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gratisadvokathjaelp aim to provide the most useful and comprehensive information on free legal advice and assistance in Denmark to private consumersMost danes have one or more times in their lives need legal assistance from a lawyer or attorney. It can be in connection with a divorce, clarification of the custody, purchase or sale of real estate, renting of residential, successions, labour law relationships, etc. However, it can quickly become expensive to seek the advice of a lawyer, Therefore, it may be a good idea to use some of the free (or cheap) options that exist.

If your case is a not too complex problem and you are not afraid to spend a little time to look in the texts and juraskrifter, you can find many answers easily available in the libraries juraport. In addition, you can also see the fully updated edition of the Danish texts in mm.

on Civilstyrelsens online website with up to date Danish state legal information. On the Lawyer Christian Vinaas informative website you can also find free advice and guidance on legal problems. In addition, there is the opportunity to send its spørgsgmål to the lawyer. In most major Danish cities, there is usually a “Advokatvagt”, where hours can come and get answers to legal questions, free of charge. here in Addition, there is The jurastuderendes Rethjælp in Aarhus and Critical legal Aid(now Vesterbro legal aid) in Copenhagen. Often, many danes also had covered a certain amount of legal assistance via the household or ulykkeforsikring, mm. Therefore, it may be a good idea to examine what legal aid, if any. is included in your insurance In this video explains assistant attorney Berit Holmstrøm from the law Firm of Johansen Bliddal more about the possibilities for legal aid.

Insurance companies Overview of insurance companies in Denmark

Find the desired insurance company including

Here you will find an overview of the Danish insurance companiesClick on a company and read a detailed description of the insurance company. Read about which products the company can offer, as well as find contact details and opening hours, etc. In addition, the descriptions of the insurance companies, so we also recommend you read our main article about insurance. a. read about car insurance, MOTORBIKE insurance, knallertforsikring, yacht insurance, house insurance, home insurance, ejerskifteforsikring, accident insurance, life insurance, insurance of animals, such as dog insurance and hesteforsikring, as well as on travel insurance.

the insurance company, find the addresses, contact information and hours of operation.

IFS Denmark - Change of visumbehandlingstiden

which are open to international flights

Foreign nationals and stateless persons may only cross the Russian-belarusian border through the designated checkpointsThis benefit is offered if an applicant wishes to change the processing from normal to rush the expedition. after having submitted documents earlier the same day This must be agreed with the Manager of the Russian Visa Centre.

Tax credits, Remember your tax credits on the financial statements

Second, it will be hard to miss out of tax deductions due

When you get your annual statement from the TAX, so it's important to check this through

First, it is required by law that you check whether everything is correct.

omissions or other errors that make the indicated deductions are not already in the the financial statements. Do you have unused tax credits, so you must therefore self-assess these via Skat's website. This is also where you make changes, if there are other errors in your annual tax return. A tax deduction is an amount that you can earn without having to pay taxes on the amount. This tax goes to the common costs we have in the country such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, police, fire brigade and much more. However, there are certain expenses that can trigger a tax deduction, where one can get his salary paid, without paying tax. A tax deduction is a skatteundtagelse, where you can get paid a salary free of tax in order to pay the expense, which triggers the tax deduction. be using to your kørselsudgifter, when you're driving to work, or if you donate money to a charity. Further, all danes a tax-free bottom line, called a personal allowance. As a young man under the age of eighteen years is personfradraget in at. five hundred kr, while for adults who are over eighteen years of age are at. This means that you, as the eighteen year old can serve up to. without paying tax. You only pay tax on the money you earn more than. In addition to personfradraget you have also raised, if you are in work. The earned income tax credit in at, five of your salary, however, max.

three hundred kr.

in the deduction in total.

The earned income tax credit deducted automatically from your tax, and therefore it is not something you even have to think about. In the sections below, we come into popular tax deductions. These can in some cases be reported automatically, f. of the charitable organization that you have supported.

For every penny we earn, then we must pay the tax

But often, you must even report the numbers.

In all cases, it is worth to investigate whether you have tax credits that are not yet listed on your statement.

Allowances for transport expenses or kørselsfradrag, as it is often called is a deduction for your transportation to and from work.

