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and hopefully an easier path to a new job

When you join the staff for the course have on the AMU-Fyn website, you will be automatically redirected to the portal trainingIt is ministreriets common entrance for all vocational education and training and the only way you can complete a registration for a course. Training can be to the inexperienced be a bit convoluted to find your way around in. Therefore, we at AMU-Fyn, a support function that you can avail yourself of. Please call our course administration then the online on 'your' screen to guide you through the. You can also start by visiting our training support to seek help. The support page takes you here: Click on the logo to read more about electronic registration for companies, the ordering of the digital signature, application for VEU-allowance as well as the technical assumptions m. At AMU-Fyn, the company's employees to become qualified with education and courses, which are largely adapted to the needs of the company. Our palette of education include both specific subject areas as more general qualifications, and there is nothing to download for employees at all levels of the company - also the management. Our experienced staff is always ready to advise on the optimal planning of enterprise education and training. And with their in-depth knowledge of both the supply and the administrative and economic aspects of adult education, you are sure to get the right solution. One of the important characteristics of the new AMU-Fyn has a strong flexibility. This means that the various programmes can be implemented with the greatest possible attention to corporate patterns of work, e.g. by spreading the process over several days, by putting a part of teaching in the weekends, and in some cases to put parts of the training to the company's own sites. managers and the self-employed. Granted VEU-allowance up to the maximum daily allowance for amus command audience.

You have a higher education, you can only get the VEU allowance, if you have not used your training in the last five years.

Have your employees read - staveproblemer is absolutely no obstacle in order to move forward. We can help them with both equipment and personal assistance. Contact a training consultant at the thirteen seventy if you want to know more about training opportunities for your employees. In a time like this, where it can be necessary with the reduction of staff, the AMU-Fyn also be able to help.

We help with advice and guidance before you as an entrepreneur make your choice, and subsequently we can help with assessment, job search assistance, retraining m.

for those employees who must leave the company as well as the professional and personnel-related training courses, the employees will be back. Are you facing having to lay off a larger number of employees, we are - in cooperation with job Centres and other educational institutions - arrange for job fairs. This gives your employees access to information about courses, skills, training and competence assessment, job opportunities m. Contact a training consultant at the thirteen, if you want to know more about the dismissal, fritstilling or distribution.