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Provisional LICENCE - Rules - Application - Price

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If the police have charged you with a violation of the traffic laws - fexample drink driving - the Police may choose to give you the right to a provisional licence in the period until there is decreased judgment.

It is up to the Police to decide on, you get a temporary driver's license or on the card indrages (administrative withdrawal).

The issuance of the temporary driver's license as a result of bortkommelse or damage of the card - also called “duplikatkørekort” - is ONLY valid in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

A provisional licence is free if it has not been lost

If you need to run in other countries, you must have a so-called “temporary erstatningskørekort” (not to be confused with “duplikatkørekort”). Is your driving licence is lost or damaged and you have to run outside of the Nordic region before a temporary licence can be issued, you must apply for a so-called “temporary erstatningskørekort”.

If the temporary licence expires and you have not yet been issued a new driving licence or answers on the examination for kørekortfornyelse, the period of validity may be extended.

January will be valid for a period not exceeding fifteen years, depending on the driving licence category, your age and state of health. It also applies to the re-issuance of your driver's license, if the card is lost (lost or stolen), damaged, it must be exchanged for the credit card-typensåledes also your duplikatkørekort (ie. a re-issuance of your original license, if the card is lost is lost, stolen, damaged, it must be exchanged for the credit card-type or its owner change its name. It is dispensed, when you have passed a driving test or an old - age or helbredsbetinget medical checkup. If however you want a temporary licence because it is lost or damaged, you must pay. In order to get a provisional licence you should contact personally at the borgercenter in Denmark - not necessarily in the municipality where you are resident. If you are not in possession of a valid passport, you must medbringge your original baptism, name or birth certificate and photo id.