You must have more than twelve miles to your workplace to be able to get allowances for transport expenses. The size of the allowances for transport expenses depends on your overall driving distance, and if you live in the udkantskommune. It is also of importance if you need to over betalingsbroer, or if you need to use the ferry or plane to get to work. Read more about the rules for allowances for transport expenses via the link below. You can get deductions for gifts to charitable associations m. nine hundred kr.

Have you provided your social security no.

to the association, then the association will automatically report your deductions. Have you not it, so you may even report through the tax return. Have you used the craftsmen in the course of the past year, then you can probably get tax credits for lønudgiften. Until you could draw labour costs of. From and forward, the deduction was changed to a green deduction with up to. in deduction per. person for håndværkerudgifter, and. in the deduction of services such as cleaning. In the latest budget for the håndværkerfradraget made permanent.

Håndværkerfradraget is also referred to as BoligJobordningen.

Are you a member of a trade union or an unemployment fund, you can withdraw the quota from.

Besides the tax deduction, so is it also the state that pays of your unemployment benefits if you are a member of an a-box. So are you not already a member of an unemployment fund, then it might be worth to consider now. See here for a overview of a-boxes.

You have the loan, so you pay also likely to have an interest.

These you can pull from your taxes. Often will låneudbyderen, the bank or the mci automatically report the numbers, but it is worth checking so you are not cheating yourself of deduction. I have figured out that I would get an allowances for transport expenses at, on the year (per. month) that combined with my tax credit of. is the, - per month. I have an average monthly salary of, - before tax - it will then say that I did should not pay tax. Is there really the, - on top of the tax deduction on the. I have never had allowances for transport expenses before, but I'm considering to move to Slagelse even though I work in Valby. It is there that is able to live with so small an income.

According to Google Maps, there are approx.

km from Slagelse to Valby. Let us assume that you work days per year (which is all normal working days in), and that you have low income, so the deduction would be on, kr. in direct kørselsfradrag and, kr. in appendix pga. The real kørselsfradrag, however, will probably be lower, since you probably have days when you are not working f. disease or another.

But you work all the days, then the above result you can count on.

Therefore, there is a piece way up to the, kr. as you are writing. I think, therefore, that you have made a mistake in your calculation. I have since January of worked as assistant in a kindergarten (I'm twenty years old).

I have had an average wage of.

kr per month before tax. It is only now dawned on me that I haven't got my personal allowance. Nowhere on my paycheck there is something about skattefradragelse. I pay A tax of thirty-eight and ATP contributions and the AM-contribution. I have the right to the.

tax free dollars, when I have put my forskudsopgøresle for on the.

Who should I contact.

My employer or tax.

It is done automatically.

You need not do anything. Via forskudsopgørelsen is calculated, it is how much you approximately have to pay in tax. From this the calculation of your tax rate.

You thus have a lower tax rate than the real rate of tax on the last earned krone.

It is compensated over the whole year. Forskudsopgørelsen is used solely to calculate how much you ca. must pay in tax in the course of the year. Forskudsopgørelsen thus has no impact on how much you are going to pay in the end. This is calculated on the tax return.

If Forskudsopgørelsen not have been hundred properly (which it never is), so getting your tax corrected upon the tax return.

It is therefore sometimes you have to pay extra tax, when the tax return comes, and in other cases to get money back in taxes. My husband was a student in aug. In the year and came thereby on the SU. Thus he must have an unused tax credits that are oveført to me, But how is it being made up.

We get it back in tax in connection with the financial statements or is my deduction higher for next year or is it a completely.

I'm at work while my gf is at SU We use both our personal allowance to the full, I of course get there the earned-income tax credit.

You will be able to transfer her potential earned-income tax credit to me if we were married.

or are there other advantages to being married rather than cohabiting.

I am aware that you can get some tax advantages of mht. interest deductions capital gain. Yes, spouses can transfer unused personal allowance to each other. Quote: “If you are married by indkomstårets output happens automatically transfer to your spouse any unused personal allowance,” I have been in work throughout, but have found that my personal deduction was calculated incorrectly, and you thus have been incorrectly calculated personal deduction for ten out of the twelve months of the year. Should I get the money from the incorrectly calculated personal deduction back in the form of financial statements. Hi, I have not been notified of child support maintenance for on my annual tax return. I have so just been in to do, where I can now see I should have had a further.

