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Refund of your

If your education, for example, ends on

When the SU-the loan is paid to you, it will be automatically transferred to the Payment Denmark, map to explore, which administers the interest rates and repaymentTherefore, you must always consult to the Payout Denmark, map to explore, if you have any questions about the refund of the SU-loan.

You must first pay your loan back when you are finished with your education. January, a year after the end of the year, where your the training ends.

June, you must begin to pay back the loan the. January You get automatic notification when it is time to pay the loan back. You go on a vocational training, remember to inform the Payout of Denmark, map to explore on your training. Therefore, you must send a copy of your learning agreement elevkontrakt to the Payout of Denmark, the map to explore.

So if you make a voluntary payment on your loan

You must send both the side a and, and must be signed by your employer or stamped by your educational institution. Payout Denmark, map to explore, will then decide whether your refund can be delayed. Start you on a new course of training, before you are finished with to pay your loan back, you must continue the repayment, when the new training is completed. You can pay off your loan before the repayment obligation is in force.