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(Read here about the sitenotice) Attorney or lawyer (in older times also called the city) is a lawyer, who, on the basis of a special appointment provides legal consulting services and has the exclusive right to conduct legal proceedings for othersTax, specified used in the s, in the context of the depreciation of the Danish Law. Berlin derived from the latin fiscus. French: Fisc (fiscus) has the meaning Trésor de l'etat, treasury. The Danish Tax was, according to. Berlin an official holding the state treasury's revenue-raising interesserdette later came to include 'to pursue crimes against state laws', which Berlin relate to the usual strafudsoning in the form of fines. Specifically related Fiskalens work to embedsforsømmelser. century is known in the sense of more subordinate Tax-bestallinger: 'General, War, Police, Lake, Under, Vejfiskal', while Berlin also mentions the Country - and Province-fiskaler. These offices were in the By the Swedish bar association, under the auspices, but was only a short time in use. Today used the word as an adjective, to describe conditions that relate to the state's finances. Prokurør French: merlin, set out in moth's Dictionary from about the year. Counsel for the king or the authorities - bishops, noblemen of the olympics. Tybjerg specifies the term as outdated. In the absolute monarchy time worked Generalprokurøren in the chancellery, but discontinued after the Take Algreen-Ussings office. The city in latin procurator, known from Ludvig Holberg's time dialectical Prikkerater, alternative meaning in the dialect, and among fishermen, a klæpål, ie.

an eel with a large head - and, conversely, a klæpål also mean the city.

The city was for a longer period - the s and s - used in parallel with a lawyer.

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After Sagførerloven of applied only on the lawyers who had received the royal title. A lawyer is in the Latin form (advocatus), an old name in the various royal Danish laws and regulations from the the middle ages for the royal ombudsman (government official) or overall authority for the greater parts of the country, later called the electric motor. Of advocatus occurred at of contraction, the nordic name of 'bailiff'. It quickly gained a different meaning and were used on the sub-trustees, which supervises the vassal for each of the counties used. They were later to herredsfogeder. Late received the designation of lawyer of its current importance. Especially used in Denmark, the term lawyer on the king's appointed counsel at the Supreme court. Jump and had to make deposits in enkekassen, but was not pensionable. Only they were eligible to plead cases for others at the Supreme court, but, in addition, they also go in court by the subordinate courts. According to the law of. may were no longer appointed lawyers by the Supreme court by the king, while the future lawyers of the country's top court are appointed by the minister of justice and leading name of højesteretssagførere. In, the term was a lawyer, abolished for the benefit of the lawyer. Those who had the title of lawyer, landsretssagfører or duties, however, could continue to use their title. After the absolute monarchy introduced special royal advokatembeder by the Swedish bar association lapsed, while kammeradvokatens only be filled by appointment. Advocatus regius was by decree of the. march employed for 'the west Ejlande' with the duty to perform all matters of concern to the king's kasses best interests or the royalty interests.

This office was like kammeradvokatens only occupied by the constitution in the colony last year.

In Denmark, it requires a law degree to become a lawyer and at least three years work with practical legal company (usually as solicitor) and an appointment of the minister of justice to plead cases in the courts. The conditions for the to become a lawyer are set out in the code of civil procedure. It is a prerequisite for obtaining a licence to practice law, to the candidate has reviewed the theoretical advokatuddannelse (offered by the bar Association) and both have passed the theoretical bar exam and a test in retssagsførelse. Advokattitlen is a protected title, and persons who have not been called to the bar as a lawyer, may not describe themselves as such or with a similar designation that may be confused with a lawyer. The code specifies the penalties for violation of this. June on the amendment of the administration of justice (Revision of the rules on professional activities of a lawyer), the Danish Parliament adopted bl.

to ease the møderetsmonopol.

There was opened up to other legal representative than the lawyers could meet in cases covered by the simplified inkassoproces (chapter forty-four on order for payment), småsagsprocessen and under general udlægsforretninger court. The relaxation of the mødemonopolet entered into force on. In Norway it is called also the lawyers who have the right to plead cases for the Supreme court, lawyers or the supreme court bar association.

In the rest of Europe used the lawyer commonly to refer to the lawyers, who performs at public and oral hovedforhandling in civil and criminal cases.

In Scotland, where, incidentally, as well as all the barrister at lawyers without difference leads name of advocate (on the contrary, not kontorsagførere, called 'solicitors'), is a special the Lord Advocate, who is in charge of the whole of the scottish advokatur or sagførerstand. He she be to the ministry and change with this and is in fact a kind of secretary of state for Scotland's affairs. In England, Wales, northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is called procerende counsel, not for lawyers, but the 'barristers' in that they are members of a 'bar' (bar association). In Denmark is being an attorney general, ie.

lawyers can (formally) perform all types of tasks within the profession.

Specialization is becoming more and more widespread in the legal profession, particularly in the larger law firms. Many law firms are thus divided into several subject areas, for example company law, and procedure (litigation), real estate, employment law, tax law, etc. The company's lawyers are then assigned to one or more of these disciplines to achieve a degree of specialization. The extent and complexity is one of the reasons why many companies are looking for specialization rather than to operate with generalists. Lawyers can obtain the right to appear before different courts in Denmark. A nybeskikket lawyer only has a right of audience before the courts of first instance, which is the first instance in the Danish legal system. Then, they can obtain a right of audience before the courts. It may be of importance in cases which are appealed from the district court to the high court. The lawyer must, in order to get permission, to a sample in the court of appeal (landsretsprøven) to demonstrate that he she is a good litigator. The lawyer should, as a rule, consist of two test cases in order to obtain right of audience before the high court. Lawyers, who obtain right to appear before high courts, can write a (L) after their name. Finally, a lawyer can obtain a right of audience before the Supreme court, after which he she can write a (H) after his name.

Admitted to the bar of the Supreme court are associated with a certain prestige.

For (H) he shall she within five years, meet at least ten times in the court of appeal. Lawyers who had obtained right of audience before the high court, was in the past called for landsretssagførere, while a lawyer who was admitted to the bar of the supreme court, called duties. These titles are left in the day, which all lawyers have the same title.

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(Read here about the sitenotice) A lawsuit is a case before the courts, either acting on the imposition of the penalty (criminal proceedings) or to a party (the applicant) want the other party (the defendant) ordered to pay an amount to carry out a specific action, cease a specific action, or to recognise a right which the applicant believes to have in relation to the defendant (in civil proceedings)A trial consists of at least two parties. In civil cases, the two sides are equal, the one as plaintiff, another as defendant. There can easily be several plaintiffs and several defendants in the same case. In criminal matters is one party always the public prosecutor's office, while the other party (or other parties) are the defendants, that is, the person prosecuted for the violation of the laws of that country. companies, associations, and the like) can be parties in litigation, both civil and criminal (the latter however only to a fine).

