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Specialegruppe for Shipping

Specialegruppe for Shipping Offshore Transportation invites in cooperation with the Legal talking shop to a study visit in Axel Towers on Thursday. Denmark is one of the world's leading shipping nations, the maritime sector accounts for twenty-five of the total national exports

A job as a lawyer in the Shipping and Offshore Transportation-team is a unique opportunity to navigate your career in an exciting and international direction, but it is just one of many jobs in the Denmark, where you as a lawyer can deal with the maritime industry and the transport sector in general.

At we would like to strike a blow for law students are introduced to the various transport law subjects (which, unfortunately, is not always offered at the Danish faculties) and a subsequent career within the ”blue” business. We have in house lawyers, who alone have worked with us, and we have attorneys who have been employed in-house at several different companies. Therefore, we will be able to answer all the questions In the must have of worked as a lawyer, with a shipping company or a maritime insurance company. In the Shipping and Offshore Transportation, we are the lawyers for The Blue Denmark, our søretspraksis dates back to the 's, and we are pleased to introduce you to the work of the group and in many interesting cases. As part of the professional feature will be the partners in our group, Peter Appel and Jens V Mathiasen give participants insight into the work and role as advisor in maritime transactions, including, among others, the restructuring of the Maersk group. A solicitor will also tell you about how life as an international lawyer provides workable, multi-disciplinary knowledge as well as introduce the office's opportunities for secondments with clients. The study visit is for you, who are considering a career within the maritime industry, and who have an interest in juraens international aspects. Follow JD's activities by to 'like' this page There will continuously be updates and information on everything from jurabarer and parties to the moot and case studies. More info about the association and our events can be found on the.