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If you are, as people are most, it can to find a skilled lawyer for a reasonable price seem like a daunting taskThis is because most people, thankfully, rarely have the need for a lawyer, and therefore have limited experience and insight into the market. So where does one start? What do you in fact need. The questions are many in this traditional industry, as long as at the expense of the consumers have benefited from uigennemskueligheden on the market. Our primary mission is based on a desire to make the market for the services transparent and available to private and business customers. Our service translates concretely in that we are providing you with three comparable offers that match your personal needs and preferences, so you are in the best possible position when you need to find your next lawyer. Our valuable network is comprised of several hundreds independent law firms across the country. This enables, that we can meet all kind of needs - large and small. So what either you are looking for a lawyer for a smaller stand-alone task as f.

the drafting of a will, or you are looking for a solid partnership with a business lawyer, so we have the candidates.

The only thing you need to do is fill in our contact form.

This we do completely free and without obligation

After only forty-eight hours you stand with three relevant and comparable offers on hand. The professional title of lawyer is a protected title. This means that certain conditions must be met before one can call themselves a lawyer. First and foremost you will be a qualified lawyer through the university. Then you must have three years of experience as a paralegal at a law firm.

If you have finished his master's degree after d.

a January, you must also implement the advocate's training.

The training takes one year and is concluded with a written and a practical test.

Only then must one call themselves a lawyer. Therefore, a lawyer is often also a greater knowledge and experience compared to a lawyer, which often also is reflected in the price. But just because one is a lawyer, it does not mean that you can take all the cases. A newly qualified lawyer is only admitted in the district Court, which is the first and lowest court. When the lawyer has gained experience as a litigator, he or she may hereafter obtain rights of audience in the high Court, which is the next and middle court.

The lawyer should, however, first pass the two test cases in the high Court in order to be able to achieve this.

Then the lawyer can write a (L) after their name. The last and the top court is the Supreme court. Achieves the lawyer admitted to the bar here, he she shall write a (H) after the name. The individual lawyer's ability to pursue cases high up in the court system has great importance in the case of appeals. Has a case that gets appealed to a higher court than the lawyer is admitted to the bar in, you may want to have to change the lawyer. In addition, the lawyer rights of audience also have an impact on the lawyer's price.

A lawyer with rights of audience in the Supreme court will highest likely be more expensive than a lawyer who only has admitted to the bar in the district Court.

In Denmark, all lawyers, in principle, take all types of tasks.

However, specialization has become very widespread in the legal profession, especially among the larger law firms.

Below you will find some of the common duties, as an attorney dealing with, and which may also be relevant for you.

The above work is just a sample of the many different tasks that a lawyer is dealing with.

Require you to a lawyer who specializes in a field that is not mentioned here, we still encourage you to contact us, as we as Denmark's largest independent network of lawyers have the ability to cater to virtually all kinds of needs.

In Denmark, there is free pricing.

This means that the lawyer is completely determined by its representation.

For you as a consumer, this means that you can encounter very great differences in price for exactly the same performance. What a lawyer costs can thus depend on many different factors. As mentioned earlier, play it a role, in which the court lawyer is admitted to the bar. Has the lawyer specializes in a specific area of work, and which specific competences, this may also help to push the price up.

By making use of the Ageras you have the opportunity to receive three no-obligation and comparable offers from different lawyers.

With three offers in hand you ensure that you are getting a fair price with your lawyer. Ageras is Denmark's largest intermediary of the services.

Together with our network of hundreds of lawyers over the country, we have managed to help more than.

people to find the right lawyer. On the basis of the completed contact form, we collect three offers from lawyers who match your needs and criteria in the best way possible. Our wide network of partners enables, that we can find three specialists to your legal query. Among these specialists we cooperate both with the less self-employed lawyers to the great law firms. In short, we can meet even the most specific queries. Within forty-eight hours, you will receive three relevant and comparable advokattilbud, which match your wants. Ageras creates transparency to your advantage. With three offers in hand, we strengthen not only your decision, we save you time and money.

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