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One killed in road accident - Additional Magazine

A man has diedAfterA traffic accident on the Kumlehøjvej by Hasle on Bornholm There were no other passengers in the two cars than two people The accident happened at the that the killed man lost control of his car and ran across the road and hit an oncoming car.

Education and elite sport - Team Denmark

together with our education partners it focused on is we with to ensure good and flexible terms of talents and eliteatleter during the trainingwith the Danish model, we have cracked the code for how we develop athletes in the world class, which also works outside of the sports world. Many companies are ready to be flexible when they have a eliteatlet employed. Eliteatleter is vindertyper. They are disciplined, dedicated and extremely targeted and is also therefore worth investing in. Team Denmark cooperates with Elitekommunerne distributed throughout the country to strengthen the talentarbejdet in Danish elite sport. Elitekommunerne are important players in the local talent development and offers bl.