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(Read here about the sitenotice) Rasmus Paludan is a Danish lawyer, samfundsdebattør and politician

Paludan is particularly known as an opponent of mass immigration and islamisation of society.

He is the leader of the party firm, which he founded in. As a defense attorney, he has led several cases concerning civil liberties.

Paludan was born and raised in the north of Zealand.

He graduated from Elsinore high School in and served thereafter his military service. Paludan began in to study law, and was in cand.

from the University of Copenhagen, denmark.

In the course of his studies, he worked for Kromann Reumert in and was the following year in an internship with the chief prosecutor of The International Criminal court in the Hague. Paludan practise as an attorney with right of audience before the high court. City driver self employed as a lawyer with an office in Sydhavnen, which is. december was vandalized. Paludan launched in the autumn 'The Red Card', which is a plastic card in credit card format, to which the holder can write his name, date of birth and address. Rasmus Paludan encouraged people to run away from the police, when they had handed the card to the police.

He referred to the code of civil procedure § stating that the citizen has no duty to speak with the police, but only a duty to inform the name, date of birth and address.

Paludan defended Frihedsaktivisten Lars Kragh Andersen in the Copenhagen city Court in april, where Lars Kragh Andersen bl. was charged with publishing the social security numbers belonging to the then Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and minister of defense Nicolai Wammen.

He was also accused of defamation by on the internet to mention named police officers as 'penisbelurere' and 'planterøvere' referring to the police searches of citizens and the seizure of the cannabis.

Another client was the artist Uwe Max Jensen, who in may was under indictment for violation of the ordensbekendtgørelsen, as he is carrying an ISIS flag had touched a statue depicting a naked woman in the Art garden.

Uwe Max Jensen was acquitted.

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Uwe Max Jensen was in september, defense by Rasmus Paludan, in a case where Uwe Max Jensen was accused of having violated the navneforbudet subject. In november it was stated that the Rasmus Paludan was a champion of Uwe Max Jensen in a case where he had peed on a mirror in a museum's garden in Aalborg. February wrote Politiken, Rasmus Paludan represented Uwe Max Jensen in a case brought against him by the Danish union of journalists on behalf of the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard and the photographer Michael Drost-Hansen, who claimed damages for alleged breach of copyright. Uwe Max Jensen claimed the acquittal having regard to the fact that both the art form and the subject was different in his works. February made it, to a -year-old Danish man, who was the first in forty-six years stood accused of blasphemy - because he had burned a quran in his garden, and published the video of the burning on Facebook - had chosen the Rasmus Paludan as his defender. Rasmus Paludan said, that the man's action was legal and self-defense. april, it emerged that Rasmus Paludan had been requested as counsel for the -year-old Danish man, who the day before had been arrested on suspicion of threatening to commit skoleskyderi at CPH West. Rasmus Paludan said to RadioSyv, that his client was 'a very quiet person, a very peaceful person, he is completely unpunished, he has never got so much as a fine his entire life. He also informed that the suspect refused guilty.

november won the Rasmus Paludan a civil lawsuit, as a client had brought against the Skatteministeret.

august lit Rasmus Paludan, in a case about the cannabis trade in Christiania could not recognize the assertion from the Police that his client should have thrown a gun from the in Pusherstreet. september was Rasmus Paludan defender Kurt Salvesen, a Danish man who used cannabis for treatment of rheumatic pains, in an appeal for the Vestre Landsret. October brought the Newspaper Information in a article a larger interview with Rasmus Paludan, where he was asked whether there was an ethical conflict when he was a lawyer for the asylum seekers, but at the same time publicly made speeches against immigration. It, he declined and stated that his goal as a lawyer was to fight for the client, and that a defense attorney does not need to be a supporter of the murder in order to defend a person accused of manslaughter. In an interview with the same topic in RadioSyv the. november, he explained that he was only the attorney of a detained foreigner, if the person specifically asked him what the alien just did, because he had heard from others that Rasmus Paludan often got the aliens released. October was Rasmus Paludan also defender Torben Andersen, as in a tilståelsessag by the Copenhagen city Court was judged to have 'knock something freedom' into one of the police cameras to automatically nummerpladegenkendelse (ANPG). november brought Nordvestnyt an article about that the Rasmus Paludan as the defence counsel for one of the accused in a case relating to the sale of cannabisolie would seek to have the decision of pre-trial detention before the Supreme court. Rasmus Paludan, launched in, the site where he published photos of cyclists and pedestrians who violated traffic laws by, for example, to cycle on tarmac or go over a red light. He told that he did it in order to reduce the number of people killed in traffic and to get people to think for themselves. Rasmus Paludan asked in to the European Parliament for the movement, but no one from the movement were elected. January told Rasmus Paludan, he previously was a member of the Left and now was a member of the New Bourgeois. January established a New Civil him as a candidate for Copenhagen city council.

February -lit Rasmus Paludan, that he had changed the party to the Danish Collection.

January he said in the programme AK syv at RadioSyv, to all who knew him, knew that he was 'without category'. October held Rasmus Paludan speaking at a demonstration held by the association For the Freedom. He also held a speech at a demonstration against Hizb ut-Tahrir the. november on Nørrebro. december at the Sankt Hans Torv did he speak against political violence. Rasmus Paludan is a member of the board of directors and attorney for the association. February took Rasmus Paludan a pistolattrap with a meeting of the Lars Vilks Committee in the Danish parliament and asked to be able to put the impactor in the wardrobe. He later told the Radio that it was a part of the artwork Toys at Christiansborg palace, which was to illustrate that the police respond poorly to real terrorist threats, like the terrorist attacks in Copenhagen, where two civilians were killed, though there were police officers present, while the police react excessively and unnecessarily extensive in the events, which is not at all criminal. Rasmus Paludan was not charged with anything and got his dummy back. He stated that he had listed a similarly, the work of art with the name of The Kingdom of Dread in Orange in Orange County, California. He demanded in virtue of Wienerkonventionens article thirty-six to speak with the Danish consul and refused in pursuance of the. addition to the UNITED states' constitution to speak out. november was Rasmus Paludan appointed as a member of the Lars Vilks Committee. In January, founded the Rasmus Paludan tv channel 'The Voice', which consisted of a website and a YouTube channel. It was reported that the channel was registered at the press Council. First broadcast was a longer interview with Kim Møller, who is the founder of Somalis. Another broadcast forty-three was a report from the Folkets Hus in Nørrebro, where Rasmus Paludan with a cameraman and a bodyguard showed up at the. January in order to interview the participants in the 'Venstreradikalt big meeting', where a point bl. was the discussion of 'militant resistance'. Rasmus Paludan, however, was the attack of the autonomous and gang members before the meeting started. He had to escape. Copenhagen Police gave Rasmus Paludan injunction, that he out of consideration for your own safety, do not approach the House of the People for the next twelve hours. January, reported the Rasmus Paludan from Mjølnerparken. This time with unspecified 'security measures'. Since is paludan's journalistic work passed to the Youtube channel for his party, Tight Course. december was Rasmus paludan's office vandalized. Unknown perpetrators smashed a window and threw a lit dry powder extinguisher into the office.

Pulverslukkeren was strapped with gaffertape, so it was to be turned on and sprayed a thick layer of powder out in the whole office.

On the office façade had unknown perpetrators written 'Fuck Pegida', which was a reference to the name Of Freedom previously used. As the party leader for the firm has Rasmus Paludan availed themselves of a variety of self-selected titles. In addition to the recognised titles of lawyer, journalist and party leader, he has also referred to itself as.