Is it so some I get in a year or they are lost.

Them you get paid. You can correct your financial statements for up to three years and four months after the year is completed. may, you can fix your tax for the year. The financial statements for the year, can be directed to. When you dishes in a year-end report, so will the tax always be adjusted later on, so you must either pay further or have the money returned.

Political parties in Denmark, the free encyclopedia

In march, we focus on the food and drink

(Read here about the sitenotice) The political parties in Denmark are not mentioned in the constitution, which provides a framework for the political system in DenmarkNevertheless, they play a big role in the political life. Rules and conditions of the policy in Denmark, as in many other countries, more than the written rules in the constitution. Tradition, practical considerations and the general development in society is to a large extent to set the conditions for political life. With the -constitution, Denmark got its first democratic parliament, the Rigsdag, comprising the Folketing and the Landsting.

In the beginning, there were no parties, but gradually began mps with the same positions to form clubs, where they met and discussed.

In the beginning, the clubs are loosely organized, but gradually they got a firmer shape.

The clubs formed the basis of the parties, which was formed around.

The Conservative people's Party (ex.

Right) and the Left (ex.

The united Left) occurred both as such clubs in the Rigsdag, i.e. as associations of folketingsmænd, which was already selected. In the beginning worked the two parties, only here.

First, the later chapters - in the form of groups of voters.

The social democrats were, in contrast to the Right and The united Left, formed outside the Rigsdag. The party built up from the start, a strong partiorganisation. century are a number of parties occurred at, a folketingsgruppe has been torn, while other parties have been formed by a number of people have joined together, either because they shared the same sense of community or in protest against specific cases. Such association founded outside the Danish Parliament has subsequently tried to be elected into the Assembly. The members of the Danish parties are individuals, not business organizations, trade unions or similar. In turn, samples each batch to enlist as many members as possible.

You can also participate in this year's forårskonkurrence

One speaks therefore also of the Danish parties as massepartier.

The parties shall, as a rule, no special conditions to the people who want to join. However, the member must, as a rule, comply with the party's articles of association, agree with and loyal to the party's program and only be a member of one party at a time.

All members are part of a local chapter, or vælgerforening.

Vælgerforeningerne is to disseminate the party's views in the population, fol. by recruiting new members. At the same time backs them up behind the party's representatives in both municipalities, the Danish Parliament. they are to nominate candidates f. by her, and to characterize the opstillingsordenen to choice.

In addition do they work as polling staff in the choice, ie.

is with to counting and control. The major parties have chapters in all the constituencies and or municipalities, the smaller in the individual counties or perhaps only in certain parts of the country. The local chapters together constitute the party's landsorganisation. If the party has representatives in Parliament, they form an independent group, the parliamentary group, which regularly holds meetings on the work of the Parliament. Similarly, for municipal and regionsspolitikere a byrådsgruppe and regionsrådsgruppe. The supreme authority of the parties is landsmødet, where representatives from all levels of the party gather to discuss the broad policy lines. There is a difference in how often these meetings are held, typically once every second year. Landsmødet choose an executive committee and possibly an executive committee, which takes care of the decisions between landsmøderne. At the Party called the supreme authority of 'congress'. In The Conservative Party 'council'. Enhedslisten and Dansk Folkeparti prefer the name annual meeting. The other parties call their upper authority for a national convention. Most of the political parties to work on the basis of a party program. One can distinguish between two types: Principprogrammer and work programmes. Principprogrammet contains the party's overall and basic positions. The work programme are more concrete and serves as a working tool in the everyday.

Here is a description of the party's political plans for the near future in a number of areas of society.

There is a big difference in how many kind of applications a party is, and how often they are reviewed.

The party shall adopt, periodically both principprogrammer and overall work programmes.

Other parties have a unity of the classical liberal identity and a number of work programmes on various topics.

