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RegistreringLog into your user account with your email address and your personal passwordUnder the ’My Zalando’ in the box ’Return item’ in the left-hand side, you can select the order for which you want to return from. Here you choose which item you wish to return and select the reason. When you go to the section 'Return an item' you will find a list of all the goods, which you still can return, to make it easier for you to select the goods. If you wish to return an item from the Zalando Partner, click here.

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Place the securely wrapped goods in the package and close it thoroughly. Is the product been delivered in a special packaging from the manufacturer (for example, a pair of shoes), so the original packaging in the return shipment. The return label that sits on the slip at times-you are now on the outside of the package. e-mail, when we keep a record of your return at our warehouse. Then we will refund the purchase amount to the used payment method. See more about refunds here You can find the detailed information about your return ’My Zalando’ under the rubric of the ’Return item’. If you have not received a return label, you can print one, once you have registered your return. We can also send one to you per. The return of the several orders in the same package: You can easily return items from multiple orders in the same package. Remember to register the goods back, and put returlablen from the second order down in the package along with the goods. The return of part-deliveries: if you Wish to return goods from a part-delivery, you can put the goods in the same package and sending it to us. Just remember to register which items you are returning. The return of the Zalndo Partner item: if you Wish to return an item from the Zalando Partner, here. Note: the Return is only free if you use Zalandos return label and returns with Postnord. Differ the size of the label from the ordered. So it may be due to the conversion of international sizes - try the clothes and see if it fits.