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The state, municipalities, or other public authorities may be party to a hovedforhandling, with citizens in most countries can bring cases before the courts to test the authorities borders. In some countries, place such cases on special constitutional courts, whereas in other countries, f. in Denmark, shall be settled by the ordinary courts. In the vast majority of cases the represented parties in a trial by their lawyer(is).

A party has the opportunity to lead his own case, but the court may, under certain circumstances, require a party to be represented by a lawyer.

A lawsuit begins with a summons in civil proceedings) or an indictment (in criminal matters). Civil cases continued thereafter with a written or an oral preparation. Litigation ends with a hovedforhandling, after which the judgment is given.

Frequently asked questions about consumer protection - Western Union

Make sure you know who you are sending money to

If you are buying goods or services and pay through the Western Union network, it is your responsibility to confirm the seller's reputation and legitimacyWestern Union is not responsible for non-receipt or quality of any goods or services. Be cautious with representatives from the sweepstakes, prize or lotteriselskaber, which says that you must transfer the money to them in order to claim a prize you have won. There are many companies running fraudulent contests that ask you to transfer money to them, but not giving you anything in return. Be cautious with unsolicited letters or e-mails from nigerian or other foreign government officials requesting assistance to transfer excess funds from a foreign country to your bank account. Please be aware phone calls from the police, who allege that the one you know has been involved in an accident or have been arrested, and asking for money. If you are buying goods or services and pay through the Western Union network, it is your responsibility to confirm the seller's reputation and legitimacy. Western Union is not responsible for non-receipt or quality of any goods or services. If you receive an e-mail from a company representing itself as Western Union, and you are not sure that it is sent by western union. ie, you must refrain from clicking on any link in the e-mail. This may be a 'phishing'-the attempt to fraudulently obtain sensitive information from you. Instead contact immediately the local authorities. 'Test question'feature in the Western Union SM-service of money transfer is intended for emergency situations where the recipient does not have the correct identification (f. his her wallet and identification have been stolen).

Make sure you know who you are sending money to

It should never be used as additional security to time or delay the payment of a transaction. In many places pay Western Union the receiver whenever the receiver shows proper identification, even if the recipient does not know the answer to the test question.

Western Union does not offer a spærringstjeneste or another type of policy for 'købsbeskyttelse'.

Western Union company is about to transfer funds from a sender to a receiver. We warns, and recommends people who use our services not to send money to persons they do not know. It is the sender's responsibility to know the party to which funds are sent to. The use of a fictitious name or changing the receiver name after the money transfer has been sent is not a guaranteed way to secure funding. If a recipient viewer proper identification with the same name, which stands on the money transfer, carried out payment. Please be aware of third-party 'collection' or 'depositary services', unless they are a recognized deponeringstjeneste. Western Union is not a deponeringstjeneste, must not be used as a deponeringstjeneste and are currently not affiliated with any deponeringstjeneste. For online auctions, you should investigate the sælgerfeedbacken carefully and be familiar with the warning signs associated with fraudulent auction sales. Most onlineauktionswebsteder have safety guidelines or faqs that can help identify possible fraudulent sales. Be cautious if the seller uses a free email address or insists on accepting only a form of payment. Report all suspicious activity, and file complaints about non-delivery of the goods to that auction site, as you bought the item through. Contact the authorities consumer agency, if you are unsure or suspect to a telephone, mail, or e-mailopfordring. Western Union uses a variety of techniques, including SSL technology, to protect your personal information. Make your password difficult to guess Do not use parts of your name, your birthday or words that can easily be associated with you. Use multiple passwords for your different accounts to reduce the risk in case one password is compromised.

You can protect your passwords by making sure that your virusscanningssoftware is up to date and know when to run anti-spyware programs.

These programs can help protect you against viruses and other malware that can compromise your identity, even if your computer seems to work fine. If you are using Microsoft Windows, you must ensure that your Windows updates is enabled, so your operating system stays secured. You can read more about Microsoft Windows updates to Be extra careful when you enter passwords on a computer that does not belong to you. Viruses, spyware, or your browser settings can be used to compromise your account by recording your user name and password.

Other countries passport and visa regulations

The information on this page applies for Danish citizens travelling on a Danish nationalitetspas, and for travel, where tourism is the primary objectiveIf you are travelling with a refugee or an alien's or are you a citizen of another country than Denmark, you must contact the embassy of the country you will be visiting to hear what the passport and visa requirements apply to you. We aim to ensure that the information on this page is current, correct, and complete. problems with check - in and departure, regardless of the information on our website. It is your responsibility to comply with the check - in and udrejseregler in the countries you are travelling to. It is the local authorities in each country, which defines the rules, and determine if you comply with them. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the country's embassy, consulate or the immigration authorities in the country before you travel, and examines the current rules.

The mayor and the well-known lawyer in the new war - Additional Magazine

I think since really, it is not particularly nice

Odense's mayor is calling once again the defence lawyer Mette Grith Stage for the Black Army-the lawyer in the wake of the arrest of the former gang leader Mohammed Daabas 'I guess, that the Black Army Lawyer takes yet another round with stamkunden', notes, Odense's mayor, Peter Rahbæk Juel, on Facebook as a comment to an article on the former leader of the gang Black Army Mohammed Daabas on Thursday was remanded in custody for four weeks and aim to have disposed of large quantities of heroin to another person, who has sold narkoen far in Odense and the surrounding areaThus goes the mayor again in the clinch with the well-known defense attorney Mette Grith Stage, who has represented the former gang leader and also makes it in the new case, as he also writes that he hopes that The high Court has a little more ben in the nose, if he gets convicted, and appealed, than the last they condemned him. On the way to udskamme a defense attorney publicly now for nearly two years and despite the fact that I no cases have been related to the Black Army in Odense for a very long time - I get the impression that Peter Rahbæk juel's goal is to make it so uncomfortable to be defending for them, which he did not approve of, that no lawyers want to take cases for these citizens, she says and continues: - Right for the time and most of the autumn I have been defending for the members of the LTF in the some major criminal cases in Copenhagen, but there is no copenhagen politicians, the public has accused me of being 'LTF-lawyer', she says. Ekstra Bladet has asked Peter Rahbæk Juel, whether he has something personal against Mette Grith Stage, but that he rejects. I have no personal vendetta against any lawyers, but if you look at the history, Mette Grith Stage has had, and the way she has acted with its business with marketing campaigns in prisons and talsmandsfunktioner for the Black Army in the press, I think that she goes far beyond what should be good ethics for a law firm, he says.

He also mentions that the defence lawyer, the last time she represented bandelederen in court, said on behalf of his client, that he now wanted to get out of the criminal life, in the exit programme and away from Vollsmose.

Now he is arrested and suspected of rampant drug trafficking, and it sounds not as one who is in the exit programme or want out of the criminal life, as she argued on behalf of him, says the mayor.

Absolutely ridiculous - It is, of course, a lawyer's job to represent his client in the best way possible, and it is not her who finds at the thing, but him who says it.

