growth in all regions, the country needs to carry us forward. But it is directly shut down thought for the debate, when the newspaper puts the columns into a extremely manipulative attempt from the left wing side and exalts it in the slots and the heading to be the higher truth. The truth about the New Borgerliges economic policy is that when all the elements are taken into account, will all the danes get a win.

But it must be done fairly and with open cards

In the near two groups: There are no municipalities where the citizens will having to pay more.

It is directly in contradiction with the figures we have put forward and that is complete of economists, according to the principles laid down in the ministry of Finance.

Arbejdernes Erhvervsråd fails deliberately to mention the positive effects that a reduction of the tax burden, the simplification and decentralization will lead with it: the Future of welfare must be financed by, that we give the freedom to the, to the productive Denmark can increase profits, create growth and jobs. It is the New borgerliges economic policy We can not live by cutting the same cake up into ever-smaller bits in order to satisfy a left-wing mindset that no one should get more than others.

The consequence of such a policy will make the country poorer.