Power of attorney

It is in some areas possible to give the digital proxies

You must complete a power of attorney, if you want a second person to help you with your caseBy making a power of attorney gives you the person the law to defend your interests and act on behalf of you. It can for example be the nursing staff, a lawyer, a family member or a friend. You always have the right to allow another person to act on behalf of you.

It might be that you have become ill or seem, to a case with a authority has become unmanageable.

You should be aware that there may be different rules, and therefore it can also be different, how the authority handles proxies. You can provide several types of power of attorney The power of attorney is in the starting point always fixed, ie. has an end date Here your representative the same rights as you have and takes over all the contact to the authority that is dealing with your case. It is necessary that you more closely examine how the authority or the area to handle proxies. Alternatively, is it possible to send a power of attorney for a authority Digital Item or to an authority's physical address. Most authorities make a proxy form available for you, you can fill in. Forms can be a good choice, if you do not have NemID, or if you have a hard at the digital. You also have the option to fill out a proxy form giving your representative permission to read your digital post (read access). Fuldmagtsblanketten you hand in at the municipality An alternative to fuldmagtsblanketter are digital proxies.

However, it is only within the individual portfolios

An example of a digital power of attorney is for a Digital Item. When you are logged on to the Digital Item you can give for example a family member access to read your digital post (read access). You can see an overview of the digital proxies that you have given or received when you log on to the digital fuldmagtsløsning.

If you have got a power of attorney, it means that you can carry out the person's interests and act on behalf of, for example, the family member that you've got the power of attorney from the.

On the power of attorney is, what areas you can handle.

Your right to give another person power of attorney, and, on the way of representing you is described in the administrative code. The law applies to the whole of the public such as the Tax administration, in healthcare facilities or in the municipality. You or your representative may contact you for an authority on a matter. The authority should inform you about what you are entitled to by the law, as the authority falls under. If your inquiry is not sent to the correct authority, usually the request on to the proper authority. It is a fundamental principle of administrative law that you or your representative have the right to get guidance, if In turn you to an authority.