She must, of course, represent his client

She had to refrain from using it, who can speak for a milder punishment. Everyone has the right to a lawyer and a defense in Denmark. Prejudice I am not, says Peter Rahbæk Juel, and repeats the things he considers to Mette Grith Stage have held, in addition to his role as a lawyer.

It is quite ridiculous, and I have never done,"she says, and points out that it is under all circumstances years back, that she had cases for the gang lately.

Nevertheless, the sage Peter Rahbæk Juel with it, every time the opportunity presents itself. He has really looked bad on me and doing what he can to beklikke me and my integrity. It is highly uncomfortable, but it causes me now not to stick his tail between his legs. There are probably many ordinary danes, who thinks, that the he is right, and that you speak against the chemists, when you say in court that your client will go in the exit programme, to vacate the Vollsmose and choose the criminal life from - and that everyone is better off that he is behind bars for as long as possible. Now, it's not like that I stand in court and find that the client will go in the exit, vacate the Vollsmose. It is something he himself explains in the court, and then refers me to it. But I agree the non-personally-for that it also keeps the connectors. However, I believe that most people can see that it would seem odd if the defender - which is a hundred percent must carry out his client's interests - said"everything that my client has explained about the fines, recovery and conversion of his life, of course, no one believes - that the court must ignore'. A problem - Patting you in the hands yesterday, when you heard about the arrest because there was more income on the way. No, not however I would probably do without the case. But I accepts me of course, since it is my work, she says. She also believes that it is completely biased, that the mayor, at a time when her client only is charged, but not convicted, and, incidentally, refuses guilty, the law clearly invites the court to judge hard during a possible appeal. To the question whether he as a politician should even comment on straflængder in specific cases, the equivalent of the mayor: - I don't either. It is simply a resfølelelse They must judge him according to the laws they can find. I just hope not that he did not get the luck to look like one that is finished with crime. It is just an emotional response. It is not more than a year ago, he was in court last. So the more should you not put in it, he says, and continues: - I am mayor of a city. I'm not a legislative power on the way. I'm busy to take care of my city And how some types like him is a problem and has been a problem for Odense.

How to register your child - Sickness 'denmark'

Children can be covered with one of their parents - without it costing extra It is the custodian, or any legal guardian, who must sign helbredsoplysningerne It is also the only holder of parental responsibility or a guardian may make changes to the policyA child who is born abroad, get a social security number when the child moves to Denmark. It is therefore not possible to register the child on the policy, before moving back to Denmark, and the child is given his own social security number.

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(Read here about the sitenotice) The age of criminal responsibility is an age gate limit for when you incur a criminal liabilityThe age of criminal responsibility in Denmark is fifteen years. July lowered from fifteen to fourteen years, which was inconsistent with the UN's recommendations, which sparked off criticisms from members of the UN committee on the Rights of the Child. march the limit was again raised to fifteen years. The age of criminal responsibility means that children under fifteen years of age are not sentenced to punishment for a crime, no matter how gross it might be. With the penalty shall mean the conditional sentence, a fine or withdrawal of proceedings. A child under lavalderen may, however, be held liable for his deeds. The reasons for the age of criminal responsibility are typically children's lack of maturity and lack of understanding of the consequences of their actions or unconditional custodial sentence can have harmful effects on a child. Criminals under the age of fifteen years are instead placed in an institution, possibly.

without the consent of the child and its parents.

In other countries the age of criminal responsibility is sometimes lower, bl. is the border in England by certain forms of crime ten years. Offences committed by children under ten years of age was previously unconditional straffrie in Denmark, while children between ten and fifteen could be punished, if they assumed that they knew the criminal in the committed action.

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Previously, there was also a strafgrænse for intentionally killing of fourteen years, just as there were special opdragelsesanstalter for children over the age of twelve years, who had committed serious or repeated crime.

Sometimes there comes the proposal in the political debate on to change the limit both in the up - and downward direction. In, proposed the Danish people's Party, for example, lowering the limit to twelve years. By folktingets opening on Tuesday. October, the prime minister plans for a strengthened effort against juvenile delinquency, as bl. involved a lowering of the criminal lavealder for fourteen years. The proposal to lower the age of criminal responsibility is in conflict with the recommendations of the government commission on juvenile delinquency. The proposal to lower the age of criminal responsibility let the sexual age of consent unchanged. Thus, it can theoretically lead to a prison sentence of two -year-olds to have sex together. Internationally, article thirty-seven of the UN's Convention that the arrest and imprisonment of children be used only as the last option, that only may be done in the shortest possible appropriate period of time and that children should not serve among adult criminals. Article forty obliges the parties to the convention to establish an age of criminal liability in their legislation, but does not determine what this age must be. The united nations 'Committee on the Rights of the Child' recommends that the age of criminal responsibility as the absolute minimum should be twelve years and that a lower age of consent must be regarded as unacceptable internationally.

Ownership, the free encyclopedia

In march, we focus on the food and drink Slavery has been allowed in some societies and not in others In Denmark, property rights secured by the provisions of the basic law, §

Property here is partially protected for the public by the provisions on expropriation. Also, property rights protected in the additional protocol to The European Convention on human rights, in which article one reads: Any natural or legal person has the right to respect for his property.

No one shall be deprived of his possessions except in the public interest and in accordance with the conditions laid down by law and by the general principles. The preceding provisions shall not however in any way restrict the right of a state to enforce such laws as it deems necessary to control the use of property in accordance with the general interest or to secure the payment of taxes, other charges and fines.

Work permits - Residence permits and employment contracts to Danish employers with foreign workers

It will say that you have found a job in Denmark, or have you found a person abroad who you'd like to hire, are there some different requirements for both the employer (often Danish company), as well as a worker (often a person from abroad) One of the basic requirements in order to employ a foreigner is that he or she has a Danish residence permit and therefore a work permitIt is not legal to employ people from abroad, before they have obtained a Danish residence permit. With us, you as the employer get help to employ a person and to meet the requirements made for both parties. We help with the preparation of the contract of employment so as to meet the conditions, as well as all the proceedings with the authorities, so it will be easy, safe and secure for your business. An irregular employment or lack of formal requirements can trigger fines to the employer and provide the travel ban to the worker. With us you get as a Danish employer a complete package, where we help from start to finish with the whole process for a low fixed price. We have extensive experience in the field and has helped many Danish companies to hire foreign workers, as well as get the order in their documents, in connection with employment and residence permit. Work permits consists of the lawyer Sharandeep Singh (Aarhus University) and lawyer Lise Moth (Aarhus University and South Texas College of Law). In connection with the recruitment of a foreign - here understood as in addition to the EU zone, since there is free movement of labour inside the european union - have you as an employer need, your worker gets a valid residence permit. It is here important to distinguish between a person who is an EU citizen and a person who has a EU residence permit. It will say that you have a Spanish residence permit, but a passport from a country outside the EU, it requires a Danish work permit. Such a Danish residence permit starts with to be temporarily for up to four years, after which it is possible to extend the if you are still working in Denmark and meets the the applicable requirements.

