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(Read here about the sitenotice) the Kingdom of Denmark (or the Kingdom) is a constitutional monarchy, which consists of the country of Denmark in northern Europe and the Danish government, two autonomous areas: the archipelago of the Faroe islands in the north Atlantic ocean and the island of Greenland, which geographically belongs to the north american continent but geopolitically to Europe

The relationship between Denmark, the Faroe islands and Greenland relies on Danish realm.

Greenland and the Faroe islands autonomy is not explicitly expressed in the Constitution, which has validity for the whole kingdom, and Greenland and the Faroe islands will not have the status of independent countries. The statsretslige construction differs from f. the relationship between the united kingdom and the English queen other states.

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In the middle Ages consisted of the Kingdom of Denmark of a Danish king area (Jutland and Funen), Zealand Law area (Zealand with the island of Lolland, Falster, and Moen) as well as the Scanian Law area (Skane with Halland, Blekinge and Bornholm). Thus was the Kingdom of Denmark largely coincide with kirkeprovinsen Lund, however, was of Rügen during the Roskilde Diocese) and Estonia (own pin) not included in the kingdom, although in periods stood under Danish suzerainty. In the course of the middle Ages was the southern half of the Jutland peninsula (between Kongeåen and the Eider) in a lengthy process separated from the kingdom as a duchy (the Duchy of Schleswig or the Duchy of south Jutland), which was a fief of the Danish king, but increasingly were independent. However, remained the so-called kongerigske enclaves of the Kingdom. In was created Kalmarunionen as a personal union between the kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. After Sweden left the union finally in, remained the kingdoms of Denmark and Norway in personal union until, under which Denmark retained the old Norwegian colonies of the Faroe islands, Iceland, and Greenland, which was then incorporated in the Kingdom of Denmark. The Swedish wars in the s meant big changes in the Kingdom of Denmark's territorial extent. After the Torstensson war - had Christian. by the Peace of Brömsebro in the first place temporarily refrain Halland to Sweden for a period of thirty years. And after the First Karl Gustav war of - had to Frederik. by the Peace of Roskilde to cede Skåne, Halland, Blekinge and Bornholm to Sweden. After the Second Karl Gustav-war of - was the island of Bornholm, however, led back to the kingdom by the Peace of Copenhagen. Until, the Danish Monarchy, a summary term for the Kingdom of Denmark (central jutland and the Islands (Zealand, Funen and the smaller islands) is often simply referred to as the Kingdom), as well as the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein.

Note that the kingdom at this time is not included of south Jutland (Schleswig), which was a royal Danish fief, or to Holstein, which was a hertugeligt-German le.

Iceland had been self-government within the kingdom in. december, recognised Denmark Iceland as a sovereign state. Iceland ceased to be a part of the Kingdom of Denmark, but remained united with Denmark in a personal union under a single king (Christian.) until. After the First world War certain the Versailles peace settlement in that there should be a referendum in Schleswig, on the future of state affiliation. As a result of the vote, was the northern half of the former duchy of Schleswig incorporated in the Kingdom of Denmark in for the first time since the middle Ages. The joint parliament, the Folketing, has members, of which are elected in Denmark, two in the Faroe islands and two in Greenland. The parliament also acts as the Danish parliament, while the two autonomous regions have their own parliaments and governments. During the Second world War and occupied Britain, the Faroe islands, the. april, after Germany had occupied Denmark. After the war it became clear that the Faroe islands would not return to the old position as a county in Denmark, and since the faroese dealers did not want to bow to the Danish forhandlingsdelegations requirements, it was decided to hold a referendum in, where you had to choose between the Danish delegation conditions or secession. There was a majority for independence, but now used the king's right to dissolve parliament. After the new negotiations were in, adopted a bill for the Faroe islands, where the islands continued to be a part of the Kingdom of Denmark, but opened for autonomy on the part areas. Since, the islands have gradually gained self-government on a number of areas. Defence and udenrigsforhold has so far not been covered by the expanded autonomy, but with the løgting only held from. march opened for increased american influence on the islands foreign and security policy. Until Greenland had the status of colony. By the amendment of the Danish constitution of. June was the island of his kolonistatus repealed and was subsequently regarded as a Danish county. At the referendums are a major the autonomy introduced by the irish free state was established the. may and self-government the. Coordinates: °N °E °N °E.