The parties positions, however, the expression in other places than in the partiprogrammerne, bl. through the speech in the newspapers and tv, campaign material, statements from the Parliamentary rostrum. Principprogrammet adopted by the party's supreme authority. It usually happens after an extensive debate at all levels in the party, it will say in the chapters, the executive council, the party leadership and the leadership. Some parties establish a programme committee to make a proposal for a new classical liberal identity. Others let the leadership about it. The work programmes are however, often adopted by either of the party's central executive committee or folketingsgruppe. The party's top authority or the main board may adopt opinions in which the party relates to a particular case or development. The opinion can be broad or narrowly focused on a particular topic. In both cases, the opinion has the same meaning as it is in the program. The parties have different approaches in the question of who determines the party's policy in the Danish Parliament. In some parties, it is folketingsgruppens members.

In the other is the national organization and or the main board.

In The Socialist People's Party determines the main board of the leadership. In The Conservative Party is the leadership, which alone determine the policy of the Thing. In section reads: 'the members of the folketing are bound by their conviction and not by any precept of their constituents. Nevertheless, it is expected that the members of the folketing follows the line that the party has agreed on. The parties have different practices, where large deviations from the party line that will be accepted. In general one can say that most of the parties believe that there must be room for individual statements, but at the same time rarely allowing members to publicly speak of perceptions, that is completely different than the party's, just as it is not generally accepted, that they are voting against the party line in Parliament. In certain 'sensitive issues' ask the parties, however, their members are free, ie. they don't have to vote alike, but can follow their convictions. the case, as The parliament should decide whether there should be raised impeachment of former justice minister Erik Ninn-Hansen in connection with the Head. A legislator can be excluded from the party - but can't the party be expelled out of the Parliament.

No the charter or the signed agreement may bind a member of Parliament to something which can force this to deliver its mandate.

The political parties are not mentioned in the constitution. But with the electoral law of, and included officially in the general election. The principle behind the Danish electoral system is proportional representation.

It means that a party will get representatives in the Parliament in proportion to how many votes the party gets in the whole country, and not only in relation to how many votes the party's candidate in the constituency where he or she sets out.

The country is divided into ten storkredse who choose of the seats in the Parliament. The forty symbolic status is distributed out from how many votes the parties have gained at the national level. with to to ensure that the party votes shall be distributed as fairly as possible. In order to take part in the tillægsmandaterne, the parties must clear one of these three spærreregler: Regions that are mentioned in the second rule is: the Capital city, Sealand-southern denmark and mid-Jutland-north Jutland. Most of the candidates at the folketingsvalgene standing as representatives of a party.

Of the candidates who ran in, was only twelve set out without them.

While the candidates of a party only must be approved by the same batch to make up, so there are several requirements for those who are standing outside the political parties. First, candidates must be recommended by at least voters in the opstillingskredsen. Secondly, they must win at least one of the kredsmandater to get in the Parliament. It happens extremely rarely. Since the s it is only managed for His Schmidt in and Jacob Haugaard in. The latter got at the elections in. For comparison, the prime minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen from the Social democrats got. votes at the same election. The parties can choose their candidates either kredsvis or side-by-side. In the kredsvise establishment process, the candidate all the votes cast at the party in opstillingskredsen plus the personal votes, he gets in the whole storkredsen. The kredsvise setting can be complemented with the establishment of the party, where there is a priority between the candidates in advance. The selection of candidates is often carried out by her in the party. It happens only rarely that a candidate gets votes enough to be elected outside of the partilistens order. It's called 'blow up multiple occasions'. In the parallel arrangement is not the priority between the candidates in advance. The difference from the kredsvise erection is, to partistemmerne not going to circle a candidate, but distributed on all the candidates in proportion to their personal votes. A majority of parties using this opstillingsmetode. Socialist people's Party, by contrast, has often notified party list. Most parties leave it to the regional office or vælgerforeningen in the circuits to establish the party's folketingskandidat. It is the members of the parties that determines who will be placed to the Parliament, regional and city councils.

Valgsystemets the rules for the establishment goes back to the time where a large part of the population was organized in a batch.

We have retained these rules, although its membership has declined significantly in recent decades. Today, it is thus about nine percent of the electorate who determines who can be voted on in the elections. At the same time, there are fewer, that is a member of the party, as they ticked by on election day. It is especially in the 'young' parties, to organisationsprocenten is low. The center-the Democrats had in a organisationsprocent at.