There shall, in connection with the issuance of a Danish residence permit submitted documents and application from both parties. That is to say from the employer but also the employee Here it is important that both parties submit matters within the time frame which applies when one party has aflevereret. It can often be a challenge if the worker is abroad In addition, the worker also have made biometrics, which is a visit from a Danish authority (often the embassy) where you get taken image, fingerprints, etc.

We offer a total package with us where we provide all the documents, application and legal guidance during the entire process up to the worker to have a valid Danish residence permit and are in working with you.

Our work will cover all proceedings from the Danish authorities and the drafting of a contract of employment which meet the conditions.

We obtain even the necessary documents, fills in the form and finalize the process for both parties. We have extensive experience with these types of cases and can be expected to be a minimum of a total of a month's time. A complete package for you who want to hire foreign workers in Denmark to a fixed and low price.

Maare Advokater

A fremtidsfuldmagt is a power of attorney, which shall enter into force in the future under some defined conditions in the power of attorneyThis could be f. be, when you are no longer able to carry out your personal and financial circumstances on the grounds of illness. A fremtidsfuldmagt is similar to a guardianship, but unlike a guardianship gives fremtidsfuldmagten you the opportunity to tailor a solution to suit you and your wishes. ex. choose who should be your fremtidsfuldmægtige to the difference from the guardianship, where the state Administration shall appoint a guardian for you.

You can also put several agents in the case of the first agents own disease.

Thus, it is possible to set the spouse as first choice and children as second and third choice m. There is also the opportunity to put an agent to take care of your private relationships, and to take care of your business in the event that you become unable to this yourself. An agent can thus f. given the power of attorney for sale of property or the conduct of business operations as well as the safeguarding of your concern in relation to the public. Are you interested in hearing more about fremtidsfuldmagter, so please feel free to contact Maare.

Apartment for rent - apartment for sale - locate available apartments at Cern

Cern is the leading independent portal for advertising apartment for rent and for sale

Search the apartment in the entire DanmarkBåde private, real estate companies and real estate agents and property managers have access to advertise apartments - rental apartments, andelslejligheder and condos - at Cern.

Click here to receive new apartments (share, rent, owner) in your områdeSkal you sell or rent out the apartment. Click here to see boligsøgere seeking the apartment right now. You can find apartments in the whole of Denmark at Cern. Search apartment for rent or for sale via the map. Advanced search for apartment (define your exact criteria). Select one of the links below to the most popular categories at Cern.

DRIVING WITHOUT a LICENSE - Penalty and penalty

According to færdselslovens §)

It is a violation of the Traffic laws to drive without a license, if such is required to have a driving licence for the vehicle concernedMotor vehicle and big mopeds may only be driven by a person who has acquired driving license. The driver must, while driving have driving licence with him and shall, on request, show it to the police. a must “the driver while driving have driving licence with him and shall, on request, show it to the police”. * If not-registreringspligtig moped, you must have præmiekvitteringen with you (jv. Færdselslovens §).). If you want to bring præmiekvitteringen, you get an additional fine of thousand £ (jv. The first time you get a fine on. kr, but it is nothing compared to the technical consequences, if you be found guilty in a traffic accident. In addition, you run the risk of getting confiscated vehicle and to be sentenced to prison if you are repeatedly taken for driving without a license. * if you three times in three years running the “small mopeds” (ie.

moped), confiscation of the moped

you get the never back again. It is NOT possible to get a reduced fine by the pga. age or low income Ie. it is NO special mitigating circumstance, if you are under the age of eighteen years or students. The leading motorised vehicle requiring a driving licence, apart from a small moped, despite the fact that the right to be or become master of such a vehicle is deprived of that unconditional, shall be punished by fine, cf. however, the first paragraph. * if you are in whilst disqualified three times in three years running the “small mopeds” (ie. moped), confiscation of the moped. you get the never back again. As a starting point sharpened two runs in whilst disqualified, while adjudication is normally in relation to the next strafposition in the table above. Strafmaksimum of such an absolute cumulation is assumed to be in the region of three months imprisonment (cf. Færselsloven with comments, p.) In practice, the confiscated vehicles are mostly in connection with driving whilst disqualified as well as repeated cases of driving under the influence. It is only the vehicle used in connection with the driving without a license, which may be confiscated. If the driver owns the other vehicle, these can also be confiscated in the case of drunk driving, if it is considered that repeated drink-driving is likely. Although the insurer initially pays replaces the damage, you must pay the property damage and personal injury. It is also called recourse. Paragraph An agreement between the insurer and the insured that the company shall have the right of recourse against the after section is responsible for the damage, when the contingency is evoked by the person responsible, by negligence, has only effect, if the contingency has been caused by a negligence, can be described as gross recklessness.

How to obtain the documents for an apartment of free planning With your hands - How to do yourself

Apartments without internal walls, or as they are called, with free planning, has appeared on the real estate market in a long timeBut developers, real estate agents and potential buyers deal with them is still ambiguous Buying an apartment with free planning, it is necessary to understand that this freedom is arbitrary, you still need to build walls and to coordinate changes in all cases. It should be noted that the terms 'open level', 'conditional open-plan', 'semi-free plan', which is often used brokers to describe the property, they offer, in the Russian legislation does not do. Potential owner, it offers accommodation with a free layout, imagine dream apartment - with large windows, a personal fireplace, bathroom polbasseyna in width, but you never know what other dreams. The buyer receives a living space, there is only limited to the outer walls. The interior walls are either set with a few rows of bricks (foam blocks), or drawn in dotted lines on BTI-plan Apartment is the cable on the floor to the radiators of the heating, communication (most often they are stored in boxes with a brick or foam blocks), which are intended for fire alarm and built-in ventilation system. Clearly marked only the boundaries of the kitchen and the bathroom so-called wet areas. From bygherrenes point of view corresponds to the lack of walls to significant savings on building materials. The Rough finishing of the constructed house, or rather the house's boxes, can cost about the same amount as its construction.

For this reason, the developer will want to provide developers and real estate agents to divide the boligbeholdningen in two parts - conditioned apartments with free planning and plain.

