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Divorce and the economy - how to split your community property

How should your household is distributed

There are many things to consider, when you walk from each otherWhat will happen, for example, with your common accommodation. And who should inherit your pensions and insurance policies after a divorce. When you are separated or divorced, cease your formuefællesskab. In need to share everything you owned while you were married, such as real estate, securities, car and household contents. By division of your community property, each spouse determine its assets and subtracting any debt. Are both bodele positive, shared wealth equally. divorce and division of property here When looking for a separation or a divorce, must also agree whether one of you should pay spousal maintenance to the other.

If the one-pay contributions, shall, In the agreement, how long a period of time, there is an obligation to pay. spousal here Is married, and has In a common housing, are included automatically in your formuefællesskab.

It also applies, even though it is only one of you who stands on her lap. Live In paperless, depends on sharing, on both your names are on the deed.

Together, you need to find out whether you will sell the home and share the sum between the two of you, or whether one of you will be living in the residence and buy the other out.

As a starting point you must each pay the cost of the dwelling, until skilsmisseboet is made up.

This applies typically also, even if one party moves out. If you decide that one of you must take over your common residence, must apply for debt assumption.

It requires, however, that the bank or kreditforeningen approve, that one of you takes over the whole of the outstanding balance.

However, the refusal of many banks to approve the debt assumption, because the spouse's available funds are not large enough. Is it not possible to get a debt assumption, is liable still for the debt both of the two. Thus you run the risk of having to pay on a housing, you do not have power over. If you choose to put the house up for sale, there must continue to be paid the mortgage installments, property taxes and insurance for the common property in the sales period. In this situation it may be a good idea to get help to agree some clear ground rules on the allocation of the cost. If one of you moves in the rental property, expenditure, paid by the party who stay in the property. Please be aware that there can also be taxation of the ”rental income” for the vacating spouse. If you are in doubt, it is a good idea to ask your TAX on it.

In must parts of your community property - ie

Your common household belongings are included in your common values and need to be shared, when In the divorce. Moving In from each other, before the division of property is agreed upon, you have the right to take your own things with. This means that, for example, you may take your clothes and bryllupsgaven from your parents. Live In paperless, it is completely up to you to share your common property. If you have agreements in writing, they can form the basis for the division. If you have children, follow their things them. You move with children, you must, therefore, like to take their things with. Can't agree, the mediator is a lawyer between you and trying to get an agreement in place. When In a divorce, it is important that In get to fit your insurance policies to the new situation. You do not need to take out new insurance both. In just need to remember that the party must keep your current insurance, get them up to date.

In the must deal which of you must take over the family - and indboforsikringen.

Is it not you, who assumes indboforsikringen, then there must be drawn a new one. Also, remember to change the indbosummen When, after a divorce often owns half of it, In owned before, there will often be able to save some money on a change of indbosummen. In relation to bilforsikringen must decide which of you shall stand as the owner and user of the car. If the car changes owner, you should remember to disclose it to the insurer. You will usually have the same seniority as your previous spouse.

A accident insurance is a personal insurance, where the payout happens to it, has drawn the insurance.

Have you dødsfaldsdækning on your accident insurance, you must be aware that the amount will be paid to your next of kin. When you are married, are closest relatives of your spouse, but when you get divorced, take the position, who shall receive a compensation, if any. Do you have children, they will now be your nearest relatives and to receive any compensation unless you give the message that a second person must be added as a beneficiary. If you are a business owner, you should be at the forefront and create a prenuptial agreement when you get married. You have not created a prenuptial agreement, your spouse will receive part of the company, if In the divorce. As a self-employed with own business, you should see a prenuptial agreement as a practical precaution, in the same way as when you take out an insurance policy. A marriage contract can ensure the private economy, so your family is not liable for the company's any bankruptcy - and it may ensure that your spouse does not have claim to a part of your business, if you decide to get a divorce. There are several owners in the company, should you and your married co-owners sure to create the marriage contract.

Otherwise you run the risk that the company will achieve cash to a former spouse in the event of a divorce.

In should at the same time make it as requirement for any new married co-owners in the ownership group. It can be difficult to place a value on a business. Therefore, there are many options, if you or your spouse must have a part of its value upon divorce.

Have your spouse, for example, the work in the company, severance pay and will also be included in the division of property.