In the progress party and the Socialist people's Party was the number three.

The 'old' parties are doing better. The corresponding numbers for f. The left is approx. Compared with other countries the turnout at the general election in Denmark is high.

percent of the electorate votes.

At the municipal elections is the turnout approx.

How to make a fence STRÅTLIGT legally - With your hands - How to do yourself

The average citizen is poorly knowledgeable in the law

By building a fence around its site, it is important to carry out the work in a manner that will not endanger neighbors interests and at the same time not infringe on their rightsIn order to avoid future unpleasant situations you must know the basic rules for the installation and construction of the fence.

This document regulates the not, however, many design codes, as provided in the SNiP 'Planning and development of territories'.

In the foregoing, to the maximum height of the fence between the adjoining parts is, five m fences must be transparent - reticulated or grid in order not to obscure the neighbor area (solid fence is only possible to build in accordance with the relevant authorities). Døvhegn can only be installed on the sides, no borders to other places. Residential building shall be distributed not less than three metres from the fence of the farm buildings with animals - four metres from the border area, a garage and the usual farm buildings - a mile from the border. Tall trees should be planted at a distance of not less than four moot of the area's border, medium height - by two metres, the bushes - at a m. A døvhegn can be built, when a road passes between adjacent sections. In this case, there is the opportunity to create a deaf fence, the most important thing is that the distance is not less than a mile to the next fence. Further problems can arise with hjørnehuse - for the construction of the fence is it necessary to get permission from the architectural regulatory authorities. Official documents indicate that the distance between the two houses, or other buildings on the site should be: for concrete or masonry at least six metres, concrete, or stone with wooden beams-b at least eight metres, to the wood - at least fifteen metres, a concrete or stone and a second tree - at least ten metres.

Landundersøgelsen of each site to be paid for separately

Therefore, companies geodetiske support services during the construction and the construction of the fence.

Specialists performing a full range of work: measurement, calculation, link to the terrain on the plan, that trades with all standards. Engineering and geodetiske the examinations carried out by them, provides the opportunity to develop a complete set of documents, including: a master plan, a structure of structural components, an executive drawing, a aksonometrisk plan for underground and above-ground communication, a engineering plan and other documentation. The set of documentation required for a permit to build a fence can depend on regional conditions, but usually contain the following set: This set of documents is submitted to the state architectural and construction supervisory authority. In the event of a satisfactory solution, after having undergone the owner of the site, shall be issued a certification letter for the construction of the fence. Then it must and projektdokumentationen recorded in the municipality on the construction site. Before the fence from designing recommend to contact the supervisory authority in the field of construction and architecture, which manages the area in which your site is: Is it possible, in addition to the general laws, certain provisions that restrict certain characteristics of the fence. It is not superfluous to announce the charter of the dacha, where the requirements for hegnets height and fremstillingsmaterialerne usually prescribed. In order to avoid further conflicts, it is necessary to clearly draw the boundaries between the sites. The easiest way to this - execution of surveying on the basis of instructions from the measurement of soil Roskomzoma April eight year and the methodology recommendations for the surveying of land tenure objects Roszemkadastr February seventeen year. It is performed on the basis of documents confirming the right to own the site. All activities shall be carried out after the notification of owners of adjacent sites. If one of them not be registered or refused to agree on the borders, appointed a new investigation.

If a neighbor wants to take a ventetidstilstand without giving a reasoned justification for the refusal, will the borders be regarded as established.

