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About the institute - arbitration institute

There has since been a real voldgiftsinstitution in Denmark, which has participated in the resolution of disputes of various kindsIn the time that is gone, gathered a considerable knowledge on arbitration proceedings and on the composition of arbitral tribunals in relation to both national and international arbitration. Arbitration institute, which is a non-profit independent institution, was founded in with the participation of The Danish bar Association, Danish association of engineers (The Danish magistrates association, SMWdanmark and Ingeniørsammenslutningen. The Danish Construction association, the IT industry Association, Danish Industry, the Association of Chartered Accountants, the Danish shipowners association, Danish Industries and the Danish Association for Arbitration is later joined in the circle of the organisations behind the arbitration institute. Voldgiftsinstituttets purpose is, as it is said in section two of the foundation's statute, the work of the arbitration in accordance with the board rules adopted to this effect by the arbitral tribunals appointed by the arbitration institute of the individual case. The rules of arbitration were revised in in order to bring the rules in line with common international standard, and again in with a view to bringing the rules in line with the arbitration law, which was adopted in Denmark in. may. Arbitration institute shall, by the appointment of the arbitrators due regard to the qualifications which the parties have agreed that the arbitrator should have, and factors that may ensure the appointment of an independent and impartial arbitrator. In cases where not all the parties to the dispute are resident in the same country, arbitration institute to appoint an arbitrator, which has its registered office in a country other than that of any of the parties, unless the parties have agreed otherwise. The institute is looking at the composition of each arbitral tribunal to ensure that it reaches the best possible, objective and materially correct decision. Voldgiftsretterne shall be composed of persons who possess the highest legal and professional expertise and enjoy general recognition within their field. Arbitration institute follows as far as possible, the wishes the parties may have by the choice of the arbitrator. Arbitration institute can also contribute to the mediation by the board of directors in, the agreed rules in this regard. The staff regulations and rules are available on the website. The staff regulations are available in Danish and English The rules are drawn up in Danish, English, German, French, chinese, and Russian. On the website are also recommendations relating to the wording of the arbitration and mediationsklausuler as well as overviews of, respectively, fees of arbitrators and mediators, as well as a handling fee to the arbitration institute. Any dispute, whatever its nature, both national and international, is thus within the workspace of the arbitration institute designated arbitration tribunals. The subject of the arbitration courts, appointed by the arbitration institute is not limited, apart from the issues of mandatory law may be filed only to the ordinary courts. Arbitration institute is a tool to in a satisfactory way to resolve disputes with the benefits which arbitration proceedings involves. The institute's rules for simplified voldgiftsproces and whether the mediation should meet the business needs of a more informal, freer and less costly resolution of disputes. Arbitration institute shall be headed by a board appointed by a number of support organisations. The administration and the daily operation of the arbitration institute is undertaken by a secretariat, which also manages the proceedings, until the arbitral tribunal is appointed.