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The criminal trial of assault to be dropped - video is not enough - Thriller - pin

The public prosecutor has decided to abandon the case

The prosecutor in Copenhagen: the Environment and the victims desire to talk with the police, criminal proceedings shall be assessedAlthough there is video footage of a phlox alleged assaults on two other young people in Nørrebro in Copenhagen, comes the matter is not for the court. In connection with the investigation decided the police to aim the eight persons to have kicked and punched a victim, inform the Police.

Here were three charged with assaulting a second victim

In the garage caught the camcorders also another almost at the same time episode. However, according to a prosecutor does not view that the court would reach, that the accused is guilty. Therefore, the matter is settled on the desktop with a so-called påtaleopgivelse. In the Copenhagen Police confirms prosecutor Lars Dahlgaard, to there is footage from the two cameras. On these recordings is that many people report. Images are relatively blurry, and it goes very strong, he says, who explains that he along the way has consulted two general practitioners on the decision. I have assessed that we would not be able to lift the burden of proof in court. It has been a very thorough consideration, where also a senior prosecutor and advokaturchefen have been involved,"says Lars Dahlgaard. In the consideration included, among other things, whether there is physical evidence, what environment you are in, and how the injury arose, he says. The prosecutor does not want to answer, if the aggrieved from the parking garage wanted to say something to the police, and of their silence in an appropriate part of the background for the decision.

Aggrieved always get the opportunity to complain to the general prosecutor's office, when a local prosecutor declines to pursue a case to the court.

In this case, the complainant has not complained to the public Prosecutor in Copenhagen, informs Lars Dahlgaard. In addition, shows a access to documents, that prosecutors in the Copenhagen Police have an increased propensity to abandon the voldssager on the grounds that the accused will not be found guilty. Last year was a total of cases of serious violence and simple violence abandoned. In the previous four years there were between and of dropped cases, it appears.

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ikmkravmaga - ikmkravmaga

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The society for children's literature, Denmark

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By a really stupid mistake the day came today to stand as the date of the general assembly in the latest issue of 'Clumsy Hans'The Danish writers Association is holding a litteratursalon under the name of The Red Sofa the. seventeen with Anita Krumbach, who is being interviewed by a journalist Kamilla Löfström.

Together they will discuss the divergent characters in children's literature, starting in the Anita Krumbachs releases, which often revolve around themes such as sadness and loneliness, and bears the imprint of her penchant for quirky characters.

The event is open to all, completely free of charge and takes place at Copenhagen's main Library Krystalgade.