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Water park in Denmark: familietid and wonderful memories

The changeable Danish weather means nothing in Lalandia

There is free access for the whole family, staying in a holiday cottage in LalandiaIn the large tropical water park, where the water is twenty-eight degrees and the air is thirty degrees, and here are experiences for everyone - both for you who love the rush in the wildly fun water slides and you who dream of cosy and relaxing experience in the spa and sauna. If you are planning a vacation with vandpjask and have fun in a water park in Jutland, will find In the Lalandia Aquadome in Billund, denmark.

Looking for a water park closer to Sealand, you can look forward to a wonderful mini-break at Lalandia in Rødby. It doesn't have to worry about.

Here you can bask in the beauty of the saunas and whirlpools or run on the cape in the fun water slides at our indoor water park. You can also explore our outdoor area and let the rain drip on næsetippen, while enjoying the bubbles in the outdoor spa, which is located in the extension of the water park.

Take a trip to the water slides in the Aquadome - there are many to choose from, and none of the are the same.

Hold on tight, when it goes loose in the Wild River, or why not invite the family on a fun ride in the dinghy through the Tornado.

Here, even the most daring beauty mark sucked in his stomach. The latest weather event in the water park in Billund is Twister, and vandrutsjebanen has quickly become popular. You can look forward to the trip, which starts high up in the Aquadome, and slings you around in a giant funnel, before landing safely in the water park. There are a total of thirty-one slides in the Aquadome in Rødby and Billund. After a lot of fun trips in the water slides, can In enjoy you at the Aqua Splash Playground. The huge water playground is filled with exciting water activities, and if you dare, you can stand under the giant bucket and just wait ineluctably there. two hundred gallons of water out of the bucket Try also the exciting aktivitetsbassin in the Aquadome in Billund, or strømbassinet in the Aquadome in Rødby, where the children can explore the fun strømbane. A clear favorite is it entertaining wave pool where the waves once an hour, supplying both large and small with a broad smile. In the lovely children's areas in the water park they can vandglade poder enjoy a water temperature of thirty-two-two degrees. The activities are adapted to the youngest, which can move the water around in the tree stumps, sit on the cute turtles and perhaps get the very first vandrutsjebanetur on the small water slide, where they land safely in a basin with warm water and a water depth of thirty cm. In the Lalandia in Rødby the - year olds become familiar with the pools in the Kids Area, which is a quiet oasis in the aqua park. There is a need for changing diapers when the game is allersjovest, there are baby changing facilities, so the father or mother can quickly reunite the little water dog with the wet element.

Feel the well-being of the bubble in one of the many wonderful hot tubs in the water park, and indulge the senses with discretion arranged - why not seize the opportunity for self-indulgence.

Try the special bio-sauna in the Lalandia in Billund, which, with a temperature of sixty degrees gives a different saunaoplevelse. If the experience needs to be shared with the small sizes, will this temperature be comfortable, rather than the higher temperatures in a traditional sauna. Also in the Lalandia in Rødby waiting for unforgettable well-being experience for you here can namely enter into a genuine panoramasauna with impressive dimensions of the most beautiful views of the Baltic sea.


You will apply for extension of your residence permit that you have obtained on the basis of family reunification with your spouse, permanent partner, parent or other family member in Denmark. You will apply for extension of residence permit on the basis of family reunification as a child (even if you are now over the age of eighteen years)

You will apply for extension of residence permit on the basis of family reunification with other family members than the spouse, permanent partner or parent.

Erstatningsområder - See the different skadestyper here

If you come to harm, depends on the opportunities to get a substitute of the circumstances of the injury We have bl aextensive experience with counseling in the field of actions for damages, and employs more than twenty lawyers and a total of over fifty employees.

