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The Danish Katteregister - On the register

The register can record all the ear - or chipped the cats

The association of The Danish Katteregister is an independent association founded by The Danish chamber of veterinary surgeons, DOSO (Dyreværnsorganisationernes Union confederation), the Protection of Animals, Dyrefondet, Felis Danica, and the Cat's ProtectionThe aim is to create a nationwide katteregister and ensure that the country's cats can be registered efficiently and professionally directly through the country's vets. The association's chairman is the director in Dyrefondet cand. Michael Haslund, vice-fagdyrlæge Lars Bloch, Moscow veterinary hospital. In Denmark there is no statutory requirement to register cats. It is something that you do voluntarily, because you stand by its ownership and its responsibility to the animal. cats through the years have been registered voluntarily in the register. And registration is the only real option there is to get his cat back, or get to know what's happened to it, when the cat has disappeared. It is no guarantee, but the common, compassionate and animal-friendly network, where someone finds a cat, and makes some effort to help it through the register, each day brings lost cats back to their owners.

The Danish Katteregister working to get legislation in place that ensures the cats through the registration, in the meantime, we ensure the most responsible cat owners, the cats voluntarily.

You can investigate whether your cat is already registered by that look it up under the menu item 'search'. If you do not find your cat's information at the search, you can turn to a the vet and get the cat registered - it costs dkk.

In addition to the registration you will receive a registreringsbrev and the 'Cat Folder', which you can collect many important papers.

Once your cat is registered, it is not only secured, but in large parts of Europe through the Europetnet, a search portal that makes it easy to reunite owners with their missing pets in Europe. See which countries here We use no form of tracking.