The results of the survey be documented by specific documents - an act for the establishment of the boundaries of the land. It is signed by the owners of the adjacent places and certified by the inspector for the local branch of the Rozheneavstvo. Other documents prepared by officials are located in the jordforvaltningsvirksomheden, which is stored in the Rosnedvizhimost. The fence creates an illusion of security, a sense of personal space, helps to mark territorial boundaries, serving as a barrier for the animals that go along the dacha streets, hiding the dust from the road. Often a fence or other fence a protection against unwanted visitors, an assistant in fire safety. The installation of the fences causing many conflicts between neighbors before making a final decision by the construction, should many of the recommendations to be investigated. Knowledge of the recommendations for the design helps to get harmony at your favorite spot. For the construction of a border between the garden and haveområderne recommended the standards approved by the State Byggekomité. Specific requirements for grænsehegnets account of land located in the private sector in a city or a village does not exist. Architectural department set the parameters of the fence, in accordance with the applicable rules in this location, is prepared before the construction scheme of planning organization of land (SPOZU) in order to obtain permission for the construction. According to the border and kadastrale plans is the fence made along the perimeter of the site, on the border of the neighbourhood. Hegnets height is set so that it does not violate the justified interests of the owners of the surrounding places, because the fence and the design of the fence will influence not only the life of the plant, but also the quality of life of people. Too high a barrier can create a shadow on a neighbouring plot and in the house, lead to moisture and other adverse effects. An external fence to find when driving is a business card on the site, its materials and style highlights hovedbygningets architecture, showing a friendly attitude to the world, or unwillingness to communicate with it. From the side of the roadway is not forbidden to construct the fence of any height, but the maximum recommended height - up to, two m, which can ensure the normal lighting of streets, driveways and sidewalks. For sites for IZhS and LPH (urban and rural) specifies the height of the external fence in accordance with the territorial byggekoder. From the side of the street, in the yard, near the roadway, it is permissible to lay a solid (blind) fencing of secure construction materials. If the noise and exhaust fumes from the road or the highway interferes with, request permission for the installation of a high fence (more than two metres) to the architect. By the allocation of a site observed the rule, that its limits can not go beyond the red lines of streets and driveways. If the site is in a private sector, is the fence that faces the street, aligned with the neighbors fence. Gate and fence gates to open inside the yard, if the distance from the fence line to the crossing (pavement) on the street is less than or equal to, five m Residential recommended build differ five metres from the red line the streets and three metres. from the red line passenger In order to determine the hegnets parameters helps the text in the document: 'Individual haveområder (summer) areas need to be fenced. Fence with a view on the minimal shade of naboområdernes area should be masked or latteret with a height of, five m. It is by the decision of the general assembly of the members of the nursery (summer) the association is permitted to arrange døvhyller from the streets and driveways. Children in the private sector can agree on grænsevagtenes height and transparency. If hegnens future height exceeds the SNiP's recommendations, but the owners of the nearby place does not have any objection to enter into a written agreement, a mutual agreement. In dispute is this document proof of the building's legality. True enough saves it not, if the neighbors are selling their land, and the new owners are protesting against the previous agreements. The height of the fence between the adjoining parts of the law differs by region, sometimes the allowable height, two m translucent enclosure, its fixed part reach cm. In the snip private sector prohibits the setting of the fence between the neighbors with a dull coating (without spaces). Translucent design barriers have a clarity of at least fifty, otherwise, a fence can hide the adjacent part dwarfing the havebrugsafgrøder and dwell therein. The distances between the hegnposterne depends on hegnematerialerne. For the transparent application of the border fence mesh, netting, metal welded or cut lattice fence, wood fence, fences, panels of polycarbonate or hedge. To fixed (deaf) fence is used wood, sheet metal, corrugated cardboard, brick, concrete, matching materials with the building site and the architecture.

In the calculation of the distances between the hegnstolpene take into account the configuration of the site, vindbelastningen and the terrain. Material columns, the type of foundation In the most popular fence of wire mesh or corrugated sheet is the distance between the nabostole - metres.

There are restrictions that prohibits the installation of the surrounding structure on the spot, at places where gas, electricity, water supply, sewerage and so on passes.

The architectural department shall not issue an official permission for the construction of a fence, if there are such objects on the ground access to them should be opened.

Fences in the private sector should not be close to the border to the neighbor's farm. SNiP requires the location of the fence with holes that are closer than half a meter from the border. By the construction of a blindkonstruktion must the distance be a mile. Hegnets height and material can not comply with the established standards, if a displacement from the border was made to increase the fence on the fence and to prevent shading of the neighbourhood.

Copenhagen Legal Aid

Legal aid works as a lawyer-office, there just is free

Copenhagen legal Aid provides free assistance to any citizen, regardless of nationality, even if you don't live in Copenhagen or in Denmark

The extent of our help is, however, dependent on household income.