Subsequently, the semi-finished apartment be to build a wall or limit the pylons or columns, which will slightly increase the living space (not only visually expand the space). It is important to understand that 'drømmelejligheden' looks disjointed out of concrete, and its recordings seems much less than the declared area. The big problem is that architects can't imagine how much free planning there is a need for future homeowners in the house they have designed. But the ground plan which gives the developer in the BTI, is already walls, calculated load, indicates the degree of insolation of the premises, clearly marked area, bathrooms and kitchens, built in cupboards and are marked dark-storage room. For this reason, the buyer should apartments with free planning immediately lay in their budget expenditures is not only the design and the workers who are in a dream 'unattractive appearance of concrete, and it seems significantly less footage of the area. The big problem is that architects can't imagine how much free planning there is a need for future homeowners in the house they have designed. But the ground plan which gives the developer in the BTI, is already walls, calculated load, indicates the degree of insolation of the premises, clearly marked area, bathrooms and kitchens, built in cupboards and are marked dark-storage room. For this reason, the buyer of an apartment with an open plan is immediately put in its budget costs not only for the services of the designer and the workers, who will carry out the proposed project, but also to agree on the latter in boliginspektionen. The first houses with the apartments 'not like any other' appeared in Moscow in the end of -ies. in the last century Even bought up housing in a building erected on the new at the time of shuttering (monolithic) technology, from the to flats redesigned with full or partial demolition of the inner facades. In the following houses began developers to offer apartments both with the interior walls raised, and without walls, but with an agreed standardprojekt, saving both on construction materials and wages. These first apartments were, however, mostly realized within the state's acceptance and transfer of documents to the Bureau of Technical Inventory. It was profitable for developers to sell not only an opportunity, but also their services to the legalization of a project developed by the customer, when there was the opportunity to refine the layout for each buyer. Arbejdsudkastet was amended, and after the introduction of the statskommissionens house received the owner immediately documents for housing. So far, companies are not ready to work with every single purchase, and it is therefore necessary to build a planning (scheduling) - it can be downloaded from either the developer or the management company. The plan marks the brand planning, which was agreed and passed statsekspertionen within the design. The ground plan is confirmed by the developer's seal and delivered to the boligbesigtigelsen together with the main document. Before you go on to the niceties of the procedure for legalization of the project, it is worth noting once again what opportunities a free layout provides the buyer. In contrast to the finished homes, which entered the walls will have to break out of consideration for his own flight of fancy, semi-finished apartment will make do without a long, quite expensive, and extremely dusty and dirty milestone.

Another positive aspect relates to the initial cost of an apartment.

Since the walls were not raised, it costs a little cheaper than the neighbours, carried out fully by the project. Unfortunately, one such occasion cause a lot of problems The owner will need to invite the designer to develop and coordinate the project, finding a job, and then taken to implement the (in this case, problems may arise if the plan is in violation of the building and sanitary regulations, which must ensure the security of the building and tenants). As the developers say, after all the work and endorsements the actual price per square meter is sometimes doubled. Be careful, when buying an apartment with a free lay in the secondary market: all the walls raised (OR raised), should the former owner be legalized and noting in DOKUMENTAHBTI. Otherwise you have to make out the redevelopment, in addition to such an opportunity is unlikely to be resold without a loss of value. Electricity in the houses, where homes with open-plan offered, are usually only taken for the occasion on board, but not to enter within, because the issue of electrification is usually one of the most crucial in the rebuilding.

It is worth to check varmefordelingen, since in some cases, also be installed centralvarmebatterier after the owner's discretion within the framework of the customer's project).

Please be aware at this point: In the documents is the area of the residential area in the apartment almost half of the total area (since there are no corridors and other ancillary facilities). This means that almost every project has constraints for the insolation, because the expanded living space can only be due to the part of the apartment, there will be insufficient natural lighting. It is difficult to agree on such a project, and electricity bill will be huge. If we rely on the off chance, does not draw up the redevelopment, the 'freedom-loving' or ill-informed the landlord can be held responsible according to the law, in particular as a result of a rearrangement of the injury will be a neighbor or a common house property or, even worse, life and health of neighbours. Boliginspektionen have the right to require that the apartment be brought in a state provided in the BTI plan. If during the survey (expensive and long) will be proven, that the reconstruction does not lead to threats, the court may allow to leave the house in a converted, and (or) genplaneret form. However, it is extremely difficult to predict the outcome of the case and preparation for trial will cause many problems. It is believed the developers, now when buying an apartment in a typical building is better to select the already planned and fully completed homes, get a passport, which is decorated according to the rules in the BTI. If you are ready to use and want to make an original layout, be very aware. Ask the developer for a copy of the ground plan, consult the designer, perform the original designberegning.

Or select a house, where the default layout is simply not given, and each apartment is built taking into account the customer's wishes - on the real estate market, there are also such proposals.

The development of the project, a survey of the premises, the preparation of technical advice on the status of the building and the adjustment of options, obtaining the conclusion of the Rospotrebnadzor and the approval of the project amounts to occupy at least - months.

In addition, will be required project: copy of passport, a declaration on the harmonisation of the reconstruction and redevelopment, copies of the documents of title to the the apartment, a technical passport residence, written permission from the owners.

After having received permission from the boligkontrol, you can continue with the implementation of the project.

When all the work is completed, it is necessary to see the end of redevelopment in zhilinspektsii Acceptance of the hidden works produced during the repair), then get a new plan in the BTI, and then the certificate of title to the apartment with individually designed. Documentation of the work takes about two months Because of the difficulties the developers are ready to give up the free planning and offer customers more opportunities for clear and consistent planning for the same area of the apartments.

The landlord, the remodeling WHICH is not issued in the proper order (or made with infringement), assumes responsibility in accordance with the law.

Moreover, it must bring the ROOM to its previous state (before conversion), or the agreed works.

We remind our readers, what measures to redevelop the premises do not a permit is needed to coordinate the work with specialists zhilinspektsii and some involvement in the original project developer is prohibited as dangerous for the residents of the apartment complex.

Rasmus Paludan (lawyer), the free encyclopedia

In march, we focus on the food and drink

(Read here about the sitenotice) Rasmus Paludan is a Danish lawyer, samfundsdebattør and politician

Paludan is particularly known as an opponent of mass immigration and islamisation of society.

He is the leader of the party firm, which he founded in. As a defense attorney, he has led several cases concerning civil liberties.

Paludan was born and raised in the north of Zealand.

He graduated from Elsinore high School in and served thereafter his military service. Paludan began in to study law, and was in cand.

from the University of Copenhagen, denmark.

In the course of his studies, he worked for Kromann Reumert in and was the following year in an internship with the chief prosecutor of The International Criminal court in the Hague. Paludan practise as an attorney with right of audience before the high court. City driver self employed as a lawyer with an office in Sydhavnen, which is. december was vandalized. Paludan launched in the autumn 'The Red Card', which is a plastic card in credit card format, to which the holder can write his name, date of birth and address. Rasmus Paludan encouraged people to run away from the police, when they had handed the card to the police.

He referred to the code of civil procedure § stating that the citizen has no duty to speak with the police, but only a duty to inform the name, date of birth and address.

Paludan defended Frihedsaktivisten Lars Kragh Andersen in the Copenhagen city Court in april, where Lars Kragh Andersen bl. was charged with publishing the social security numbers belonging to the then Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and minister of defense Nicolai Wammen.

He was also accused of defamation by on the internet to mention named police officers as 'penisbelurere' and 'planterøvere' referring to the police searches of citizens and the seizure of the cannabis.

Another client was the artist Uwe Max Jensen, who in may was under indictment for violation of the ordensbekendtgørelsen, as he is carrying an ISIS flag had touched a statue depicting a naked woman in the Art garden.

