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Defense agreement

in, increasing to, eight billion

With the Danish defence agreement for the - was the parties agreed to lift the appropriation of eight hundred millionin, which corresponds to a increase of the annual appropriation of more than twenty, like materielinvesteringerne has increased significantly. With the agreement strengthened the Defence contribution to NATO's collective deterrence, the ability to contribute to international operations, the circle of political parties decided d. January, to strengthen the Defense with additional resources as well as the inclusion of the existing headings, as the Danish defence spending when the, five of GDP in. Under the agreement, which going forward include a number of existing headings for approx. annually in the Danish reports of defence spending to the NATO according to the NATO definition of defence expenditure and other countries practices. There decided forsvarsforligskredsen that Denmark increases the defence budget by, with an additional, five billion. The threat landscape today is more serious than at any other time since the fall of the berlin Wall.

Threats can arise anywhere in the world, both far and near in our neighbourhood.

The defense must cherish the Danish empire's sovereignty and ensure its continued existence, integrity and security.

A resilient Danish defense and preparedness is a prerequisite for a safe society. With the six-year agreement on Defence from - was the parties agreed to give the Defense a substantial boost, that increases to, eight billion. according to the additional agreement jan.). The defense will, by the end of the conciliation period have multiple operating units and soldiers than in the day, as well as a less ledelsestung structure. At the same time, we are strengthening also the state emergency service with more people and more equipment, just like we strengthen the cyber area significantly.

The substantial lift forces especially the Defense in the following areas: with the investment in new capabilities, such as a brigade, luftforsvarsmissiler to the frigates, fifty increase of specialoperationsstyrkepatruljer, and the capacity to implement ubådsbekæmpelse.

The defense must have a strength and a resilience, that together with NATO deter other countries from attacking our allies and ourselves. With the new agreement, Denmark's contribution to the world's strongest defence alliance to be strengthened substantially. by, that the reserve for international operations is strengthened, so the at the settlement end of the year is million. annually equivalent to an increase of fifty per cent. in relation to today. The peace and stabilisation fund be strengthened so it by the settlement of the year is million.

annually equivalent to an increase of more than per cent.

annually in (and with an additional, five billion

in relation to today. The defense gets increased robustness and flexibility, as the brigade's elements can be sent separately to international operations, the establishment of a light infantry battalion that can be used nationally and internationally, and invested in additional crews for the Defence and transport aircraft. through an increased support to the police with guarding and with soldiers on high readiness, which can support, e.g. in case of a terrorist attack.

Military service and mobiliseringsevnen be strengthened, then the Defense can better mobilize the soldiers in the the event of a crisis or war in Denmark.

It establishes a mobiliseringskompagni in each of the brigade's battle groups. In the conciliation period will increase the number of conscripts with the. More will have longer service than today, and conscription targeted national challenges. In addition, the strengthened rekrutteringsindsatsen to provide the maximum possible volunteer conscripts. At the same time strengthening the state of preparedness with both the extra conscripts and materiel. The strong engagement in the Arctic be continued and strengthened with the settlement of a number of new initiatives such as a new civil beredskabsuddannelse in Greenland, værnepligtsafprøvning in Greenland and lokalansættelser at the Arctic Command. significantly, in the forthcoming conciliation period. Sensor networks to be expanded, establishment of a cybersituationscenter and the Center for Cybersikkerheds analytical and preventive skills. There would be a pool of five hundred million. for the handling of future cyberudfordringer and at the same time, be strengthened and focused research and the education process, so that Denmark is at the forefront of the newest developments in the coming years. Activities for veterans strengthened by the settlement agreement, with bl.

strengthened the selection of soldiers, research and better opportunities for compensation.

In Denmark controlled the Defence and development of the bl. of political agreements - the so-called defence agreement. In recent years, there has been a tradition of multi-annual settlement. Forsvarsforligene directs the goals and framework for the development of the armed forces in the period the agreement covers.