We can help you with most legal issues, and adviser in nearly all jurisdictions, with some few exceptions.

otherwise you will be sent home again

You are assigned a permanent advisor, and in most cases, we assist you till the case is completed.

A large group of The employees in the summer of has been on a study tour to Club La Santa, Lanzarote with a bl.

teaching in the new law on matrimonial financial matters, discussion paper on effective casework in the legal Aid, moot of a fictitious trial in the law of obligations as well as retshjælpsdysten, which was competed in rådgivningsdisciplinen relating to the person-damages and leasehold. The trip is financed by the participants themselves and a grant from the Bring your health card and all the relevant papers, so that we can advise you already in the first meeting. also your NemID. We often need, that you can open access to your data with NemID. This applies without exception, and even if it is a brand new case. On the way you talk always with the same advisors, and we ensure that the advice is to be as efficient as possible.

Prepare yourself for the wait.

All advised the same evening, and we'd like to help everyone as best we can - but we never know how many are coming. Please be aware that there are extra-busy early in the evening, if you call us. We serve only the clients who have met up in person - then we will call the other clients up. Therefore, it may well be late. Note that even in the telephone time it can sometimes be difficult to get through. It is not because we don't really want to talk with you, but because our reception will both answer the phones and serve the many clients who choose to apply in person. The premises are located on.

Wheelchair users and severely disabled can get help to use the elevator.

You have to have an assistant with you, as The staff usually can not leave the premises.

That must be obtained in the counter at. floor to get access to the elevator.

New teeth. Get the investigation and the price in Denmark - AvMinTand

In Hungary and Poland, you can get the smile you've always dreamed of, while saving up to seventy compared to the price in DenmarkYou will have a study in Denmark before you leave, we in the present studies of our Hungarian and Polish dentists in Rødovre. Here you will meet the dentist and our English speaking dental assistant, gets a complete treatment plan and cost of treatment. All treatments are with the dentist's guarantee. We help you from start to finish, so you can get the dental treatment you need, at the right price.

The supreme court, the free encyclopedia

The supreme court was established by king Frederik

In march, we focus on the food and drink From the January, the Greenland high court decisions with Procesbevillingsnævnets permit could be appealed to the Supreme court, where they could be appealed to The high CourtRight on Færørnes judgments in nævningesager be appealed to the Supreme court. Decisions from the Overlandvæsenskommission and Overudskiftningskommission may be appealed to the Supreme court, in a certain extent, like the other courts of general jurisdiction, hear the Supreme court both civil and criminal matters. In criminal proceedings the Supreme court, however, did not take a position on the assessment of the evidence in the case, but can only consider case management (formalitetsfejl), the sentence imposed and the application of the law. It has since its inception been located in the various castles that have been located on the islet of Slotsholmen in Copenhagen: the Copenhagen Castle and the first, second and third Christiansborg Slot. Its current sites are listed by Thorvald Jørgensen reuse of building elements from the second Christiansborg.

The supreme court has its main entrance in Prince Jørgen's Courtyard, and here you have recycled the entrance area from the Kongeporten at the previous slot, which, however, has now been lifted up to a location at the end of the stairs to the entrance.

Supreme court judges are appointed by the governor upon the recommendation of the Minister of justice upon the recommendation of the Dommerudnævnelsesrådet upon the recommendation of the Supreme court.

To be appointed you must have a law degree and to pass a test where you participate in the voting as førstvoterende in four cases in the Supreme court.

Judges to retire at the end of the month in which they reach seventy years). civil service law § thirty-four) According to the code of civil procedure section two consists The supreme court of sixteen judges of the supreme court, one of whom holds the post of Supreme court president (currently Thomas Rørdam). However, under this finance act designation of additional judges. October is the year one thousand nine judges of the supreme court. In addition to the nineteen is the supreme court judge Lars Bay Larsen of the leave to which the Danish judge at the EUROPEAN Court of justice. The fifteen's longest-serving supreme court justices are also members of the court of impeachment. In the period - there was both a 'top assistant prosecutors' and a justitiarius of the Supreme court. Rigskansleren in the Danish Chancellery was born the 'top assistant prosecutors' until, after which kanslerembedet stood vacant. The office of justitiarius was introduced in, and in the title was changed to president.