Uwe Max Jensen was acquitted.

You can also participate in this year's forårskonkurrence

Uwe Max Jensen was in september, defense by Rasmus Paludan, in a case where Uwe Max Jensen was accused of having violated the navneforbudet subject. In november it was stated that the Rasmus Paludan was a champion of Uwe Max Jensen in a case where he had peed on a mirror in a museum's garden in Aalborg. February wrote Politiken, Rasmus Paludan represented Uwe Max Jensen in a case brought against him by the Danish union of journalists on behalf of the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard and the photographer Michael Drost-Hansen, who claimed damages for alleged breach of copyright. Uwe Max Jensen claimed the acquittal having regard to the fact that both the art form and the subject was different in his works. February made it, to a -year-old Danish man, who was the first in forty-six years stood accused of blasphemy - because he had burned a quran in his garden, and published the video of the burning on Facebook - had chosen the Rasmus Paludan as his defender. Rasmus Paludan said, that the man's action was legal and self-defense. april, it emerged that Rasmus Paludan had been requested as counsel for the -year-old Danish man, who the day before had been arrested on suspicion of threatening to commit skoleskyderi at CPH West. Rasmus Paludan said to RadioSyv, that his client was 'a very quiet person, a very peaceful person, he is completely unpunished, he has never got so much as a fine his entire life. He also informed that the suspect refused guilty.

november won the Rasmus Paludan a civil lawsuit, as a client had brought against the Skatteministeret.

august lit Rasmus Paludan, in a case about the cannabis trade in Christiania could not recognize the assertion from the Police that his client should have thrown a gun from the in Pusherstreet. september was Rasmus Paludan defender Kurt Salvesen, a Danish man who used cannabis for treatment of rheumatic pains, in an appeal for the Vestre Landsret. October brought the Newspaper Information in a article a larger interview with Rasmus Paludan, where he was asked whether there was an ethical conflict when he was a lawyer for the asylum seekers, but at the same time publicly made speeches against immigration. It, he declined and stated that his goal as a lawyer was to fight for the client, and that a defense attorney does not need to be a supporter of the murder in order to defend a person accused of manslaughter. In an interview with the same topic in RadioSyv the. november, he explained that he was only the attorney of a detained foreigner, if the person specifically asked him what the alien just did, because he had heard from others that Rasmus Paludan often got the aliens released. October was Rasmus Paludan also defender Torben Andersen, as in a tilståelsessag by the Copenhagen city Court was judged to have 'knock something freedom' into one of the police cameras to automatically nummerpladegenkendelse (ANPG). november brought Nordvestnyt an article about that the Rasmus Paludan as the defence counsel for one of the accused in a case relating to the sale of cannabisolie would seek to have the decision of pre-trial detention before the Supreme court. Rasmus Paludan, launched in, the site where he published photos of cyclists and pedestrians who violated traffic laws by, for example, to cycle on tarmac or go over a red light. He told that he did it in order to reduce the number of people killed in traffic and to get people to think for themselves. Rasmus Paludan asked in to the European Parliament for the movement, but no one from the movement were elected. January told Rasmus Paludan, he previously was a member of the Left and now was a member of the New Bourgeois. January established a New Civil him as a candidate for Copenhagen city council.

February -lit Rasmus Paludan, that he had changed the party to the Danish Collection.

January he said in the programme AK syv at RadioSyv, to all who knew him, knew that he was 'without category'. October held Rasmus Paludan speaking at a demonstration held by the association For the Freedom. He also held a speech at a demonstration against Hizb ut-Tahrir the. november on Nørrebro. december at the Sankt Hans Torv did he speak against political violence. Rasmus Paludan is a member of the board of directors and attorney for the association. February took Rasmus Paludan a pistolattrap with a meeting of the Lars Vilks Committee in the Danish parliament and asked to be able to put the impactor in the wardrobe. He later told the Radio that it was a part of the artwork Toys at Christiansborg palace, which was to illustrate that the police respond poorly to real terrorist threats, like the terrorist attacks in Copenhagen, where two civilians were killed, though there were police officers present, while the police react excessively and unnecessarily extensive in the events, which is not at all criminal. Rasmus Paludan was not charged with anything and got his dummy back. He stated that he had listed a similarly, the work of art with the name of The Kingdom of Dread in Orange in Orange County, California. He demanded in virtue of Wienerkonventionens article thirty-six to speak with the Danish consul and refused in pursuance of the. addition to the UNITED states' constitution to speak out. november was Rasmus Paludan appointed as a member of the Lars Vilks Committee. In January, founded the Rasmus Paludan tv channel 'The Voice', which consisted of a website and a YouTube channel. It was reported that the channel was registered at the press Council. First broadcast was a longer interview with Kim Møller, who is the founder of Somalis. Another broadcast forty-three was a report from the Folkets Hus in Nørrebro, where Rasmus Paludan with a cameraman and a bodyguard showed up at the. January in order to interview the participants in the 'Venstreradikalt big meeting', where a point bl. was the discussion of 'militant resistance'. Rasmus Paludan, however, was the attack of the autonomous and gang members before the meeting started. He had to escape. Copenhagen Police gave Rasmus Paludan injunction, that he out of consideration for your own safety, do not approach the House of the People for the next twelve hours. January, reported the Rasmus Paludan from Mjølnerparken. This time with unspecified 'security measures'. Since is paludan's journalistic work passed to the Youtube channel for his party, Tight Course. december was Rasmus paludan's office vandalized. Unknown perpetrators smashed a window and threw a lit dry powder extinguisher into the office.

Pulverslukkeren was strapped with gaffertape, so it was to be turned on and sprayed a thick layer of powder out in the whole office.

On the office façade had unknown perpetrators written 'Fuck Pegida', which was a reference to the name Of Freedom previously used. As the party leader for the firm has Rasmus Paludan availed themselves of a variety of self-selected titles. In addition to the recognised titles of lawyer, journalist and party leader, he has also referred to itself as.

How Denmark got such a taberhold. VICE

'Denmark has been read by the opponents

Denmark finished on Sunday evening a thoroughly disappointing qualification for the European football championship in with a defeat of - to FranceThe result of the match was no matter, since France is in the group on a free pass, since the country is the host nation for the next EM. Their struggles are so real, nothing else than a series of glorified friendlies. Denmark joined the group as the number three, which may be said to be a disappointing result, especially seen in light of the fact that EM from is extended to twenty-four teams, of which twenty qualify directly for the finals. Denmark has therefore not been able to secure a direct ticket to the finals, that has been the easiest to qualify for ever. But how did it go so wrong, that Denmark only accomplished a third place in a group with Portugal, Serbia, Armenia and Albania. Whose fault is it.

We scored not a single goal in the last three matches in qualifying.

