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Water park in Denmark: familietid and wonderful memories

The changeable Danish weather means nothing in Lalandia

There is free access for the whole family, staying in a holiday cottage in LalandiaIn the large tropical water park, where the water is twenty-eight degrees and the air is thirty degrees, and here are experiences for everyone - both for you who love the rush in the wildly fun water slides and you who dream of cosy and relaxing experience in the spa and sauna. If you are planning a vacation with vandpjask and have fun in a water park in Jutland, will find In the Lalandia Aquadome in Billund, denmark.

Looking for a water park closer to Sealand, you can look forward to a wonderful mini-break at Lalandia in Rødby. It doesn't have to worry about.

Here you can bask in the beauty of the saunas and whirlpools or run on the cape in the fun water slides at our indoor water park. You can also explore our outdoor area and let the rain drip on næsetippen, while enjoying the bubbles in the outdoor spa, which is located in the extension of the water park.

Take a trip to the water slides in the Aquadome - there are many to choose from, and none of the are the same.

Hold on tight, when it goes loose in the Wild River, or why not invite the family on a fun ride in the dinghy through the Tornado.

Here, even the most daring beauty mark sucked in his stomach. The latest weather event in the water park in Billund is Twister, and vandrutsjebanen has quickly become popular. You can look forward to the trip, which starts high up in the Aquadome, and slings you around in a giant funnel, before landing safely in the water park. There are a total of thirty-one slides in the Aquadome in Rødby and Billund. After a lot of fun trips in the water slides, can In enjoy you at the Aqua Splash Playground. The huge water playground is filled with exciting water activities, and if you dare, you can stand under the giant bucket and just wait ineluctably there. two hundred gallons of water out of the bucket Try also the exciting aktivitetsbassin in the Aquadome in Billund, or strømbassinet in the Aquadome in Rødby, where the children can explore the fun strømbane. A clear favorite is it entertaining wave pool where the waves once an hour, supplying both large and small with a broad smile. In the lovely children's areas in the water park they can vandglade poder enjoy a water temperature of thirty-two-two degrees. The activities are adapted to the youngest, which can move the water around in the tree stumps, sit on the cute turtles and perhaps get the very first vandrutsjebanetur on the small water slide, where they land safely in a basin with warm water and a water depth of thirty cm. In the Lalandia in Rødby the - year olds become familiar with the pools in the Kids Area, which is a quiet oasis in the aqua park. There is a need for changing diapers when the game is allersjovest, there are baby changing facilities, so the father or mother can quickly reunite the little water dog with the wet element.

Feel the well-being of the bubble in one of the many wonderful hot tubs in the water park, and indulge the senses with discretion arranged - why not seize the opportunity for self-indulgence.

Try the special bio-sauna in the Lalandia in Billund, which, with a temperature of sixty degrees gives a different saunaoplevelse. If the experience needs to be shared with the small sizes, will this temperature be comfortable, rather than the higher temperatures in a traditional sauna. Also in the Lalandia in Rødby waiting for unforgettable well-being experience for you here can namely enter into a genuine panoramasauna with impressive dimensions of the most beautiful views of the Baltic sea.