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On The Cadastre

The land register is the identification register and is the basis for that in Denmark we have a grip on financing, taxation, land registration, etc. Worldwide we are leading with a coherent management of the property area, and it is a prerequisite for a functioning real estate market, to both owners, public administration, and the financial sector can be trusted to ejendomsregistreringenUniqueness, security and gennemsigtighedMed the Danish ejendomsdata is it unique, what is bought and sold properties. Mortgage companies and banks use ejendomsdata to determine the security for the loans in real estate. And the individual owner of a property know its rights and the property's size and location Ejendomsdata creates, in other words transparency, and we avoid a lot of administrative hassles and legal disputes. An administrative key to forvaltningenMatriklens uniqueness is also used as the key to other administrative data in the management, which is not in the same way has a unique ID and geographic dimension.

It can for example be by registration and analysis of the management situation for the environment, nature, agriculture, etc.

The land register is an important administrative key, when administrations need to talk together and modernised. EjendomsdataprogrammetMatriklens record shall include at the present time, parcels of land, either singly or in combination constitute the total real estate. Work is currently in Ejendomsdataprogrammet to the cadastre in the future will contain all types of real estate. This will condos and buildings on foreign soil (e.g kolonihavehuse) also be included in the cadastre.