And I think not even that we were close, with the exception of There stolpeskud against Portugal, says Martin Davidsen, who is fodboldjournalist on the advice and who has written the book Dreamland about the EM-triumph in and the biography Mirakelmageren on the -team coach Richard Møller Nielsen.

But the most important thing is simply that we do not score enough goals. The defense has been fine But we have only scored eight goals in eight games, and five of them were against Serbia, you can not claim to go ahead, says Martin Davidsen and points out that the national team is not exactly overflowing with profiles, as it looks at the moment. Even if there today are fewer large profiles from the major clubs on the national team, then it is according to Martin Davidsen is still reasonable to expect that Denmark should be able to qualify for the european championships.

'I'm with you on that it was not the easiest pool Denmark came in.

'We have not been sharp enough in crucial situations

But for now let us just remember that Albania came into this group from the fifth seedingslag. It is those who take the second place from us.

It must, of course, could not happen.

We must be able to beat if we want to a EM. Although the lack of goals has greatly contributed to Denmark's poor qualifying round, so also has Denmark's coach Morten Olsen his share in the Danish debacle. 'As a coach you will always have a responsibility. He has also made some bad decisions along the way. In general, there has been a lack of solutions in the Danish attacking. We may have missed some new ideas. Our opponents have figured out our game and closed down for it. Then you have to try something else. Why not put a large shed in and pour bogle balls across and hope for the best. But such is the Danish national team is not. There is a level of the game, and that's fine, but there should also just be a plan b when things are not working. For now, there is nothing else to do than to see how it goes in the other groups and hope on a manageable opponent in the two play-off matches.

Martin Davidsen believes that there are no good excuses, if Denmark does not manage to come to EM.

'Denmark must be among the twenty-four teams, coming to EM. No matter who we draw, so we must be cynical. And so, we should just keep in mind that it is not more than three months ago Denmark beat Serbia - in a really nice fight.

freelance' denmark - a dynamic and creative consultancy, working with commissioned and private label education and training

We advise and save with professional organizations ifm

We provide business advice to private companies, where we are in close interaction with the management and employees helps to implement change in the field of marketing, strategy, innovation, production, logistics, IT-management, project-management, organization and managementChanges in working life poses new demands to the professional organizations role in the modern labour market. the preparation of kompetencestrategier, if the purpose is to attract and retain members. The public sector is undergoing a rapid development with constant organizational change is a part of everyday life. Commissioner group freelance’ denmark to help the public sector to develop flexible organizations and offers consultancy in the field of project management, organization, leadership, strategy and development.

Get new inspiration and input to reduce some of the bottlenecks, exceedingly time-consuming and cumbersome routines. Try the test Is Your organization or company is able to retain and attract the best managers and employees.

Knowledge is shared through information, communication, well-known objectives, trust, openness, curiosity, joy, and recognition.

Try the test Knowledge grows when knowledge is shared

Try the test If you are in a situation where multiple persons from the same department or from different departments in Your organisation, who would like to be on the same course, seminar or training can freelance' denmark implement the activities with You, and only for You. We conduct open programs, courses and degrees Ie. that competence development is implemented in our classrooms in the north of Zealand. The participants of our open programs, courses and degrees, come from different organisations, administrations and businesses. freelance' denmark's a freelance’ denmark a s meduddanner fiskerikontrolpersonel of the Greenland Fiskerilicenskontrol. The training includes a focus on internal to external relations, self-management, distanceledelse, problem solving, communication interfaces, as well as the development and visibility of the internal culture. The ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Agriculture, NaturErhvervsstyrelsen freelance' danmark a s has the responsibility to develop and implement a targeted kommunikationsuddannelse of key personnel at FoodService Danmark A S freelance' denmark a s re-elected the ifm. development and implementation and teaching for experienced managers with staff, administration, and production responsibilities at NCC Roads A S a freelance' denmark a s to develop, implement and execute company strategic.


Lawyer Jacqueline Mwenesani is d

The question is whether the psysisk violence and harassment to which the client is experiencing, can lead to the termination of the joint custodyIt is our view that there is still a large problem in the area, relating to psychological violence as it is often the contention is against the claim, and there is a lot to lift the burden of proof. We hope that the client get full custody of the child. We have applied for legal aid so the case doesn't cost our client anything. d. for interviews with our client. We always recommend our clients to contact us before they go to hearings.

We review always the case, including case documents, etc.

with the client before the interrogation.

In this way, the client is fully familiar with the case before the client says.

Lawyer Jacqueline Mwenesani is d. for the launch of Amnesty International report: sex without consent rape entered into an agreement to afvilke form of the iværksætterselskaber. They mean that about. iværksætterselskaber shall within two years re-register themselves as private limited liability companies with a share capital of min. in the news from the ministry of Business and industry. Case two “Chokoladetyven” was the attorney Jacqueline Mwenesanis very first criminal case. She was completely green in the field and still a junior associate.

Continued congratulations to the client, who was acquitted.

We are looking forward to go out of the Western Prison gate with our client, who has been in detention for more than eighteen months after the full sentence according to the Law §, first paragraph, no.

In spite of højesteretsafgørelser, which puts emphasis on, that there must be release, when there has been the sentence in more than five months after the full sentence, and a magistrate who has (twice) has released the client, maintained the prosecutor, that he should remain in custody and the high Court agreed with this.

However, there is - after all - limits for how long a person may be detained. Now - after the third release - which again has been in the ditch by the prosecution - the limit has been reached. (The pictures are taken in the Vestre Prison entry and exit for visitors - before you have to take his phone). A case concerning residence and contact, which has been running for several years, was d. ended with a settlement in Court. Lawyer Jacqueline Mwenesani has also assisted our client (the father) in the state Administration relating to the estate. The parties agreed originally a nine to five arrangement to mum bl. in the light of the child's young age. Our client struggled for some time in several years on more togetherness, and he could today go home with an agreement on a - scheme.

Mother container place of residence.

Congratulations to our client. (The client was granted retshjælpsdækning with free legal aid so that our assistance costs him kr). Lawyer Jacqueline Mwenesani is today in Flygtningenævnet with two clients. The first case concerns the Aliens § paragraph. the Client is wanted by the Taliban. The second case concerns the Aliens § paragraph. the Client is at risk of persecution because he is a christian, and he comes from a muslim country.

A long and tough struggle for compensation for involuntary intervention ended today.

In our client (serving) banned from the community for two days on suspicion of smuggling.

Since the suspicion - in our assessment - was entirely unfounded, we asked for compensation.

We were denied compensation. This complained we over and took the case all the way. Nearly, five years later we have d. been informed that the Directorate now has changed the decision on compensation. Congrats to our client.

Our paralegal has d.

been in the Copenhagen city Court in order to litigate a (continued) forældremyndighedssag. Our client wants custody of the children's father as he has behaved inappropriately for both the mother and the children. The mother got a restraining order against the dangers bl. due to repeated harassment and vandalism. The costs covered by legal aid so we are very much hoping to deliver a good outcome - free of charge.

