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Protection in Denmark - Chic rights

In Denmark we have an old-age legislation

This means that you do different things in relation to how old you areIt protects you, so you don't get exposed to things that you are not ready for.

It is especially important in relation to when and how you need to work.

The law protects you against having to knokle and destroy yourself and work under unreasonable conditions. The law also makes sure that you learn something instead of working. Danish children over thirteen years of age must have their first work outside the home. When you are filled thirteen years, we must execute what we call “light work”. Until one becomes fifteen years, you are not allowed to work more than two hours daily on school days and seven hours a day in vacation time. The only exception, where children are allowed to work earlier than thirteen years, is if you use the kids as sizes for advertisements. Are you fifteen years. So do you like When you are fifteen years, changes the rules. But you must still not work like adults.

When you have reached the age of fifteen years, you are allowed to work after the bell.

You can be glad that we have old-age legislation

if the job is: of course It is the employer who must make sure that you are working, as you do, and you don't take damage. But in fact it is still your parents responsibility to keep an eye on that you are not a bad place. The constitution stipulates that the old-age law also covers the crime, and when and how a child can be punished. It's called the age of criminal responsibility. It is fifteen years. This means that children under fifteen years cannot be convicted for the crime. Children must not sit in prison together with adults.

Instead it sends to delinquent children in special institutions, where they receive help to develop away from crime.

It is illegal to beat children. In the old days it was normal that children were beaten in school if they had not behaved properly. Up until had parents like to beat their children when they opdragede them. It must be no more Just the same, it is also illegal to do anything sexual about a child. You must always tell an adult if you have been exposed to an adult to do something violent, or sexually by you. There are many skilled adults who are working to help children with the kind of. BørnetelefonenFor example, there is something called BørneTelefonen, which you can call and tell about his problems and get help to deal with them. BørneTelefonen is your phone. It is created to provide you with the opportunity to get good advice or someone to talk with - completely free and anonymously. You can call anonymously to børnetelefonen. There are always some adult that you can confide in.