Updated the conditions, laws and regulations for seafreight

The UN general assembly adopted the

Here you will find the Blue Waters general conditions, and a selection of applicable laws in the field of transport and shippingindustrien the Basis for the uniform and international rules for the carriage of goods at sea was put back in with the adoption of the Hague rulesThese are later developed in by the Hague-Visby Rules, which today is regarded as the most used legal basis for the world's most important trade and maritime nations. A later modernization and increase of the shipowners liability has been attempted with a United nations-the adoption in by the Hamburg rules, but these are only adopted by a few countries. The latest attempt has been made with the Rotterdam convention from, which is now open for yet another extended rederansvar and not least the possibility of agreements on multimodal transport solutions, in which maritime transport is included. Most countries have incorporated the elements, in a greater or less extent, from these different conventions into their own bodies of legislation, so any discrepancy takes its point of departure in the member countries for accession or non-accession of the various legal rules. Accordance with maritime rules based in the Hague-Visby convention of, which was acceded to by Denmark the. Denmark has not acceded to the latest convention - Hamburg convention of - but the rules are incorporated in the current sølov to the extent that this is feasible due to the Hague-Visby convention. december, a new maritime transport convention, which is expected to be ratified by the most important commercial and maritime nations, and also in the foreseeable time will modernise The Danish Sølov's chapter thirteen, on the so-called stykgodstransport. The essential differences from the previous international søkonventioner is an improved legal status for ladningsejerne and an increased limitation of liability, and then put the rules up for an extended varetægtsperiode, as with maritime transport as the primary performance can be extended to a multimodal contract, that includes both for - and eftertransport with other means of transport. The Hamburg rules was adopted in at the behest of many developing countries, who would like a strengthening of the responsibility and a strengthening of the transportkøbernes interests. Herein lay, in particular, an extension of the companies liability from godsmodtagelse to godsudlevering, d. a break with the old tackle, two tackle-principle (from the side of the ship to the side of the ship). It failed to achieve the great support from the main trading nations, and in Denmark was The Hamburg rules only used for minor corrections in the national sølov. The hague-Visby rules was in an attempt to improve the ladningsejernes position in relation to the shipowner, and the rules eventually had great support in the bl. a. Europe With an unfortunate exception in terms of the USA A. is the Hague-Visby today probably the most widely used søretslige basis among the main trade and transportlande. With an additional protocol was the SDR (Special Drawing Rigths) introduced in, and this artificial currency is today the basis of assessment of damages not only on maritime transport but also for other modes of transport. Until, wrote the shipping companies, themselves out of all liability on the bills of lading and certepartier, then the Hague rules was an innovation, after all - in a limited extent - in favour of the owners, who had goods aboard the ships.

Labour disputes, the free encyclopedia

In march, we focus on the food and drink

(Read here about the sitenotice) the Term"labor dispute covers various forms of collective action in the labour market between the employer and his employeesAmong the most well-known forms is the strike.

A labour dispute is usually caused by a dispute about wages.

But conflicts can be derived from, for example, a breach of occupational health and safety, protest against layoffs or in connection with the others intervention in collective bargaining (f.

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ex. This industrial action brought can be anything other than strike, for example, professional meeting and actions such as ”work by the rules” and the blockade. In response to workers actions, employers can implement lockout against the employees.


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Termination - Get a handle on all the rules and rights in the event of termination of Krifa

Advice to those of you who are self-employed or freelancer

Our unemployment insurance fund and trade union for employees, managers, and the self-employedSelect the a-box and the fagforeningspakke that suits you the best. Get help to it to operate a business and share in a variety of benefits and discount rates. You said orally, start the notice period from the day. We recommend that you ask to get the termination in writing so you avoid any misunderstandings.

You can get your termination, both orally and in writing

Are you an officer, you always have the requirements of a written notice of termination. Your employer must indicate on the notice period in your contract of employment. Here it is, how long a period of notice that applies to you, or that must be referred to the period of notice in a collective bargaining agreement or funktionærloven.

What your employer's period of notice is over for you, depends on how long you have been employed.

Here is an overview of the salaried employees general notice periods from the employer: Are you employed on probation, it appears in your contract, which notice period you have. Typically you have fourteen days notice, but if not otherwise agreed, you may terminate with one day's notice. You must be aware that if your contract says that you can be terminated with a shortened period of notice after the sick days, it means that the notice is shortened to one month to the end of a month. It is a concrete assessment whether a termination is in order. There are many different laws, regulations and rules, which determine whether a termination is reasonable. Is the termination is not reasonable, it may mean that your employer must pay a compensation to you. Are you special, protected, while you are terminated, it may mean that your employer must pay the allowance to have terminated you. You can be protected if you are terminated because of: You have a duty to be loyal to your employer during the notice period. This means that you must meet to work as normal, unless otherwise agreed.

You also may not even start or begin to work in a competing business, so long as you are still employed.