Lawyer Jacqueline Mwenesani d.

been in the Vestre Prison in connection with an extension. Our client is sitting in custody after law §, first paragraph, no.

The authorities want to ensure his presence while they try to identify him.

The client came to Denmark as an unaccompanied minor and he can not meet the requirements for identification, since he was too young to get fingerprinted, etc.

in the Court with a forældremyndighedssag

when he left his home country. He is now caught between two systems. As he has been in detention for nearly, three years for broadcast, it is our assessment that he should be released due to. proportionality. Lawyer Jacqueline Mwenesani is today in Flygtningenævnet. Our client, an asylum seeker from Iran, asserts claim for asylum see, the aliens § paragraph. He is converted to christianity and face the risk of persecution because of his religion. We want client a good decision.

This experience we at JJM law Firm also, unfortunately, often, especially in the tvangsfjernelsessager.

Besides, that - in our assessment - are taken unreasonable decisions, the parents are even penalized for complaint as genbehandlingsfristen (often) being calculated from the date of the latest decision. This applies even if the duration of the processing time between the children and ungeudvalgets decision and the decision of the case in court has been unduly long. Relationship with parents-delete not have influence on. A very relieved client d. been reduced to a fine for tax evasion), kr. After Skattekontrollovens § thirteen are there any penalties for providing incorrect or misleading tax information. Our client had received help from an acquaintance in connection with the reporting of allowances for transport expenses. Her familiar had given false information, which was discovered by TREASURE within “repayment” of money to our client. She was charged with tax evasion and so it was down to kr. The client contacted the attorney Jacqueline Mwenesani, as in the day illuminated a number of issues bl. a, that the client was using to report these amounts, while she was not present, to the client bl. could not speak Danish at the time that the client has had steady work since she came to Denmark, and paid the TAX and also have good personal relationships. TAX came to that which was acted with gross negligence, but he put the lighted mitigating circumstances, and the client's fine was reduced to kr. Such is celebrated it when a divorce proceeding is completed. The client has transferred half of the house to the man for an advantageous price. Visiting and bopælsaftalen is completed. Bodelingsaftalen is also underskevet. Happy client - happy lawyer. We often receive requests from ex-boyfriends, who owns the assets (house, apartment, car, etc.) together and repeals the marriage. Quite often, there arises a disagreement on who can be in the apartment, etc. In practice, one must purchase the other's half of the apartment, and if no one can afford it, do both move and sell the apartment to a third party. This requires, however, that you agree on a number of things, including price. This can be difficult, when you have just gone from each other. Therefore, we recommend that there be created a samejeoverenskomst, whereby a number of the conflicts that may arise will be met. Waiting for you to create a samejeoverenskomst (kr, incl. vat), you run the risk of - as part of our clients - unfortunately, paying much more in advokatregning, when it comes to negotiating, while you are angry at each other. In the worst case, there must be an assessment of the Probate court.

All of this is expensive and time-consuming, and can be avoided by creating a samejeoverenskomst, while you still are lovers.

evolution - Gyldendal - Den Store Danske

Wallace and Charles Darwin's ideas

evolution, development, slow and gradual change of things or modes in biology the evolutionary process without end or goal that has created the diversity of living things through the more or less gradual changeEvolution, also called developmental or afstamningslæren, is the doctrine about the history of life on Earth and the mechanisms that drive the evolution. Evolution is central to modern biology, where it has had outstanding success with creating coherence between the different disciplines see also biology and darwinism. In its most comprehensive form is udviklingstanken an old idea, for example, known in the Greek philosophers Anaximander and Empedocles. After having been forgotten in the middle ages got evolutionstanken after the renaissance a central place in the bl. Leibniz, while others, such as His plan to fight the tank, as the species was considered as gudskabte and immutable. In the beginning of -h. presented by the French zoologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck the first coherent developmental theory, bl. under the assumption of inheritance of acquired characteristics. Lamarckismen was in many ways erroneous, but was to pave the way for the modern theory of evolution, which is based on A. The heart of Darwin's theory of evolution is the mechanism of natural selection (or selection).

Most often, only some of an organism's offspring survive to sexual maturity.

Mortality can result from starvation, cold, disease, and death for the predators. The part of the offspring, which survive, are on average better adapted to the conditions of life than those who die (see adaptation). The survivors pass on their hereditary traits to the subsequent generation, including the advantageous features. It is uncertain how well Darwin knew of mendel's arvelighedslove, but he used them not, and therefore could not explain, how advantageous properties are continued. The rediscovery of the mendelian laws, laws in the early 's-t. led soon to the general acceptance of the theory of evolution, and research blossomed along with the increased understanding of the physical inheritance. At the end of the 's and early 's formuleredes the modern synthesis, in which theories and data from the genetics, systematics and palæontologien led to the neodarwinistiske model: That variation occurs by mutations, which selection shapes variation, and that this is sufficient to explain evolution.

makromutationer or mutations in the regulatory genes

But in the s was the estetic of role introduced in the evolution of the neutral theory of molecular evolution, as formulated by the japanese mathematician and evolutionsteoretiker M. He highlights the bl.

random events and genetic drift as important for the changes in the frequencies of more-or-less neutral variants in populations.

The neutral theory has been incorporated in the neodarwinistiske theory of evolution, but still lacks an integration of fosterudviklingslæren (embryologien), which is expected to lead to a better understanding of the larger omskabelser, transformations of the organisms phenotypes.

Evolution is often described in its most reductionist form, as changes in the genhyppigheder. In the short term happens these continuously and are referred to as mikroevolution, but over a longer period, e.g. over geological time, there appear to be major 'spring', makroevolution.

It is not clear whether these jumps is due to the accumulation of mikroevolutionære changes, or if they have a different genetic background, e.g.

Often morphological changes do not parallel with changes in the frequency of genes and species that have evolved independently of each other for several million years, may still be difficult to separate on the appearance and anatomy.

But at the same time, we know from embryologien that small changes in the temporal regulation of, e.g. the development of a structure in the pregnency as well as its growth rate can result in drastic changes of the phenotype, e.g. the mht anatomy and size. On the way can selection lead to clear changes in a population within a few generations. Molecular biological methods of analysis makes it possible to compare the genetic material, DNA, from different organisms. establish family trees, which describes the inter-relatedness and thus the evolution through time (see phylogeny). Such studies are based in the past exclusively on morphological features. The use of molecular data to phylogenetic analysis often based on the assumption that the evolution speed rate, measured as the number of baseudskiftninger in the DNA per. unit time, is relatively constant within defined types of development (see the molecular clock). From the s there has been produced a wealth of molecular biological data, bl. large parts of e.g.

the human genome mapped, and for each of the species are known even throughout the arvemassens composition.

Analysis of these data, bl.

during the comparisons between species, forming the basis for the discovery of new structural principles and new knowledge about geninteraktioner, as well as closer focus on the relationship between the genetic inheritance, the genotype, and its expression in the phenotype.