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Court hears of SYLF, and FFFF in the historic bandesag - sn - Front - Denmark

FFFF is found on the beanies and other places

A peculiar world, will be on Tuesday described the Copenhagen city Court in connection with the trial, where it must be determined whether Loyal to Familia (LTF) shall be dissolved in accordance with the constitutionWe estimate that the National Nomad is the leadership of the LTF. It is like the board of directors, says an academic trained analyst from the police. SYLF stands for Support Your Local Familia and is apparently the term for people who hope to make a career in bandegrupperingen and later rise to the prospect, which is a member in the sample.

Not all the names are just easy for the police specialists to interpret.

Capitan is a title, as two people are carrying, but what it actually implies is that insecure about, explains the analyst.

It stands for Familia Forever Forever Familia, explained it

The witness explanation on the the organization is important for prosecutors, who will try to convince the court that the LTF also because of a variety of characteristics was indeed a unification in the constitution of sense. times has ministered in the course of gang life from January to september of last year noted that they have seen men wearing LTF-clothing, hats, caps and sweaters. The smallest details of the clothes - the exact location of markings and indications - the police, the analysts interested. The LTF has had departments in many places in Denmark and two in Sweden. The leather vest, which, according to the police belonged to the leader, Shuaib Khan, expressed not modesty. The 'World' and 'El Presidente' is on the. Also the kind of markings that are hard to get rid of, you have looked at. forty-one members has been seen with a tattoo. Also signs where the hands and fingers forms an R - describes the analyst. In addition, be examined also a lecturer from the University of Aalborg on Tuesday.

Kim Mills has an overall and general knowledge of gangs.

None of his statements are specifically about the LTF. But trade with the hash is the focal point for gangs, says. The Hash is the low-hanging fruit. Here is the most money compared to the risk, i.e. the probability to be punished and so the length, he says. Without violence, it does not go You are not allowed to negotiate the substances in significant amounts, without an organization or a grouping behind them. You must have a credible voldskapital. Where you have demonstrated that you are willing to shoot someone in the utmost instance. The problem of using violence is that it is of interest to the authorities even more than drug trafficking, says Kim Møller. In the lawsuit, claiming the accusations, to the LTF works by violence. It extends over thirty-five hearings. the witnesses are summoned We want an open and lively debate on the sn, and invites all to comment, share knowledge and ask questions. The debate must be conducted in a proper and respectful tone.

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