Are you being said, we offer you coaching on job search and your mulighede of education. You can get a free consultation with one of our employment advisers where, which looks in exactly your situation, and helps you to continue an active life on the labour market. As Krifa Plus member, you have the opportunity to get unlimited karrieresamtaler and job advice. Depending on your needs you will get links to tools on the web and online course that can help you move on in search of your next job. Many of our members when not to be available or is available in a shorter time after the conversation with our oriented job consultants. The whole nine out of ten are ’very satisfied’ or ’satisfied’ with the conversation. You will be released in the termination, it means that you will not be meeting on work in your notice period. Always make sure to get your fritstilling on the script, so there is no doubt that you are exempt from meeting at work. A fritstilling is also a notice on the organization of holidays to the extent possible. How long you are released determines how much vacation you need to keep.

The rules about holidays in a fritstillingsperiode can be complicated.

Contact us for further advice. In contrast to a fritstilling is a suspension or an exemption from the service an indication that you, until further notice should not meet at work. During the notice period can vacation and extra days off with pay taken in the normal way. However, you have no obligation to keep your notice of main holidays in the notice period if notice period is of three months or less. This applies regardless of what you and your employer have agreed on the holiday, before you got the termination notice. However, in your contract be, that the general varslingsregler in connection with the holiday has changed. Have you got holiday pay, your employer will pay your holiday pay to Feriekonto by.

month after your termination of service.

There may be other rules, if your employer is in a feriekortordning through an employers association. You are paid, you must be aware of that paid it quarterly to Feriekonto, or to a feriekortordning. You can't see the holiday pay, you have to be good citizen, you may in the first instance contact your employer in order to hear what the reason is for the lack of payment. Will or can your employer not pay your holiday pay, please contact us immediately. In some agreements and in funktionærloven it is agreed that employees have the right to a severance payment after a longer employment.

Contact us for further advice.

Even though your employment has formally ended, when the notice period expires, is there anyway a number of conditions, you need to be aware of. If you are covered by an ansættelsesklausul, you must be aware of the rules in the field of it and your right to compensation. You can read more about the rules for clauses here. You can also read about the rules of the Law on trade secrets, which applies regardless of whether you have agreed a clause or not.

Are you out of work for opsigelsesperiodens expired, you can read more about how to register unemployed and receive unemployment benefits.

A summary dismissal is an immediate termination of your employment. You are fired with immediate effect and without regard to your notice period. Your employer may expel you, if you are grossly in breach of the employment agreement. It may be by violence, theft, no-show, the gross disloyalty or serious violation of your responsibilities.

It can also be due to other conditions, which you have previously been warned, could lead to an expulsion, if it repeated itself.

You will only get pay up to bortvisningsdatoen. In some cases, your employer will withhold your last salary in the event of there being directed a claim for damages against you. Is the expulsion unjustified, we can help you to get compensation for the wages you should have been a notice period and possibly compensation for unfair dismissal. You always have the right to say your position up with the notice that applies in your contract. It also applies even if you are said up and is in a notice period.

Please be aware, however, that if you terminate your work and would like to apply for subsistence allowances, when the notice period is over, then it will as a starting point to give you a quarantine before you can get paid.

Before you say your job up we recommend that you take a hold of us first. In addition, it can be a good idea that you book a karrieresamtale at Krifa, because: You can also, as a member of the Krifa Plus, book a arbejdslystsamtale, where you in cooperation with us to find out what gives you good luck, and what you need to focus on in your næster job, so it did not end with a termination again.

We always recommend that you make a written withdrawal in duplicate.

You ask your employer to sign the acknowledgement with signature and date. The copy, your employer will have signed you will keep. In this way you have documentation that you have given the correct notice, and that your employer has received the termination notice on time. Your employer has a duty to write your notice period in your employment contract. Alternatively, there must be referred to the period of notice in a collective bargaining agreement or Funktionærloven.

If you are in doubt about your notice, please feel free to contact us.

In your the notice period you have a duty to continue to be loyal to your employer, and you must, of course, meeting at work as usual. Many thanks for your feedback We are constantly working to make krifa better, and we are happy that you took the time to answer us.

You can always take advantage of our search function here on the website. If you want us to contact you, please write to us here. LinkedIn is a unique opportunity to get contacts in the business world. See here how to get started and attract you attention. Are you on the hunt for a new job Read here and find out how you can improve your skills If you have received a notice of termination, it can be difficult to get an overview of how to get started with the job search. We guide you as to how you take the first step towards a successful job search that will land you a new job.