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and find the form on the police website

Do you have already another valid firearms licence, which you have paid the full fee, you only pay krWhen you renew your license, the new period of five or ten years apply from the date of your previous license would have expired. to search. If you already have another valid firearms licence, where you have paid the full fee, however, you only pay kr. You are not allowed to carry daggers and knives in public places, unless it is in connection with a profession, for hunting, fishing, sport el. of creditable purpose. You can read more about the rules for the knives and seek wear or samlertilladelse on the Police website. Certain skytteforeninger may issue permits in your possession for the members. You take a hunting license, you can get firearms licence to smooth-bore shotguns, haglvåben. Permission to rifled weapons also require you to get a firearms licence by police.

Members of the national guard must have completed hjemmeværnets weapons and parachuting to be able to have weapons.

If you are under the age of eighteen years, you must have your parent's signature in order to get firearms licence - also to luftbøsse.